Essential Tips For Moving House With Pets

Essential Tips For Moving House With Pets

Nov 20, 2020 Change of residence is a challenging and difficult period, not just for you but for your pets as well. Moving is a stressful and overwhelming process for your beloved canines as they get confused and scared due to the chaos and disruption of their routine. The boxes, your stress, and your hired removals professionals in Sunshine Coast can make your pets anxious and want more comfort than usual. Thus, it is essential to take care of them during this difficult time and ensure you don’t neglect their needs. Want to know how you can make moving easy for your furry friends? Here is your complete guide outlining essential tips for moving house with pets. Have a look!

Ensure Your Pet is Microchipped

According to the pet laws of the Queensland government, owners need to get their pets born after 10th April 2009 microchipped. If your pet is not chipped, then consult a vet or an authorised implanter for microchip insertion. These chips have a unique number which is linked to the details of the pet and its owner’s contact information. If your canine is chipped, then it is your responsibility to contact the implanter to update the chip with your new residential address.

Familiarise Your Pet with the New House

If you are relocating short distance, then you should familiarise your pet with the new house before moving in. Take them along and let your pet smell the new place. Additionally, try to familiarise them with the neighbourhood as it will reduce the shock of moving for your pets.

Take Your Pet to the Vet before Moving

Ensuring your pet is in good health and up for the journey on the moving day is essential. Pets can get anxious and stressed during the process, which is why taking them to the vet for a check-up is a good call. Get tips for keeping your canine calm, and stock on medicines that may come in handy.

Keep Your Pets Safe during Packing and Loading

Make sure your pets are out of harm’s way while your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast pack your belongings and load them in the moving truck. Designate a room for your pooch to stay in while the moving-related tasks are completed. It would help if you hung a sign in front of the room’s door intimating your pet is inside and should not be disturbed. Make sure to feed your pets on time and take them out for relieving as per routine.

Pack Your Pet’s Things Last and Unpack them First

It is crucial to pack your pet’s bed, blankets, toys, and other belongings last to prevent making it uncomfortable. Additionally, to help settle your pet quickly without any hint of stress at the new home, unpack its belongings as soon as possible. If you have hired removals experts in Sunshine Coast, ask them to load the box with your pet’s things last and unload it first.

Pack an Essential Kit for Your Pet

On the moving day, when everything is packed and loaded on the moving truck, it can be challenging to get the things your pet may require if you haven’t packed an essential kit. In a fanny bag, put your pet’s medicines, treats, water, favourite toy, and other necessary things that may be required during the journey or on arrival at the new home.

Send Your Pet Away

For a few days before and after the moving day, send your pet away to be in the care of a trusted family member or friend. This step will help shield your pet from the chaos of packing and moving. Here are the benefits of sending your pet in someone’s care when moving.
  • Your pet doesn’t get in the way which reduces the chances of it sustaining injuries substantially
  • You can focus on moving-related tasks better.
  • Your pet’s routine is not disrupted, and you have peace of mind that they are fed and walked on time.
  • Even if you have hired removalists in Sunshine Coast who are pet-friendly, it is easier for the professionals to wrap their work without the canine getting in the way.

Be there for Your Pet

When moving, it is common for pets to feel anxious and scared. They are confused by all the activity and it is not good for their mental health. Thus, make sure your pet receives the love, care and attention necessary to move with you. Here are some tell-tale signs which suggest that your pet is distressed and needs comforting.
  • It shows the white of eyes
  • Its ears and tails are tucked in
  • Avoids eye contact and looks away
  • Whines or cries

Wrapping Up

Moving is a physically and mentally draining activity, and when pets are involved, the process can become difficult. Relocation is not only challenging for humans but your pets too which is why you need to follow the tips mentioned above. Whether you have hired removalists in Sunshine Coast or managing the relocation yourself, with these tips, you can move with your canine without any hitches.