How To Cut Your Moving Costs

How To Cut Your Moving Costs

Aug 16, 2022 Financial planning and preparation for a house move is essential to manage it affordably. Without budgeting carefully, you can deplete your savings even if you have moved. Therefore, you must create your moving budget early besides packing, changing your address, setting up utilities, etc. Additionally, do your best to save money wherever you can because you need cash after moving as well. Start by booking professional removalists in Sunshine Coast offering their services at competitive rates. Also, follow the tips shared below to cut your moving costs and move without facing financial distress.

Get Free Moving Boxes

During a house move, you need small and medium cardboard boxes the most, but purchasing so many is expensive, especially when you are moving on a tight budget. Therefore, you must get all the leftover boxes you can from grocery stores, wine shops, hardware stores and other businesses near you. Many donation centres and charities have moving boxes that you can reuse to pack and transport your belongings. Other places to get packing supplies include removal companies in Sunshine Coast, warehouses, bookstores, Gumtree etc.

Start Planning & Preparing Early

When you pack, book removalists and manage other moving-related tasks in the last few days before moving, cutting your moving costs is difficult. You have to pay more for packing, bookings, supplies, and other important things. Thus, you should plan and prepare for the move as soon as the moving date is final.
  • Start by notifying your landlord and finding a suitable home.
  • Next, create a budget with fixed and one-off expenses.
  • Manage change of address and utility set up tasks early
  • Also, make a house moving checklist to avoid the hassle.

Use Blankets, Sheets and Newspapers for Packing

These common household items can reduce the need to purchase moving blankets, wraps and fillers for boxes. Blankets, sheets and newspapers come in handy for wrapping glass items, filling empty spaces in boxes, securing furniture and moving electronics. Getting creative with packing supplies is one of the best ways to cut moving costs. Thus, you should do it, you haven’t hired professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to wrap and box your belongings.

Don’t Move During Peak Season

Summers season is when most people end their tenancies or buy a house, meaning it is a peak moving season. Removalists in Sunshine Coast, cleaners and other professionals charge you to move during this time. Additionally, the prices of packing supplies can increase, and you have to pay more rent or house purchasing amount. Therefore if you can, move when it is not a peak moving season, and you can get removalists to pack and move your things at reasonable rates.

Don’t Move On Weekends

You can save yourself a ton of hassle and money by moving on weekdays rather than weekends. Saturday and Sunday are the most common days people plan to move, which is why removalists in Sunshine Coast often charge more on these days. If you move on weekdays, the removalists charge less, you avoid traffic and move without disturbing the neighbours. Additionally, some businesses only remain open on weekends, meaning you can avoid wasting time and money by moving on weekdays.

Compare Quotes Before Booking Removalists

Never make the mistake of booking removalists Sunshine Coast without comparing quotes. You must schedule pre-move surveys by good removalists in your area to get accurate moving estimates. Once you have the quotes, use them to broker a good deal from the removalists you want to hire. Most moving companies offer their services at competitive rates, making it necessary for you to negotiate with other quotes. This way, you cut your moving costs and book reliable removalists at economical rates. Note: Make sure to ask about the expiry date of the quotes to ensure you can negotiate within time and not use outdated quotes.

Avoid Buying Things Before Moving

Unless something is immediately necessary upon arrival at the new home, push the purchase of household items, furniture and electronics until after moving. When relocating, aim to reduce the packing and moving load for your removalists in Sunshine Coast. It will help lessen packing and moving costs, as most removalists charge as per weight and the number of trips required to move your things. Therefore, if you have fewer things, your hired professionals can load them into one moving truck and not make round trips. Additionally, fewer packing supplies are necessary, which is why your moving costs reduce substantially.

The Bottom Line

When moving to a new house, you have to pay for one-off costs along with fixed expenses can take a toll on you financially. To avoid it, you must hire economical removalists in Sunshine Coast and move during non-peak seasons. Additionally, follow the other tips shared above to cut your moving costs and relocate without stress.