How To Create Complete Moving Checklist For A Stress-free Move?

How To Create Complete Moving Checklist For A Stress-free Move?

Aug 14, 2020 The relocation process can be physically tiring, but people often overlook that fact that it can also give you a lot of stress. It is because you need to juggle with numerous responsibilities and you also need to make sure that all your belongings move safely. If you want to reduce your stress level and experience comfortable removals in Sunshine Coast, you need to follow a moving checklist that can help you to accomplish the move in an organised manner. Here is detailed information on how to create a complete moving checklist for a stress-free move. Let’s have a look!

2 Months before You Move

The moving process can be complicated, so it is important that you start early. If you want to simplify your removals in Sunshine Coast, start your preparations at least two months before the moving day. • One of the first things you need to do is to decide whether you want to perform the moving yourself or hire removalists in Sunshine Coast. • If you want to hire professionals for the task, research appropriately so you can hire the best removals company. • To relocate cost-effectively, you need to prepare a moving budget and stick to it. • If you want to get back the security deposit, it is crucial to inform your landlord as early as possible that you are moving out. • Before you begin your packing, it is important to get rid of unwanted things. So prepare to declutter.

6 Weeks before You Move

Once you are done with all the planning, it is time to start the moving process. Completing the following task will make the moving process a lot easier for you. Make an inventory list to avoid any confusion at the time of packing. Start packing only after making a list. • Once you are done with research, contact the removalists and inform them about the moving date. Do not delay to book their service. • If you are moving on your own, this is the time to arrange moving boxes, bubble wraps, packing supplies and moving tools. • To accomplish stress-free moving, it is also important to get familiar with the new place. So visit the place with family and explore it as much as you can. • Packing delicate items will take more time than packing other items like clothes, kitchen items, etc. so start packing it six weeks before you move.

1 month before you move

It is the most crucial time of the moving process, so make sure that you carry out all the following tasks in the best possible manner. It will make the removals in Sunshine Coast a lot easier. • If you are moving on your own, you will require the help of your friends and family. So inform them at least a month ago. • It is the right time to collect essential documents like school certificates, doctor prescriptions and so on. • People often delay the transfer of utilities and address change process, which can create a problem. So, forward request at least a month ago. • Organise a garage sell so you can sell unwanted items. You can use the money in your moving. If you want, you can also donate a few things. • The packing process always takes more time than you estimate. So you should start it 4 to 5 weeks before the moving day.

2 weeks before you move

You should complete most of the packing by this time. This is the time to execute those tasks that do not demand a lot of time and hard work but can make a huge difference in the moving process. • Remind the removalists about the moving date to avoid any confusion. • Pack your moving day kit and make sure to keep all essential things in it. • If you have kids or pets, look for baby sitter and dog care centre, so that you can keep them safe on moving day. • Talk to your neighbours and request them to forward your mails to your new address, if they get any.

2 to 3 days before you move

Keep the least possible task for the last few days because too many responsibilities can lead to chaos on the moving day. Focus on the property cleaning because it will help you to get your bond back. • It is the right time to clean your entire house and get the bond back. • Make sure that everything is properly packed and put tags in the boxes. • Keep valuables with you, such as jewellery, cash, documents, etc. • You should always pack your refrigerator at last. So, defrost it, clean it and then pack it.

Moving day

It is the most important day of the moving process and can be stressful. So, you need to stay calm so that you can focus everywhere and accomplish the task in the best possible manner. • Get up early so that you can start your moving process early and complete it on time. • Quickly scan the entire property to make sure you are not leaving behind anything at all. • Coordinate with professionals so that they safely and smoothly upload all your belongings. • If you are unable to get any help, stay with your kids and pets in a room so the professional can pack everything properly.

The Bottom Line

If you want to experience stress-free removals in Sunshine Coast, start your preparation as early as possible and follow a moving checklist. It will allow you to focus on all essential aspects of moving and prevent and negligence. If you are planning to relocate, consider the points mentioned above and create a complete moving checklist.