How To Make Packing Fun For Kids

How To Make Packing Fun For Kids

Jun 21, 2023 One of the hardest parts about moving homes is packing and organising your belongings. Packing your items becomes even more difficult when you have kids involved. They might need help understanding why you are packing all the household items, and may disturb and distract you from completing your moving tasks. Thus, it is important to not only sit and explain to your kids why you are moving homes but also get them to help declutter and pack their rooms. You can also always hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to help you speed up this packing process and get everything done in time. Here are some creative ways you can make packing fun for your kids:  Tips To Make Packing Fun For Kids 

1. Make Them Feel Responsible For Their Own Belongings

You should start by giving them full responsibility for their rooms and giving them a time frame to finish packing their belongings. You can give them their own packing boxes and suitcases to make them feel involved in their relocation process and become more responsible. Tip: Here are some ways to make moving easier for kids.

2. Help Them Choose The Items They Want To Take

Another way to make this packing process more fun for your kids is by letting them choose the belongings they want to take to their new room. Give them multiple-coloured stickers and let them paste one colour on items they want to pack and take and another on items they do not care for anymore. You can review these belongings once at the end to see that all essentials have been marked. This is also a good way to notice what your kids have outgrown and are still interested in.

3. Create A Scavenger Hunt For Finding Items To Pack

Next, you can get your kids involved in the packing process by creating a scavenger hunt for them. Make a list of all their belongings and give them colourful stickers. Next, have them find all these items one by one and place stickers near them. You can even offer them a treat or reward once they are done finding all their belongings. Tip: Look at what the best age to move with kids is.

4. Treat Them To New Surprises And Gifts While Packing

You can make packing more fun for your kids by hiding small treats and gifts around their rooms. When they start finding and packing their belongings, they will discover these treats and enjoy this game. This will motivate them to keep going until they find all the rewards, which will also give you more time to complete your vacating property checklist.

5. Let Them Decorate Their Own Boxes And Suitcases

Once your kids are done packing their boxes, you can give them crayons, sketch pens, coloured stickers and labels to decorate their boxes and suitcases. Make sure you label one side of the box with the proper name of the room and belongings but let your kids design, colour and decorate the rest of the box and showcase their creative talent.

6. Enjoy Frequent Breaks And Fun Family Activities

Packing can become quite strenuous, and taking frequent breaks to manage your stress levels is a good idea. You can organise family activities and games during these breaks so your kids can have fun during this process. Ensure you get snacks and delicious beverages to keep your kids excited while packing. Tip: If packing becomes too overwhelming for you and your kids, you can hire full-service removalists to help you pack and load your belongings.

7. Let Them Take Pictures Of All Your Items

If your kid is big enough to hold and operate a camera, let them take pictures of all the belongings in their rooms and all over your home. This is important as you can use these pictures to claim contents insurance for your items if they get damaged during the move. This will keep your kids engaged and involved in the move while you help your removalists on the Sunshine Coast quickly pack up and load all your belongings. Some Additional Tips 
  • It is important always to appreciate the effort made by your kids so that they feel happy about this experience.
  • Play some lively and fun kids’ music so they feel more excited while packing their belongings.
  • Create stories about their belongings going on adventures so that they can have fun and enjoy this move.
  • Reward your kids for packing their boxes well by giving them extra play time or letting them do a night stay with their friends.
Tip: Here are some family-friendly suburbs on Sunshine Coast for you and your kids. 


Your kids can enjoy this process of packing if you let them feel responsible for their own items, use creative stories to engage them, treat them to rewards and let them decorate their own boxes. It is important to spend time with them during this move so that you can address any worries they might have about relocating.