How To Plan A Move On Short Notice

How To Plan A Move On Short Notice

Apr 26, 2021 Having a few months to plan your move is ideal because you need time to prepare for the backbreaking process of packing your belongings and travelling. However, due to work, tenancy issues, or other unforeseen situations, moving on short notice can be required. Understandably, when you have a few weeks to relocate, anxiety, confusion, and stress can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. The good news is with proper planning and the assistance of removals experts in Sunshine Coast, you can manage a move when you don’t have the privilege of time. Additionally, following the tips outlined below would help streamline your tasks and move into your new home within a few weeks. Have a look.

Create a Moving Checklist & Assign Deadlines to Tasks

Shift into work gear by writing all the tasks that come to mind roughly and refer to moving checklists online. Sort tasks you need to do according to importance and urgency like finding a home to rent, notifying your landlord, getting packing supplies, applying for school migration certificates etc. Create a moving checklist and assign a deadline to each task to complete it within a stipulated time. Since planning a move on short notice means you are pressed for time, having deadlines helps you and your household members get things done without delays and adhere to a tight schedule.

Reduce Your Packing and Moving Load

When you only have a few weeks to relocate, packing all your belongings is not feasible or practical. Therefore, declutter to get rid of unwanted things, plus segregate things you really want to take along with things you can donate or resell.

Know Your Moving Options

The best option to manage a short notice move is to avail of a full moving service via a reliable removals company in Sunshine Coast. The removalists will pack, handle, and transport your property contents while you can take care of other aspects of the move. However, this option may not be economical for some people, which is why it is essential, you explore all your options. • You can hire portable storage and moving container service. The removalists deliver a container at your doorstep that you can fill with property contents, and it will be taken to your new address, where you can unload it after moving into the new home. • In case you don’t have the time to sort your belongings, get in touch with a reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast to rent a storage unit and get your property contents moved there. It is easier to move and settle in your new home when you rent a storage unit, as you can get your belongings later and rest assured they are safe. • Get a partial moving service where you pack your belongings, but removalists manage the handling and transportation. It is an economical option many people opt for whether they are moving at short notice or with reasonable time on hand.

Get New Packing Supplies

While panning a short notice move, it less time-consuming to get new packing supplies rather than trying to arrange or find used ones. Also, don’t get confused by the several sizes and shape options available while purchasing boxes. Here are things you should have on hand before starting the packing process of a house or unit (1-3 rooms). • 8-10 small boxes (457mm x 330mm x 330mm) • 6-8 medium boxes (457mm x 457mm x 499mm) • 4-6 large boxes (445mm x 445mm x 744mm) • 2-3 XL boxes • 2-3 Wardrobe boxes • Packing tape, bubble wraps, and foam wraps • Newspaper, packing peanuts, and Styrofoam moulds (optional) • Two pairs of scissors and a cutting blade

Book Removalists Fast

Start searching for removals experts in Sunshine Coast you can hire the moment it is decided where you are moving. Get free quotes and inquire about services they provide to book removalists as per requirement. Please don’t wait till the last moment, as most reputed removals companies cannot offer their best people at short notice. Try to book removalists in two weeks in advance if possible, as it will give you peace of mind and you can get services at competitive rates.

Get Someone to Take Care of Your Children and Pets

The chaos of moving with little time to spare can severely impact your children or pets mental well-being. Plus, it can affect their daily routine, which is why sending them away in the care of someone trusted is a practical solution. Arrange for them to stay with friends or relatives for a few days while you manage the movement of property contents and take a day or two to settle in the new home.


Moving to a new home is hectic and stressful under normal circumstances when you have time on your hands. However, while planning a move on short notice, it becomes difficult. Therefore, make sure you take the assistance of removals experts in Sunshine Coast and follow the tips shared above to manage a short notice move smoothly.