Find The Best Neighbourhoods In Sunshine Coast: Moving Guide

Find The Best Neighbourhoods In Sunshine Coast: Moving Guide

Apr 09, 2021 The third-most populated city of Queensland -Sunshine Coast is a sight to behold for its residents and tourists alike. The city is fragmented with urban and rural landscapes that are picturesque, serene, and tranquil. The Sunshine Coast’s current population is 351,424 and estimated to increase over 5,00,000 by 2041. Over the years, the city has witnessed a significant rise as its council has invested in developing good infrastructure, education facilities, healthcare centres, recreational spots and more. Today, this coastal area has some of the best neighbourhoods in Queensland and a thriving Central Business District. Thus, if you are planning to move locally or interstate, understandably, deciding which suburb to live in is difficult. Choosing a neighbourhood early is essential for renting/buying a home, booking removals experts in Sunshine Coast, and selecting schools in time. To help you, here is a complete moving guide outlining why Sunshine Coast is an excellent city and its best neighbourhoods. Have a look.

Why Sunshine Coast is an Excellent City?

The peri-urban area is not only beautiful and scenic, but it is also has a fast-growing 18.5 billion economy, plenty of jobs & business opportunities, and good residential properties’ availability. Here families, working professionals, couples, retirees, and singles live a life of quality and comfort. Some facts that make this area among the best in the country are listed below. • It is the ninth-largest government in Australia • The city’s council is planning for the increasing population according to the Environment and Liveability Strategy • By 2041, it is estimated 71,230 dwellings and 68,370 households will increase

The Best Neighbourhood in Sunshine Coast

It’s not surprising that locals move internally, and migrants come to Sunshine Coast to improve their living standards and have better dwellings. If you are planning a house shift and need to know which neighbourhood to book removalists in Sunshine Coast for to help you relocate, here some suburbs worth considering.


A popular neighbourhood in Sunshine Coast, Buddina is centrally located, safe, and breezy. It is suitable for families with children, young adults, professionals and beach lovers. The suburb has perfect beaches for surfing, shopping faculties at walking distance, and excellent local schools. Since the locals are accustomed to tourists and travellers, they are friendly and helpful, making it easy to settle here and become a part of the community. • Median house price: $980,000 • Median house rent:$510 per week • Median unit price: $628,750 • Median unit rent: $463 per week Moving to or in Buddina fast and easy because most reputed removals companies in Sunshine Coast offer their services here, and you have multiple housing options for buying or renting.

Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach is a family-friendly neighbourhood with a low crime rate, greenery, tranquillity, and modern infrastructure. It is in the catchment zone of the best schools in the Sunshine Coast and well-connected to retail shops, restaurants, parks, beaches, and recreational places. It is ideal for people who love spending time outdoors, enjoying various fun activities. • Median house price: $810,000 • Median house rent:$560 per week • Median unit price: $497,500 • Median unit rent: $400 per week

Sippy Downs

A family suburb with amenities is the best way to describe Sippy Downs. But that’s not all, as the neighbourhood is equally wonderful for singles, elderlies, working professionals, and couples. It has great schools, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and extremely amenable people. The excellent connectivity to the CBD, Mooloolaba Beach, and Brisbane make this neighbourhood desirable and suitable for living a quality life. • Median house price: $550,000 • Median house rent:$500 per week • Median unit price: $315,000 • Median unit rent: $375 per week Compared to other neighbourhoods, moving to Coolum Beach is relatively cheaper with affordable housing options and availability of Sunshine Coast’s best removals experts.


Maroochydore is the best place to enjoy a coastal lifestyle. It is surrounded by beautiful and famous beaches, lush parks, and the Maroochy River. It remains a bustling tourist destination, but working professionals, families with children, and young adults are making it their home too. The neighbourhood is friendly, well-connected, and scenic with excellent education, shopping, and recreation options. • Median house price: $725,000 • Median house rent:$ 540 per week • Median unit price: $451,500 • Median unit rent: $ 435 per week


Another green and clean neighbourhood worth considering is Buderim with art, history, tradition, and culture. Most parents moving to or in the Sunshine Coast ponder this suburb because it is a catchment zone for reputed Queensland’s schools. What’s more, the area has a great lifestyle, connectivity, and availability of modern amenities. If you want to enjoy the old charm of Sunshine Coast and urban facilities, this is the place to be. • Median house price: $786,500 • Median house rent:$ 580 per week • Median unit price: $440,000 • Median unit rent: $ 420 per week


Sunshine Coast is a fast-developing and modern city of Queensland with urban and rural landscapes. It is an excellent city to live in for various reasons and improve your standard of life. Thus, consider moving to any of the modern neighbourhoods mentioned above for living your best life. Relocating to these areas is easy and quick because most reputed removals companies in Sunshine Coast have networks and good resource availability.