Essential Moving Day Tools That Professionals Use
professional loading cardboard boxes into a truck

Essential Moving Day Tools That Professionals Use

Mar 03, 2020 If you think that packing your belongings is the toughest part of your move, wait for the loading process. Carrying and loading heavy appliances, furniture and hundreds of moving boxes into the truck can be a nightmare! This is why people hire professionals to ensure hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast. But what makes the professionals so capable? Some would say their knowledge and experience, but you cannot rule out the use of advance tools. If you want to relocate without any professional help, make sure that you also have the tools that professional use. Here are a few crucial tools that you must have on a moving day. Have a look!

Moving Dolly

A moving dolly is one of the essential tools that professionals use during the relocation process. It is often called the best friend of the removalists because it makes sure accident- free loading and unloading, save a lot of precious time, and prevent injuries due to lifting and loading of heavy items like appliances, furniture and moving boxes. For regular size household items like furniture pieces, electric appliances, moving boxes and other similar things, use utility dolly or hand truck. However, if you have large and heavy pieces of furniture like couches, washing machines, bookcases, etc. use furniture dolly. If you want to complete the relocation on your own, make sure you contact a company that provides such tools on rent for hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast.

Furniture Sliders

Moving heavy furniture is a tricky task because it can damage the floor or carpet with scratches, dents, etc. Apart from that, it also increases the risk of getting a back injury. To avoid this problem, the professionals use furniture sliders. With the help of this slider, one person can slide a heavy furniture effortlessly without causing any damage to the floor. So, if you want to protect your back and floor, purchase this excellent tool and make your move quick and easy. It is appropriate for all kinds of floor, be it carpets, ceramic tile, wood floors, linoleum, finished concrete or laminate floors. Furniture Sliders are also not expensive and readily available at any nearby supermarket in Sunshine Coast. You can easily identify them in the shop. They are stripes or pieces of plastic or foam. All you need to do is to put one or two sliders under a piece of your heavy furniture such as upholstery when you want to shift it. Once the sofa is on the slider, you can easily pull or push it to move without leaving a scratch on floors. However, it is advised to leave lifting and loading chores to professionals. They know the right ways to use advanced moving tools and can handle your entire moving process with extreme care and responsibility.

Lifting Straps and Rope

The professional removalists never lift, move or load any heavy belongings without ensuring their safety. Thus, they always use lifting straps and rope. These tools help you to lock things on the moving dolly and even when you are not using a moving dolly. If you are planning to relocate without any professional help, you must use these straps and ropes to protect yourself and your expensive belongings.  If you are looking to purchase or rent these protection tools, there is a wide variety, and you can choose as per your requirement. • Shoulder dolly allows two persons to lift a heavy appliance or furniture effortlessly. You get the support from your back and strong shoulder. • Forearm forklift is almost similar to the shoulder dolly; just the harnesses are attached to your forearms instead of the back and shoulders. Apart from these widely used tools, there are other equipment like elastic straps, ratchet straps, rope and twine. If you are moving, it is advisable to hire a professional instead of purchasing these products. This is because you can feel a little unconformable to use these tools, but the experts are well trained in using these straps and ropes. These tools ensure smooth and safe removal in Sunshine Coast.

Stair Roller

One of the most challenging task that the professional face during the relocation process is moving a heavy appliance, furniture, or moving box through the stairs. This is why the professionals always use stair roller. This smart and little device can save a lot of time and effort. It also prevents damages and injuries, as well. You can easily attach your belongings to this stair roller and rolled down heavy objects through a set of stairs in a hassle-free manner. This device is mainly used for carpeted stairs so that it can create resistance and make it tough to slide a heavy object. Thus, no matter how heavy your belonging is, it always stays in your control.

Moving Blankets and Pads

To ensure smooth and affordable removals in Sunshine Coast, you must use the tools that professional removalists use. And one of the most useful moving tools is the packing supplies they use. Go for the moving blankets and quilts that are specially designed for wrapping and protecting appliances, furniture and other types of bulky household items. The quilts are made out of adequately thick material that protect the delicate finishes of your expensive belongings from being dented or scratched during the relocation itself or when your items are placed in storage. The moving blankets give extra protection from the dirt as well as moisture.

Other Important Tools

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are also a few small tools that professional always carry to ensure smooth removals in Sunshine Coast. If you want to make your DIY move, you will definitely need these tools. Have a look:
  • Measuring tape: You cannot be too sure whether a particular appliance or furniture will fit through the doorway. So, always keep a measuring tape with you.
  • Scissors: You always need a pair of scissors when you are moving house. Whether you need to cut out pieces of cardboard or tape, you need the scissors.
  • Flashlight: You can’t always expect to have light everywhere when you are moving and packing up things. Thus, you should have a flashlight with you all the time.
  • Box Cutter: A box cutter is perhaps the most useful thing when you want to open sealed boxes after moving to a new place.
  • Screwdrivers: If you want to disassemble and re-assemble any particular furniture, you need to have a screwdriver with you.
  • Pliers: Like screwdrivers, you also need a plier to disassemble and re-assemble furniture. It is also useful for performing basic wiring jobs.
  • Hammer: You might not require a hammer during the moving process, but it can be a useful tool after the relocation.

The Bottom Line

The right moving tools are essential for a hassle-free, safe and quick relocation. If you hire a professional for moving, then you can sit back relax. However, if you want to do it with some helping hands, you need to have the tools as mentioned above. These will help you to accomplish a perfect relocation.