How To Move House With Pot Plants

How To Move House With Pot Plants

Mar 06, 2023 Preparing houseplants is one of the crucial steps for their utmost care and safety throughout the moving journey. They need your attention, like your small kids, as they are sensitive and delicate. They also need time to adjust themselves to a new environment. Some can even die or shed leaves due to a sudden shock. Sudden changes in light and temperature can damage them in no time. Plus, large potted plants are difficult to lift and load and prone to damage. With some careful planning and preparation, you can safely transport your pot plants to a new home and help bloom them in a new environment. It is good to find a reliable company that can offer you safe removals Sunshine Coast by transiting your houseplants without causing any harm to them. However, you need to take care of different aspects and prepare your pot plants for a healthy move with the help of these tips:

1. Schedule Relocation At a Good Time of the Year

You should never move your plants in the summer season because of the hot temperature and dry air. These two can damage the roots of your plants. If you have no other option, take extra precautions and keep your pot plants hydrated to sustain the moisture in the roots. If you have flexibility, you can easily relocate in any of the other seasons, as it will help you relocate green and blooming friends more comfortably.

2. Trim Your Large Plants

This is one of the crucial steps that can save energy during the relocation process. Plus, trimming keeps them healthy and maintained. So, trim all extra and dead branches and leaves so that your plant won’t waste any energy on dead parts. Trimming your plants one to two weeks before your move is good.

3. Check Your Plants For pests

Do not forget to check all potted plants to ensure there are no pests and parasites on them. Overlooking this step can risk all your plants. If you are left with fertilisers and pesticides after treating your plants, dispose of them because Removalists Sunshine Coast never moves hazardous items. Tip: Contact the Biodiversity Queensland if you see any unusual pest on plants.

4. Re-pot Your Plants in Small Containers

Ceramic pots are heavy and can damage your other furniture when transported in a truck. So, you can re-pot your large and heavy potted plants into plastic or shock-proof containers that won’t slip off easily from your hands. Such containers are sturdy and can save your plants from sudden shocks. Tip: Use good quality plastic and re-pot a few weeks before your removals Sunshine Coast. You can also follow other methods to cut your moving costs if you are low on moving budget.

5. Water Your Plants 2-3 Days Before Your Move

Showering adequate water at least 2-3 days before the final move can prevent the soil from getting extra wet. If you water your plants on a moving day, they will start leaking, or roots may get damaged or develop mould in hot weather.

6. Book a Temperature Controlled Moving Vehicle

If you are moving plants o your own, arrange a temperature-controlled moving vehicle to keep your plants alive throughout the journey. Make sure a van is spacious enough to carry all types and sizes of pot plants. You can move small plants in your car as well, while large potted ones need a rental van. You can follow more tips if moving from a city to the country and keep your other belongings safe.

7. Carefully Pack Your Plants and Pots

Pack the ceramic pots after re-potting plants into plastic containers. Since ceramics are prone to damage, use high-quality packing materials. You can secure the pots using packing paper and bubble wrap. Place them in a sturdy moving box for extra protection. Tips to pack potted plants like a pro:
  • Place your pot plants in a plastic bag and cover it fully. Tie the bag at the top and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Do a small hole at the top of the bag to let your plants breathe with ease.
  • Use open boxes to pack your plants. Line them with plastic bags to prevent soil from spilling out. It can also prevent them during transit.
  • If you are placing a lid over your boxes, do holes for proper air circulation.
  • Fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts.
  • Label all boxes so that removalists Sunshine Coast will take care of your plants during the lifting and loading process.

8. Pack Plants in the End

Always remember this rule when relocating your pot plants. Pack them before your moving day to ensure they get the proper air and sunlight. Toss the poisonous plants and mushrooms as this can lead to various health hazards. If you see some unwanted plants, get rid of them immediately.

9. Unpack First After Relocating Home

Never keep your houseplants in the moving vehicle for too long when they reach the final destination. Unpack them first and let them breathe and adjust to the new environment. You can renovate your home, add your beautiful and glowing plants to keep the indoor environment green and clean.

Wrapping Up

Moving pot plants can be challenging, especially when doing it for the first time. You can trim dead leaves, remove pests and water them before packing using quality supplies for safe transportation. These tips will keep your plants secure throughout the journey and let you enjoy the process.