How To Enjoy Your First Halloween In Your New House

How To Enjoy Your First Halloween In Your New House

Oct 19, 2022 Are you relocating home before Halloween? It is one of the most popular eves in Australia, where people plan for the spooky Halloween night for months. If you are relocating before the eve, make sure you prepare for the settlement day and move into your new abode as quickly as possible. Hiring trained experts for quick and safe removals in Sunshine Coast can save you a lot o time and energy. The professionals will come to your place, pack your possessions, lift heavy furniture and transport your precious items without causing any damage. They can also unpack your items when you reach a new home. If you don’t want to skip the Halloween celebration, you can have a look at the following tips and enjoy the haunted evening on the 31st of October in your new house.

1. Settling in Your New Home

With the assistance of removalists, you can unload all your stuff and unpack all your boxes. They will also help you settle into your new abode, such as arranging furniture pieces, putting clothes into your wardrobe, setting up utilities, cable and internet, and much more. So, the first thing you need to do is make your new home appealing for you and the guests.

2. Unpack Your Halloween Stuff

Some people keep their precious Halloween-related items in the storage unit. It could be a scarecrow, a smoke show or a ghastly ghoul. If you have transported these items with you, unpack them. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

3. Capture Memories

You don’t need to look scary for the festival. To memorise your first Halloween in your new abode, click a family photo in front of your house. You can wear something unique, such as red plaid shirt or anything unique. This is one of the best things you can do, and the best part is that you can add these photos to your Halloween decoration every year.

4. Host a Halloween Party

This is the best opportunity for you to invite your friends, relatives and new neighbours for a housewarming + Halloween party. Send out some ghostly housewarming invitation cards to your friends and relatives. Meet your neighbours personally and invite them to your home for the Halloween celebration. Ask everyone to wear their spookiest costumes and allow everyone to explore your new home in a haunted style.

5. Explore the Local Festivities

Since you are unfamiliar with your new neighbourhood, make sure you take some time and check out the city streets and neighbours to explore the local festivities happening during the festive time. Visit the local market and farms to pick apples and pumpkins and see what is available in the new neighbourhood in Sunshine Coast. This is the best way to make new friends and know your neighbours better.

6. Decorate Your Home

Adding a spooky touch to a new abode requires a lot of creativity and hard work. Think something out of the box by adding some fake cobwebs at your house’s entrance, windows, horrifying zombies, and much more. This is a brownie point for you if your new home has a lawn. You can do many spooky things to decorate your house’s exterior. Cover the ground with old crunchy fall leaves. You can also stick some creepy crawlers on the tree or add a stuffed own to a low-hanging branch. Welcome your guests with a scary skeleton popping off your main door. Do not forget pumpkins, which will add a ghoulish touch to your home’s decoration. If you don’t have much time, as you have recently relocated, keep things simple but spooky as much as possible. Before relocating, make sure you consider a complete checklist for buying a new home as it will help you find a dream abode that you can decorate the way you want.

7. Prepare a Food Menu

If you have already decided to host a Halloween party in your new home, ask the removalists Sunshine Coast to unpack your kitchen and fix large appliances so that you can prepare meals for the Halloween party without hassle. When deciding on the menu, make sure you divide the menus into three to four sections:
  • Welcome Drinks or beverages: Add thrilling cocktails, soft beverages, fresh juices, smoothies, etc.
  • Appetizers: Tomato Soup, cinnamon mummy biscuits, layered graveyard taco dips, chocolate-filled bug balls, shrimp, roasted nuts, Gingerbread skeletons, etc.
  • Main Course: Rotisserie chicken, white sauce pasta with streaks, BBQ chicken, vegetable lasagne, and much more.
  • Desserts: spiderweb cupcakes, pumpkin pie, spooky red velvet cheesecake, and much more.
You can ask your neighbour to help you find a good bakery in the Sunshine Coast from where you can order such amazing desserts. Make sure you check the food labelling and licensing because you are new at this place.

8. Add Fun to Your Party

You can do this and enjoy the night by playing some fun and haunted games with your guests. Make this night special for your kids because they need that fun time. So plan the following games:
  • Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game
  • Old Costume Relay Race
  • Candy Corn Relay Race
  • The Spooky Walk
  • Capture the Pumpkins
  • Musical Chair, etc.


The post-relocation process may be stressful, but you can add thrill and fun by organising your first Halloween in your new abode. Keep these simple tips in mind and decorate your home like a pro.. If you are concerned about your possessions during relocation, hire professionals for the best removalists in Sunshine Coast. They will pack and unpack your boxes if you book packing and moving services from a reliable company.