How To Find A Cheap Removalist In Sunshine Coast?
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How To Find A Cheap Removalist In Sunshine Coast?

Apr 04, 2018 Hiring an affordable removalist is crucial for your move since many people want to keep their moving costs to a minimum. After all, a good removalist is the one who is reasonably priced and can ensure a stress-free move. The furniture removals industry is expanding significantly, and it’s fundamental that you pick the best alternative with so many options available all around. People feel the temptation to choose the cheapest company for their relocation. But you need to be extra careful as there are many removalists who are ready to make money with no to little experience and very little equipment. Checking the background and other important factors before finalising a removalist is essential. Moving from one place to another displaces our lives and creates a disruption both mentally and physically. There are plenty of tasks that one has to look after while moving. Hence it is best advised to take the assistance of an experienced and cheap removalist in Sunshine Coast. Here are some important tips to find a cheap removalist in Sunshine Coast:

1. Online Research

Online research is very useful if you want to know about the background of all the removal companies. The internet is the most useful place to visit when it comes to choosing the right moving company for your relocation. Moving companies have websites that list the services they provide. Visit these websites to get full information about the services and the testimonials from previous clients and customers. You will get to know about the quality of services of a particular removalist. If you have shortlisted 3 to 4 companies and finding it difficult to choose one out of them, then researching them online and studying the reviews from their past clients will help you choose the best option.

2. Ask your Network

If you are looking for an affordable company, you should ask your friends or family members for referrals. Seek advice from your relatives and neighbours. Ask for recommendations from someone who had relocated recently or in the past in Sunshine Coast and had a good experience. Consider the references that you get and then select the best option for you as this can be a good way you to choose the best removalist.

3. Compare Quotes from Removalists

After you are done with your research and have asked everyone around, take few companies that you want to consider and ask quotes from them. Compare these quotes and especially the services that each company is providing. For instance, compare at least three quotes and preferably from companies that are willing to pay a visit to your property rather than explaining it over the phone. However, if a company is not ready to visit your place, talk to them and be open while giving full information about your house and your possessions. Ask openly about insurance, hourly rate (if applicable), storage costs and any other costs. This will let you compare the quotes more accurately. Some companies also apply overtime rates hence make sure to confirm how much they are and what time they start.

4. Removals Insurance

Make sure to ask about the insurance policy of the removal company that you hire. Do ask what would happen if the move gets delayed and if they have a delay policy. And what is the time limit to claim the insurance after the move etc.? Your removal company should have adequate insurance cover in Sunshine Coast. Check if they need special packing for your high-value possessions and will they be covered by the insurance.

5. Experience and Reputation

Abstain from hiring a company who is new in business as they are just starting and probably testing on different techniques. Whereas, an experienced company has well tested and proven methods that can never go wrong. An experienced company has a well-trained team of experts who are professionals. Look for a company has an adequate licence and more than eight years of experience. A well-reputed company will have excellent quality services, hence assuring the reputation of the company that you are hiring is crucial. A good standing of the business is the assurance that you have selected the right option for your relocation.

6. Reliability

To check the reliability of the moving company is as important as any other factor. If you don’t want to choose the wrong routes to get to your new location or you don’t want to get late then choosing a reliable company is essential. You should have complete trust in the people to whom you are handing over all your expensive goods, thus hiring a trustworthy and honest company is vital. You should have trust in people to who you will be handling all your possessions. Ask around or check the reviews of the company. Read what kind of experiences people had with the removalist and what kind of services they provide.

7. Do your own Price Reduction part

Along with keeping all the above points in mind, it’s also important to tap down your expenses to make your relocation inexpensive. You will have to keep a check at every step of your move that how much you have to pay and how much you can save. There are some great ways to make your move cheaper such as:
  • Amend your household possessions
  • Booking an early date for your move
  • Choosing packing materials wisely
  • Decluttering
  • Selling out unwanted stuff


Moving from one place to another takes proper planning and executing the plan in the right direction. For that, you need to have enough time, and it can get challenging to manage your move if you don’t hire an affordable removalist like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast. They are the most affordable and cheap Removals in Sunshine Coast who will make your move completely stressfree and will eliminate all the hassles that come with the process of relocation.