How To Get Out Of A Lease When Planning To Move In Sunshine Coast
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How To Get Out Of A Lease When Planning To Move In Sunshine Coast

Feb 26, 2020 When tenants sign a tenancy agreement, they are not allowed to breach the agreement and break the lease; otherwise, you could lose your security deposit. However, many tenants face the scenario where they are forced to get out of a lease early either because of a new job or a family emergency. If you are also planning a move in Sunshine Coast and want to break your lease, then you should follow the right procedure. Find out the ways that can help you get out of your rental apartment without any dispute or stress. In case you are concerned about the impact of breaching the lease agreement, it is better to consult a professional such as a tenant advocacy agency in your local area. It is good to sort out things ahead of time and prepare your moving checklist for a safe and stress-free experience. Since moving a house involves a lot of phases- from packing household belongings to hiring professionals who can help you in removals in Sunshine Coast. But to arrange everything in advance needs peace of mind. To obtain that, you need to explore the right ways to get out of a lease while planning a move. From discovering legal possibilities to understanding the lease agreement, there are few ways to help you move out of your rental premises without any obstacles.

1. Carefully Read and Understand your Lease Agreement

Before making any decision, it is vital to read and understand your lease agreement, including any stipulations about notification of relocation. You should know whether you are allowed to sublet your apartment or not. Being a tenant, you should know your rights and responsibilities before signing the agreement. It is important to read your responsibilities such as notifying your landlord about the move at least a month before the move, penalties for not meeting the required timeframe, damaged or untidy condition of the premises upon leaving, breaching the agreement, etc. According to the agreement, landlord or property managers need at least 30 days notice before the final move out of a tenant. So, before planning your move, it is good to inform your landlord and give notice along with the relevant reason. If you did not check all the financial responsibilities you undertook while signing the lease, you need to read every point carefully. Read and understand the rules before taking any step.

2. Have a Look at Local Rental Laws

In case your lease agreement doesn’t include a release clause, then it is good to consult the local laws for tenant notification of relocation. Local rental laws also help you know whether it is okay to break the lease in the middle and under which condition you can get out of a lease without paying the penalty. You can leave the rental property before the end of your lease period due to the structural disaster. But make sure you read the laws of your state before moving into Sunshine Coast.

3. Determine You need to Break a Lease or Not

If you break a lease, then you have to pay one to two months’ rent as a penalty. So, you should be aware of the financial circumstances before making any decision. Don’t forget that you will need a reference from your landlord if you are planning to buy a house on rent in Sunshine Coast. So, thinking of breaking the lease can create obstacles in finding a suitable rental property in future. Tip: If you don’t want a negative impact on your credit rating, then it would be better to pay the penalty to get out of a lease.

4. Know More About Subletting Option

Check your lease and see whether your agreement allows subletting or not. Take it as an option, especially if the property manager is not willing to negotiate. However, subletting is a challenging and time-consuming process, and it also means you are still connected to the current property. But there are many people who are looking for short term lease. If your lease doesn’t allow you to sublet, then have a word with your landlord and ask them for negotiation because they may prohibit you from subletting the rental premises without their permission.

5. Inform Your Landlord

Whatever the reason for breaking the lease, make sure you inform your landlord as soon as you decide to move. If you share a good bond with your landlord, he/she might understand you and negotiate a penalty outside of the lease agreement.

6. Pay the Rent

Don’t stop paying the rent if you don’t want to harm your credit rating. If you stop paying rent, the landlord will take legal action against you. So, keep paying the rent even after planning a move into Sunshine Coast.

7. Take Professional Assistance

If you are finding difficulties in getting out of your lease or your landlord is not negotiating with you, then consult a professional lawyer. Big cities like Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane have many non-profit companies dealing with landlord and tenant issues. You can take advice from them if your landlord has taken legal action. You can search such non-profit organisations because it can help you save money in the long run.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Moving to Sunshine Coast

Here are some quick tips that will help you prepare your relocation without any stress.

1. Create A Moving Checklist

It is good to prepare a moving checklist after resolving the issue with your landlord. Plan your moving date and create a rough budget to track your expenses throughout the process.

2. Sort out your Belongings

Get rid of unnecessary household items by throwing them out or donating to the local charity. Keep things that you need to take along with to your new house- this will reduce the burden of your relocation and reduce your overall moving budget.

3. Hire Professional Removalists

It is good to take assistance from professionals for safe and cheap removals in Sunshine Coast. A high-trained team of removalists will take care of your specific moving needs and transit your belongings with precision and care. From packing household belongings to lifting heavy furniture, they will assist you throughout the moving journey and give you peace of mind. Make sure you do thorough research and shortlist at least 5 best companies. Do not forget to compare the quotes, customer reviews and quality of services before making the final decision. This will help you choose the most suitable company for your home relocation.

4. Pack your Items in Advance

Make sure you pack all your belongings at least two weeks prior to your moving day if you are relocating in an emergency. Use highest-quality of packing materials such as packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, cardboard boxes to give an extra shield of protection to your belongings.

5. Do thorough research about the city

After packing your belongings, you can do a bit of research about the city you are planning to move in. If you are relocating to Sunshine Coast, then talk to your friends and relatives who are living in the same city. They will help you know the best schools, health care centres and other local amenities in your area to let you settle down easily.


Getting out of a lease involves a lot of challenges. If you are planning a move and want to break your lease, then read the tips mentioned above in this article. You can read and understand your lease agreement and also take assistance from professionals before breaking your lease. Also, don’t forget to hire trained people for safe and secure removals in Sunshine Coast. They can help you in packing and transiting heavy to delicate items with utmost care.