How To Choose Right Moving Truck Size For Your Move?

How To Choose Right Moving Truck Size For Your Move?

Oct 06, 2021 Getting the right moving truck size is crucial for the success of office or home removals. Of course, you have appropriately packed up your precious belongings, but have you searched for the right vehicle for safe and sound transportation. Whether you opt for a large vehicle or a small moving truck, it is easy to lose valuable items if you choose the wrong size without proper research. That’s the reason why people prefer hiring trained people for safe removals in Sunshine Coast. They will evaluate all your belongings and bring the right size to give you a hassle-free moving experience. They also keep the expenses in mind such as National Heavy Vehicle Charges, mileage, etc, while moving across the new state. However, if you are planning for a DIY move, consider the following guide and choose the most suitable size depending on the size and weight of your belongings. Let’s Get Started!

1. Know the Cubic Space

One of the best ways to get the perfect moving truck is to know the cubic space you will need based on your belongings, such as boxes and furniture pieces. Every rental truck is designed to hold a certain amount of belongings, measured in cubic feet. Keep this measurement in mind to find out the open space of the truck’s storage area from floor to roof. This minimises the amount of available cubic feet because people won’t pack the truck perfectly. Thus, selecting a moving truck slightly larger than you expect is a better way to transport household belongings safely.

2. Know the Quality of Items You’re Moving

It is important to know how many belongings you want to move when choosing the right truck size. For example, a 20- cubic-foot truck can load approx three rooms of furniture. However, these are just approximations, and the truck’s capacity will be determined after knowing the number of items you have in different rooms -that need to be moved. It is good to avoid packing certain items, such as explosives, flammables, etc, while moving. These calculations are based on the minimum items for each room, such as one sofa, chair, dressing table, dining table, beds, and other basic stuff. If you have an extra sofa or table, then you need a bigger truck as you expected. All you can do is gauge your belongings and choose the truck size accordingly.

3. Choose the Right Type of Truck

Once you have jotted down how many items you are moving, the next step is to choose the right type of truck. There are two most common types for moving household and office belongings, including: • Box trucks • Pick-up trucks You can also use moving trailers or cargo vans that can easily be hitched to your personal vehicle or any truck.

Box Trucks

These are the most common type of moving trucks, and they are more expensive as compared to other trucks but still cheaper than container-style vehicles. A renowned moving company in Sunshine Coast offers Box Trucks in three different sizes, such as: Small Box Trucks: This is a 10 to 12. ft moving truck ideal for moving a one-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartments. However, it won’t be able to load king-size mattresses. These trucks can load 600 to 2000 kg of weight. Medium Size: This is a 15. to 16. ft moving truck that can load around 2-3 bedroom apartment because it is a 700-800 cubic feet vehicle. Medium size box trucks are perfect for long-distance moves and can handle 4000 to 9000kg weight Large Sizes: These are approx 20. To 26. ft long moving truck that can easily transit 3 to 5 bedroom houses. They can easily handle the weight of heavy appliances, washers, etc. and the maximum weight that can be loaded by these trucks are around 7000 to 14000 kg.

Pick-up Moving Trucks

These trucks are ideal if you have a single room to move or have a few bulky or large pieces of furniture to move. It is more affordable and easy alternative to a full-service relocation.

4. Distance of Your Move

The distance of your relocation also plays a vital role when choosing the right size of a moving truck. For example, if you are moving within Sunshine Coast, such as Birtinya or Noosaville, you still have an option of making multiple trips if you have left anything. However, you can’t do the same if you are moving across a new state. So, it is good to know the number of belongings you have to move, such as furniture, bulky items, beds, etc and then choose the right size. Smaller and medium-sized trucks are great for local moves, while large-size trucks are perfect for long-distance moves.

5. Truck Sizing Guide

If you want to size a moving truck, remember that three cubic feet of space are allotted per room. According to this estimate, a 24-cubic –foot truck can easily load eight rooms full of heavy belongings. Still, you can’t rely solely on this estimation. So, it is good to opt for the truck slightly larger than your estimate for smooth and damage-free removals of precious belongings.


This guide will help you find the right size of a moving truck so that you can relocate safely and securely to your new abode or office. If you are shifting home, then get rid of unnecessary items and reduce the moving load. Also, hire the best Sunshine Coast removalists  for a hassle-free experience.