How To Handle Furniture Disassembly And Reassembly During A Move

How To Handle Furniture Disassembly And Reassembly During A Move

May 12, 2023 Relocating bulky furniture is the most strenuous task and requires specialised tools, pro packing skills, the right lifting techniques, and a positive mindset. Most of the injuries, such as back strain, knee pain, shoulder injuries, etc, occur when moving large furniture pieces, such as couches, TV panels, dining tables, pool tables, etc., from one place to another. However, with proper disassembly and reassembly techniques, you can easily handle your furniture during a move. This can also prevent your expensive items from getting damaged when lifting, loading or unloading into the truck. You can choose professionals for safe removals Sunshine Coast or simply do it yourself with the help of the following guide and experience a stress-free relocation. Let’s get started!

Tools and Supplies You’ll Need

This can be a time-taking process depending on the number of furniture pieces you want to relocate. To simplify the process, make sure you have the following supplies:
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Table
  • Moving Boxes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Bags
  • Labels
Keep these supplies in a bag aside after disassembling your furniture as you need them as soon as you reach the new home.

How to Disassemble Furniture Safely?

You must disassemble or dismantle your large furniture, like beds, couches, dining tables, pool tables, etc., for a damage-free and seamless process. The following tips will help you prevent back injuries and persistent pain when follow  these steps.

Measure Your Furniture, Doorways and Moving Vehicle

Before getting into the process, it is good to take measurements of your pieces, doorways, hallways and, of course, a truck. Some furniture can easily be relocated in one piece while others need disassembling. You should measure doorways and other halls to determine whether your furniture will pass through in one piece or not. Create a disassembly for larger pieces, fragile items that won’t fit through your entry points. Do not forget to measure the doorways of your new house as well.

Empty the Large Furniture

After creating an inventory of bulky items you need to disassemble, start by removing contents or items from drawers and pack those in a bag.
  • For couches, remove cushions, pillows, and pack them separately.
  • For large beds, take off bed linens, such as quilts, bed sheets, pillow and blankets. Pack them in large boxes because they are easy to lift.
  • Make sure you remove the heavy mattress before heading to the next step.
Tip: It is good to downsize when moving into a studio apartment and get rid of unwanted furniture pieces.

Cleaning is Important

Get rid of dust, dirt, grime, stubborn stains, mould and mildew from all your furniture pieces, such as wooden furniture, couch, tables, TV panels, beds, etc. You can use eco-friendly products and a microfiber duster to get rid of accumulated grime. Vinegar, baking soda and warm water can do wonders when it comes to tackling stains and mould. So, clean and dry them completely.

Carefully Remove Fragile or Removable Pieces

Mirrors and glass pieces are fragile, while doors, drawers, etc are moving pieces. You can remove both as they can break if not packed carefully during the process.
  • Mirrors and other fragile pieces: Remove delicate pieces of your furniture because mirrors and glasses are prone to damage. Pack them using a double-layered packing technique. Pack them in bubble wrap and blankets and label them as delicate.
  • Drawers: These can cause damage during transportation. So, it is good to remove drawers and pack them separately.
  • Doors: These can be tough to remove, but read the manual’s instructions before unscrewing hinges. Make sure you wrap doors in blankets to keep them safe and secure.
Tip: Call the best removalists Sunshine Coast if you are concerned about your large and plush household furniture pieces. If doing it yourself, shoot a video when disassembling your furniture so that you can easily reassemble them.

Disassemble the Legs

This can be a crucial step when relocating large furniture pieces like sofas, tables, dressers and beds. If possible, remove the legs with the help of tools and a manual guide. Make sure you keep all legs together of furniture items and pack them using quality supplies. These simple steps can help you move your pool table properly or a dining table without causing any damage. If you have removed the legs of the dressing table, label them ‘dresser legs” so that you can reassemble them easily.

Remove the Frame

After disassembling the legs, remove the bulky frames of larger items so that you can easily pack and move them through doorways and hallways. Use tools like pliers, hammers and screwdrivers to remove the frames of your beds and other belongings. Do it gently and read the manual’s guide to prevent damage.

Pack and Move

Whether your furniture is in single pieces or dismantled, always use high-quality packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, furniture blankets, etc, to reduce the risk of dents and scratches. Keep resealable plastic bags of screws, nails and bolts and secure them with your furniture pieces. Tip: Follow some best tips to prevent injuries when moving furniture.

How to Reassemble Furniture Pieces After Relocation?

After a back-breaking disassembly process and relocation, take your time instead of rushing to the next step. It is good to take smaller pieces out to settle into a new house easily. It is also good to reassemble furniture in the assigned room.

Keep Your Tools Handy

You need the same tools or supplies used in the disassembling process. So, keep that bag or box handy.

Check the Instruction Manuals

It is good to check the instruction manuals again and take out pieces according to your needs. Some furniture pieces may require a specific order to follow when reassembling.

Consider the Labelling

Gather all the plastic bags and boxes with the name of the furniture you are reassembling. Place all tools and plastic pieces in front of you. This will save you a lot of time and energy, especially if you are doing it in a streamlined manner.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

You can do this task for the safety of your child and furry friend when they are not in the same room. Keep them busy with other tasks or create a safety zone so they won’t interrupt you. A good moving company can help you disassemble and reassemble large furniture pieces to let you experience hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast.

Wrapping Up

Handling large furniture pieces can become easy with these simple yet effective disassembly and reassembly guides. You can follow these hacks step-by-step and relocate your expensive and bulky household items with ease.