How To Choose The Right Size Moving Truck For House Move

How To Choose The Right Size Moving Truck For House Move

Aug 11, 2023 During a house move you have to make a plethora of decisions, among which choosing the right moving truck is an important one. Selecting the right vehicle is crucial to secure your belongings and transport them safely. By choosing the correct moving truck, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind property contents as well. If you find making this decision challenging, you can always hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to move your belongings. The professionals will choose the mode of transport according to weight and amount of property contents to move. However, if you are planning a DIY house move, here is a complete guide outlining tips to choose the right moving truck and also answer common questions to help you decide which moving vehicle will be the best for your relocation. Have a look.

How To Know How Big Of A Truck You Need To Move?

A common query most people planning a house move have is how big of a moving truck they need to transport their belongings. Listed below are ways to put this worry to ease.
  • Start by looking at all your belongings and declutter to remove unwanted items.
  • Next, make a details inventory to assess the size of your move and estimate the overall volume.
  • You can also, determine the size of your move by considering the rooms in your house and select the right moving truck size.
  • Keep in mind that a one-bedroom house will require a smaller truck, 2-beroom house will require a medium-sized truck and a 3-4-bedroom house will require a large moving truck for a comfortable relocation.

Which Vehicle Is Best For House Moving?

It can get confusing to select the right moving vehicle as well because most reputed moving truck rental companies give multiple options. From moving vans to containers to trucks, they offer a plethora of choices. Each vehicle has it plus points and again you must consider the scale of your relocation to choose the right vehicle. For example, for local and small-scale moving you can choose a compact moving van or a 10 to 15-foot truck, but for large-scale, long-distance or interstate moves, renting a 16 to 26-foot moving truck is the best option.

Is A 15-Foot Moving Truck Big Enough?

If you have a small or medium-sized home, a 15-foot moving truck is the perfect choice. It can easily accommodate contents of a 1-3-bedroom house providing enough space for furniture, moving boxes, electronic items and other items. However, since each house move is unique, you must weigh the volume of property content to be sure that a 15-foot moving truck will be suitable.

Is A 16-Foot Moving Truck Big Enough?

Most people with homes larger than 2-3-bedrooms choose a 16-foot moving truck as it is a safe and a versatile option. The moving truck is suitable for carrying large and bulky items along with moving boxes and other items. This option is the best when you want flexibility and accommodate things you buy for the new home. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind things on the moving day or make round trips which helps reduce carbon emissions.

Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Truck

If you haven’t hired professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to handle your move, you can always do so to avoid hassle and stress while moving. However, if you are sure about DIY moving, keep the following things in mind as well to choose the right moving truck.

Consider Special Items

If you have artwork, antiques, a piano, home theatre system or other special items that will take more space than usual, opt for a larger moving truck than the one suitable according to house size.

Factor in the Distance

Distance impacts your house move significantly and choosing a moving truck depending on the hours it will take to travel.

Go For Spacious Options

During a house move, you must consider things can take more space than what you visualise. Therefore, it is always a good idea to choose a spacious vehicle for your belongings.

Ask About Clearance & Insurance

Make sure to only get a moving truck which is authorised to travel to your location and the new destination. Additionally, ensure the vehicle is registered and insured and you can take it without worrying about liability.

Take Professional Assistance

Often DIY moves are challenging because you have to make tough decisions. To bypass this issue, you can always hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to meet your specific needs.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right moving truck is essential to have a smooth and stress-free house move. Thus, use the insights above to select the best moving truck for your relocation. However, if for any reason you cannot make the decision, you can always hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to move your belongings.