How To Move A Refrigerator The Right Way

How To Move A Refrigerator The Right Way

Jun 05, 2023 During a house move, you are under a lot of pressure to shift your belongings safely. Among these things, the refrigerator is a major one that needs attention, care and expertise to move. Refrigerators are expensive appliances, and damaging one during a move puts an additional financial burden. A house move is financially taxing; you must manage it without incurring extra costs. Thus, hiring professional Sunshine Coast removalists is a great way to save money and ensure your property contents reach the new house in the same condition they were in at your previous house. However, knowing the right way to move a refrigerator is vital if you plan to move yourself. Thus, here are tips by expert removalists to keep in mind and move smoothly. Have a look.

Arrange the Right Moving Equipment

Moving a refrigerator is time-consuming and risky without the correct moving equipment. You must have a moving dolly on hand to shift the appliance from your house to the moving truck. Additionally, you will need harnesses and straps with clasps to keep the electronic item in place and avoid injuries. Furniture sliders also come in handy to move the appliance from one room to another while packing and after unpacking to place the appliance in the space you intend to keep at the new house. Skip getting the sliders if your refrigerator has wheels.

Invest in Good Quality Packing Supplies

While refrigerators are sturdy and made with premium materials, they can still get starches, bumps and dents during a house move. Thus, to wrap when well and eliminate the risk of damage, you must have the following packing supplies on hand to pack the electronic as a professional Sunshine Coast removalist would.
  • Moving blankets
  • Shrink plastic wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble or foam wrap

Empty, Defrost and Clean The Refrigerator Before Packing

Inspect your refrigerator for perishable and packaged food/drinks in the refrigerator. Declutter the appliance to get rid of expired or spoiled items, then plan to consume all the things in the refrigerator a day before you pack. After the refrigerator is empty, defrost it completely by turning off the power supply. Using microfibre cloths, soap and water, clean the entire refrigerator. Make a solution of one part of bleach and 10 parts of water in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the refrigerator and wait 10 minutes before wiping the entire fixture with a damp then dry microfibre towel. Make sure to remove mould spots, spills, stains and other messes from the appliance to prevent bad smells upon packing. It is best if you can leave the refrigerator empty and open to aerate for at least two hours before wrapping it.

How To Pack The Refrigerator Like a Pro?

After you have cleaned and aerated the appliance:
  1. Cut bubble or foam wrap in the measurements of the display if your refrigerator has one and tape it well to prevent scratches.
  2. Lock the refrigerator door to prevent it from opening.
  3. If your refrigerator doesn’t have a lock or you lost the key, shut the door with straps.
  4. Put a moving blanket on the appliance and secure it from all sides with straps.
  5. Wrap the blanket with shrink wrap first to ensure the blanket is secure.
You can add a layer of bubble or foam wrap over the plastic wrap if you are moving long-distance or interstate. It is also a wise solution if the appliance stays in a storage unit. If you hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast for packing, they will bring these supplies and secure the appliance well to prevent damage.

How To Move the Refrigerator?

After you have packed the appliance:
  • Load it on the moving dolly with the help of another household member.
  • While picking the fridge, keep your back straight and lift with the strength of your legs and not arms.
  • Support it with your stomach to prevent back injuries, strains or muscle pulls.
After loading the fridge on the dolly:
  • Tilt it at a 45℃ angle and move forward slowly.
  • Keep in mind that the back of the appliance is against the dolly’s handle.
If you have stairs, ask a family member to take them down with you and use harnesses to secure the fridge.
  • Ensure one person holds the fridge from the top and the other from the bottom.
  • Don’t make haste while moving the refrigerator, and take your time to load it on the moving truck.

Wrapping Up

Moving a refrigerator is a challenging task, and it is best to leave it to professional removalists. However, if you plan to do it yourself, follow the tips above to ensure the appliance is clean, packed and moved smoothly.