How To Make Moving With Dogs Easier
a dog sitting with packing boxes

How To Make Moving With Dogs Easier

Jul 26, 2019 Moving to a new place is tough for you as well as your dog. The owners have to deal with worries about how their dog will react to the new circumstances. They also think about how to make sure their pets do not wander and get lost during the hectic schedule of the moving day. They have all the reasons to fear about such a possibility as they have to handle several responsibilities at the same time. That is why experts suggest hiring professional for safe removals in Sunshine Coast when you are relocating with pets, especially a dog. The removalists take care of the packing and loading of your goods while you can pay attention to the pet. This makes the entire moving procedure easier. However, many have to do the moving on their own and end up facing several pet challenges. So whether you are doing the packing and loading or have opted for professional help, here are some ways that can help you to make your move with dogs easier. Let’s have a look.

1. Keep Your Dog Away On The Moving Day

You should ask a family member or friend to pet-sit your dog at their place. Commotion or a lot of noise can create anxiety in your pet, so you need to make sure that you keep your dog away from the chaos of moving. This move can keep their stress level to a minimum. You can also opt for pet boarding in Sunshine Coast for a few days. It will help you to do the packing without any disturbance. If you are planning to do that, you should book a spot for your dog a few weeks before the moving day to make sure they are available. It would be like a small holiday for your furry friend.

2. Keep Them In A Safe Room

With so much chaos on a moving day, you may overlook the presence of your dog. To make things worse, the front door of the home will constantly be open for loading your stuff, so your dog is most likely to go out again and again. And the last thing you want on your hectic moving day is to arrange a search party for the little runaways. That is why boarding or pet-sitting is a good idea, but what if these things are not available for you? Well, in such a scenario, consider keeping them in one room which you will not use very often. There will be certainly some struggle, but it would reduce a lot of stress for you as well as your dog. Keep a bowl of freshwater inside the room and something to keep your dog busy like a chew toy.

3. Contact A Removals Company In Sunshine Coast

If you are a dog owner capable of hiring professionals for removals in Sunshine Coast, you must go for this option. The removalists can transform a stressful experience into a smooth relocation. These professionals have years of experience and expertise to pack and load your stuff flawlessly. If you hire them, it would be a lot easier for you to keep a close watch on your per. To make sure you book a quality removalist in Sunshine Coast, try to contact them at least a couple of weeks in advance.

4. Make Sure The Removalists Know You Have A Dog

You must inform your removalists about your dog in advance. This will help the company to send the appropriate person for the job. Moreover, they will be mentally prepared to do the packing and loading in the presence of a pet. If they are not aware that you have a dog in one of the rooms, they might accidentally open the door, and your dog can escape. Not only that, your dog can get severely injured with heavy furniture or appliance movement. Thus, let the experts know you have a pet as they have expertise in dealing with such situations.

5. Keep All Essential Documents Of Your Pet Carefully

You must keep your dog’s entire medical records at one place and in an organised manner. When you are relocating, you will need the paperwork, including your pet’s vaccination certificate. You should also ask your pet doctor what documents are required to register with a new veterinarian in Sunshine Coast. All these documents are necessary, so make sure that you do not pack these with other belongings. It may take days to unpack all your belongings and if you face any emergency and require the documents, things can become frustrating and annoying. Place all the essential papers in a file and keep it with you throughout the entire moving process.

6. Make Proper Planning To Transport Your Dog

You cannot count on the removals company in Sunshine Coast to transport your dog. They will make sure that all your belongings are safely moved, but that doesn’t include pets. Therefore, you need to know how to transport them, what the pets will be transported in, and any specific requirement they might have. Usually, people use a pet carrier to transport animals. If your new home is just a couple of hours drive, make room for your dog in the vehicle so that you can take them with you. While driving, make sure that you will have to stop at a few places as your dog will need breaks. However, if you are flying to your new place, you need to make arrangements with your airline so that your pet can be transported with you. Just ensure that you complete all the paperwork accurately.


Dogs are referred to as a “man’s best friend” so it is our responsibility to take care of their emotions, problems, convenience and requirement, particularly in tough situations like moving. The relocation procedure is undoubtedly a difficult job when you have a dog, but if you follow the strategies mentioned above, you are most likely to experience a smooth moving process along with a happy dog.