How To Choose Best Sized Moving Boxes For Packing?

How To Choose Best Sized Moving Boxes For Packing?

Sep 30, 2020 It is no secret that the moving process is a busy and hectic time. There are several vital decisions that you have to take, and one such decision is choosing the best sized moving boxes. With so many belongings in your house, choosing the right size of boxes for packing can be a challenging task. Thus, if you want to experience smooth removals in Sunshine Coast, you must start your preparations at the earliest and complete the task in an organised manner. Packing your items in appropriate sized cartons not only makes the task easier but also ensures their safety throughout the process. As it is a time-consuming and challenging task, you can contact companies that offer reliable packaging services in Sunshine Coast. They will use good quality moving boxes to pack all of the belongings in the best possible way. If you want to pack your things on your own, here is some valuable information on selecting the best sized moving boxes for packing. Let’s have a look!

Standard Box Sizes

You can easily pack the majority of your belongings in the standard moving boxes. These cartons are usually available in four different sizes-small, medium, large and extra large. If you want to pack your things appropriately and safely, consider the weight and type of belongings, before choosing the best sized cartons.


Small size cartons are quite sturdy and ideal for packing smaller and heavier items. These containers are convenient to use, prevent injuries or accidents and reduce the risk of any damage to your items. You can use it to pack books, CDs, DVDs, office supplies, small kitchen items, pantry items, decorative pieces and knick-knacks.


This specific size is the most common type of cardboard container you use to pack your belongings. They are large enough to fit the majority of items in your room but also small enough, so you easily avoid over-packing. Use this size to pack decorative items, clothing, games, toys, shoes, cooking trays, pans, and other miscellaneous items.


Although small and medium-sized boxes are commonly used for packing, large cartons are also very useful when you are relocating. This particular size is irreplaceable when it comes to packing of larger and lighter items. You can use such cartons to pack items like pillows, comforters, duvets, towels, tablecloths, bulky winter clothing, stuffed animals and so on.


There is only a marginal difference between large and extra-large cartons. However, when you move, certain things do not get fit into a large box and requires some extra room. Extra-large cartons are for those specific items. If you want to ensure the safety of your belongings and complete hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast, get all sizes of standard moving boxes.

Customised Moving Boxes

While the standard cardboard cartons are appropriate to pack most of your household belongings, certain items require specially designed cardboard container. Things like a floor lamp, flat screen TV, mirrors, mattress, etc. is almost impossible to pack in standard containers. Even professionals removalists in Sunshine Coast use customised cartons to pack such items. It makes the task a lot quicker, easier and protects them during the transit. The following are some common customised moving boxes you will need during relocation.

Wardrobe boxes

These are like portable closets that allow you to pack and transport your clothes easily and keep them wrinkle-free! It comes with a metal hanging bar that is ideal for hanging costly dresses, suits, long jackets and other similar things. You can also keep your shoes, belts and purses at the bottom.

Kitchen boxes

When you want to pack your liquids, glasses, liquor and wine bottles, crockery, etc., kitchen cardboard containers can be very useful. It comes with partitions that give the delicate items more protection during the transit. Packing all your kitchen items in an organised manner is not at all easy. If you find it time-consuming and confusing, hire professionals who offer the best packaging services in Sunshine Coast.

TV boxes

If you want to pack your flat-screen TV in the best possible way, it is advisable to use the original cover of your TV. In case you do not have the cover, purchase cartons that are particularly designed to pack your TV appropriately and keep it safe during transportation. If you hire professionals and opt for their packing service, you don’t have to worry about the arrangement of such cartons. The experts will do everything and ensure you achieve the best removals in Sunshine Coast.

Mattress Boxes

You need this specially designed cardboard container to protect your costly mattress and keep it clean during the moving process. The cardboard covers are available in different sizes so you can choose as per the size of your mattress. Whether it is a single bed, king single, double, queen, king or super king size, you will get all variety in the market.

Lamp boxes

Use these customised cartons if you want to protect your expensive table and floor lamps. These are sturdy enough to protect your item from damage that can happen during the loading or transportation. Remove the light bulbs, wrap the lamp with bubble wrap and pack in the carton particularly designed to move lamps.

Take Away

Packing your belongings is perhaps the most complicated and time-consuming task during relocation. However, by choosing the best sized moving cartons, you can figure out a way to execute the packing in a safe and organised manner. You can also hire experienced removalists to complete stress-free removals in Sunshine Coast.