How Does A Pet Normally Act When The Owner Moves Into A New Place?
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How Does A Pet Normally Act When The Owner Moves Into A New Place?

Oct 10, 2019 If the moving process is so stressful for humans, imagine how difficult and anxious it can be for the four-legged family members? The unexpected activity in your home can be scary for them, and things can worsen when they are introduced to a new environment. Managing birds, fish or even cat is not that difficult, but things can be challenging if you have dogs. The best way to handle this situation is to opt for the best moving company  for removals in Sunshine Coast as they reduce the burden of packing and loading your belongings. So you can take care of your pets and devote time to them. Here are some tips that can help you make the move easy for your pets. But before that, let us understand how a pet normally acts when you move. Let’s have a look.

Very Excited During Moving

When you are moving, your dog can get very excited. This is because they do not understand the unfamiliar activity in their home. With so many packed boxes in the house and empty space, they get freaked out. This can cause two major problems for you- first, this can delay the moving process and second your pet can get hurt when you are loading heavy appliances and furniture into the truck.

Confusion and Fear

Moving to a new place can be very confusing and scary for your pet. All of a sudden, the familiar surroundings get changed. Your pet isn’t able to find his favourite spots like the carpet in your bedroom or front of the heater. And that can cause anxiousness in your pets, particularly dogs. The new rooms, kitchen, stairs, etc. can be quite confusing for your dog. At this point of time, they usually experience fear and restrict themselves in a particular room or area.

Geographic Perplexity

Your pet will most likely feel uncomfortable and can become perplexed in your new neighbourhood. Their highly sensitive sense of smell picks up new smells that they do not recognise. The streets, parks, buildings, entrance, etc. are also new for them and thus there can be confusion about the surroundings. Thus it is important to be ready for such a situation and know the laws related to pets in Sunshine Coast.

Tips To Make a Move Easier With Pets

Moving to a new place can be difficult for your pets. But if you follow smart strategies, things can get a little easy for them. Follow the below-mentioned tips to make sure that you are spending enough time with your pets, particularly dogs, so that they can experience a smooth move.

1. Keep Your Pet Away From Home on the Moving Day

All the activity, movement and noise in your home can cause anxiety in your pet, so it is important that you ask a family member or a close friend to pet-sit your dog at their place for that particular day. This will keep your pet away from the chaos of the relocation. This can keep the stress level in control. You can also opt for pet boarding in Sunshine Coast. This will let you pack and load your belongings without any distractions. Contact the boarding place and book a spot a few weeks before you move, so that you don’t face the problem of their availability.

2. Lock Your Pets in a Room to Keep Them Safe

With so much packing, loading and coordination, moving day can be very tiring and confusing, so you might overlook the presence of your pet at times. If you have birds or cats, you might not face difficulty. But your dog is most likely to run out of the home again and again. And arranging a search party can be very hectic. So lock them up in an empty room with food and water. Keep them busy with some chew toys. This is the best way to handle your pets when you don’t want to spend money on pet boarding, or there is some availability problem.

3. Contact A Company That Provides Removals in Sunshine Coast

The moving process itself is complicated, and if you have to take care of your pet at the same time, things can get challenging for you. So, the best solution for this problem is to opt for companies offering Sunshine Coast Removals. Their experienced professionals will take care of the packing and loading, so you will get sufficient time to focus on your pets and other essential tasks. If you want to hire professionals, make sure that you contact them in advance. Otherwise, you might face the problem of their availability.

4. Professionals Must Be Aware That You Have a Dog

If you are a pet owner and want to hire professionals, you must inform them in advance. This will allow them to send the best professionals for this job. Most reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast has expertise in dealing with such situations. If the professionals are not aware that you have a dog, they might face a lot of difficulty. Not only that, but your pet can also be injured during the loading of heavy appliances and furniture.

5. Keep Essential Documents of Your Pet with You

You might need the essential documents for moving with pets in Australia, so keep all the medical records with you in an organised manner. Discuss with your pet doctor what documents you need to register with a veterinarian at your new place in Sunshine Coast. Looking for such essential documents can be frustrating and annoying. Thus, you must keep these papers in a file and carry it with you during the entire moving process.

6. Transport Your Dog Properly

The companies performing removals in Sunshine Coast perfectly handle all your belongings, but you cannot count on them to transport your pets. If your new home is not that far, you can make space in your vehicle for your pets. Do not forget to stop at a few places because your dog will require breaks. However, if you are flying, you will have to make the necessary arrangements with your airline. This may require some paperwork and thus should be on top priority in your moving checklist.

7. Make Your New Home and Locality Familiar to Them

If it is possible for you, take your dog to your new home a couple of times before your move. This will help them to get familiar to the new locality in Sunshine Coast and smell of the area. If it’s a couple of hours drive, take your family and pets along with you. This can help them to stay calm after you move.


Nothing disturbs the routine of your pets like moving. It can have a negative impact on all animals that thrive on a consistent lifestyle. Your dogs or cats may not appreciate your new home in Sunshine Coast immediately, but you must make a move as stress-free as possible for them. The tips mentioned here will help you to accomplish your goal.