How To Inspect A Rental Property Before Moving In

How To Inspect A Rental Property Before Moving In

Feb 18, 2021 Moving to a new place can be exciting, but you should not get carried away. Before you move in, make sure that you inspect the property appropriately. It is a great way to track the condition of the property before you start living in it. The inspection will help you to understand the condition in which you should return the property. It will also allow you to ask the property owner to fix any damages that were not previously noticed. Note down the issues and also take pictures of the property. Experts believe that move in inspection will help you to get back your bond money because your landlord cannot blame you for any damages, which were already there. A thorough examination of the property will help you to experience stress-free removals in Sunshine Coast.  If you want to inspect a rental property perfectly before you relocate, you need to follow some guidelines. Read on to know more about how to inspect a rental property before moving in.


Start with the kitchen because there are various surfaces, so it will take more time than other rooms. Inspect every nook and cranny of the cooking area and make sure that there are no damages, grease stains and dust. Check the following spots carefully. • Check the knobs and burner of the stove • Look inside, outside and backside of all the kitchen appliances, particularly oven • There should not be any bad smell due to garbage disposal and trash can • Check if the sink and faucets are clean and also look for leakages • Look at the countertop, inside of the drawers and upper cabinets


A clean bathroom is an essential characteristic of a healthy family, so before moving in, inspect the bathroom and make sure that it is not at all dirty. Also, ensure that it doesn’t stink. If you want to inspect the property properly, hire the best removalists in Sunshine Coast. They will take care of the packing and moving your stiff to make your move a lot easier. • The toilet should be clean and shiny • The bathtub and sink should also look perfectly clean • There should be no limescale on the showerhead • Check the shower glass, tiles and grout • Check the exhaust fan and any leakage • Bathroom should not stink, and the floor should not be slippery.

Living Room/Bedroom

You are going to spend a lot of time with your family watching television, having meals on your dining table and sleeping in your bedroom. Therefore, inspect the living room and bedroom perfectly to make sure they are free from dust, dirt, allergens, etc. • Check the carpets thoroughly and see if you find dust, dirt, stains, pet hair and other similar things. • Inspect the upholstery properly and look for fade colour spots, wear and tear • There should be no marks or holes on the walls and baseboard • There are no moulds or dampness in the rooms • Make sure that all the electrical points are in working condition. • Carefully inspect all the corners of the rooms and see if you find any evidence of pest. • Check the shelf of the wardrobe and ensure that they are not broken.


Apart from the spots mentioned above, there are some areas that you will find in all the rooms. Check all the spots properly and see if there are any damages or dirty spot. • Check for the cobwebs and dust in the ceiling corners and blades of the ceiling fans. • Also examine the light fitting of all the rooms and make sure they are working. • Check the windows glass, sills to make sure they are perfectly clean • Inspect the blinds and curtains and see if they are dirty and damaged.


The security of your family should be the most important thing, so make sure that your house is entirely secure. From door and windows to smoke and fire alarms, inspect everything properly. If there is an issue, inform your landlord. Resolve the issue before moving in. • The main door should be sturdy and look for evidence of a possible break-in • Make sure the lock of the windows and doors are working appropriately. • Also check the door alarm, smoke and fire alarms are clean and working properly.


No matter how friendly the landlord is or how reasonable the rent is, do not rush to move your house. It is extremely important to do a thorough assessment of the property before you rent it. Apart from the interior surfaces that are mentioned above, analyse the other aspects of the property like exteriors, transportation, connectivity, amenities provided, etc. Knowing everything about the property will help you to experience smooth removals in Sunshine Coast.