How To Calculate The Costs Of Relocation

How To Calculate The Costs Of Relocation

Aug 06, 2021 Whether you are moving for the first time or moved multiple times, the process is always financially taxing. Besides managing fixed expenses, you spend on packing supplies, travelling, booking removal experts in Sunshine Coast, and much more. Therefore, you need to carefully plan every expense and estimate costs, as you risk depleting your savings. You can take the assistance of a professional accountant to calculate the costs of your relocation. However, budgeting is not difficult, and you can do it yourself by following the tips shared below and save money as well.

Make A Rough Budget First

Moving is an emotionally and mentally draining activity, which is why budgeting for it is overwhelming. Therefore, start small and gain confidence for planning household and moving expenses by making a rough budget first. Consider things like moving distance, packing load, rent, fixed expenses, travel expenditure, utility bills, and others that will impact your budget. By making a rough account of expected expenditures, you can set savings goals and plan your move more economically.

Choose The Right Budgeting System For Yourself

You need to choose a suitable budgeting system for yourself to effectively and efficiently track your expenses and monitor your budget. You can: • Take the traditional route by creating your budget using a pen and a notepad. • Use MS Excel or any other software for budgeting • Make your budget on an application like Raiz, MoneyBrilliant, Goodbudget, WeMoney, Frollo etc. • Use an online budget planner by Moneysmart or any other reliable other platform

Get Pre-Move Survey & Quotes From Removalists

Most reputed removal companies in Sunshine Coast offer pre-move surveys. They are among the best ways to calculate packing and moving costs as you get a chance to interact face to face with professionals. During the survey: • Removalists come to your house to assess the property contents • They create an inventory of items to pack and transport as per requirement • They inquire about the moving distance, date, and other information. • Additionally, they answer any questions you have regarding their services After the survey, the removalists share the costs for services you wish to avail, based on which you can make an informed decision. If the packing and moving load is small or for any other reason you think a pre-move survey isn’t necessary, you can always get quotes from removal companies in Sunshine Coast via email or call. These are free and no-obligation quotes that can help you estimate costs and budget accordingly.

Don’t Overlook The After-Move Expenses

Budgeting before moving is wise and practical; it helps you manage your fixed expenditures and prepare for the additional expenses. However, while calculating the costs for your relocation, you need to consider after move expenses as well. These costs should include rental bond payment, initial weekly rent for the new home, charges for setting utilities, costs of new furniture or home decor items, insurance etc.

Tips For Saving Money When Relocating

Packing and moving are costly, but you can save money by planning and creating a budget to manage your expenses. In addition, you can do the following things to save money when relocating. • Follow the 50-30-20 budgeting rule with a twist. Generally, you should spend 50% of your household income on necessary things, 30% on luxury and leisure items/activities and save the remaining 20%. However, before moving, you should change the rule a little by spending the least on entertainment, leisure or luxury things/activities and focusing majorly on saving. • Resell things in good condition in your house that you don’t need in your new home. You can sell them by hosting a garage sale at your current residence. Alternatively, you can hold an online garage sale as well. • Hire good removal professionals in Sunshine Coast offering quality packing and moving services. Reputed companies are upfront about their rates and don’t impose hidden charges on their clients. • Consider a backloading service as it is among the most economical options for transporting your belongings, especially for long-distance or interstate moves. When you avail of this service, the removalists load your property contents in a moving truck coming back from another job entirely or partially empty. It is cheap because you only pay for the space the boxes with your belongings take in the vehicle. • If possible, avoid moving during peak seasons like summer and spring. During these seasons, the costs of buying packing supplies, removal services in the Sunshine Coast, and other moving-related things is usually high.

The Bottom Line

When you plan to relocate, you have to manage the costs of various moving-related activities with your fixed household expenses. In addition to hiring removal experts in Sunshine Coast to lower the expense of moving, you need to budget correctly. Thus, follow the tips shared above to calculate the costs of relocation, save money and move to your new home without burning a massive hole in your pocket.