Eco-Friendly Practices For A Sustainable Move

Eco-Friendly Practices For A Sustainable Move

Jul 25, 2023 Over the years, climate change and global warming have worsened due to inconsideration of humans. It has impacted the land, water and air of many prominent cities in Australia especially Sunshine Coast. Therefore, if you plan to move, you must take measures to avoid wastefulness or harm to the environment. House moves can have huge environmental repercussions as household items end in landfills, chemicals are discarded in water ways without care and many other decisions cause harm. Therefore, you must move sustainably as it is the need of the hour. Hire the best removalists in Sunshine Coast to reduce carbon emissions and ensure recyclable packing supplies are used for packing and moving your belongings. Additionally, adopt the following green practices to move eco-friendlily. Have a look.

Avail Box Buy Service from Removalists

Want to ensure the boxes you use are reused and recycled? Avail box buy service from removalists. Most reputed removalists in Sunshine Coast offer this solution which allows you to sell the boxes used for your house move. Only condition is the boxes must remain in good condition. This step also lessens moving costs. It is a green moving practice because removalists reuse their materials to save costs and reduce the environmental impact, they can have by moving several houses.

Move Using a Storage Container

Storage or moving containers are useful when you want to pack, load and transport belongings at your own pace. This option is an eco-friendly moving solution because you reduce carbon emissions by avoiding round trips via moving trucks. Additionally, these storage containers reduce the need for packing materials because you can load furniture, mattresses and other large items without hefty coverage with bubble wraps, paper sheets, etc. The standard size of these containers ranges from 8 to 16 feet, which is why you can get them as per requirement. Smaller containers are ideal for college students or individuals with fewer possessions, whereas large containers are suitable for moving contents of 2-3 bedroom homes.

Downsize Even When Moving to a Bigger Space

Most people downsize only when they have to move into a smaller home. However, you must sort your belongings and downsize every time you relocate to use less packing supplies and fuel. Give away furniture, appliances, and equipment to substantially lighten the moving load for your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast and decrease the usage of non-renewable resources.

Travel Responsibly

Moving necessitates more travel than normal, therefore you must use public transportation as much as possible. Motor vehicles contribute significantly to the air pollution in the Sunshine Coast. If you must use a personal car, make sure the emissions are below the permitted range.

Purchase Biodegradable Packing Materials

Limit the use of plastics during your move by substituting traditional packing materials with biodegradable ones. Listed below are some examples.
  • Water-soluble & natural packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap made with 100% recycled corrugated cardboard.
  • Organic fabrics
  • Packing supplies made with corn starch, mushroom roots, seaweed etc.

Get Creative While Packing

Instead of purchasing bubble/foam wraps, packing peanuts, and other packing materials that contribute to our nation’s waste management and recycling problem, use items you already have at home to wrap and secure your belongings. Here’s what you can use to pack creatively & sustainably.
  • Old newspapers
  • Blankets & comforters
  • Bed sheets & pillow/cushion covers
  • Socks, handkerchiefs, hand towels & bath towels.

Dispose of Trash Carefully

You might still have cardboard boxes, wraps, and other packing materials after unpacking. Supplies that are still in good shape can be sold or given away. Additionally, to avoid having plastic and paper garbage end up in landfills, ask your neighbourhood recycling and waste management centre for help with the proper disposal of these materials.

Hire Removalists with Fuel-efficient Moving Trucks

Green removalists in Sunshine Coast care about carbon emissions and use moving trucks with eco-friendly fuels. Additionally, they run their vehicles at a certain speed to get the best fuel economy. Hence, before booking removalists, check if they have fuel-efficient trucks to move house sustainably.

Donate Extra Food

Keep everything you can eat up until moving day, and donate the remainder to a food pantry. Unopened canned and packaged goods like beans, vegemite, snacks, ready-to-eat foods, etc. are accepted. Check your cupboard to see what perishable items you should eat before relocating and what you may donate to prevent waste.

Source Cardboard Boxes from Local Businesses

Before purchasing moving boxes, inquire about reusable boxes at nearby book stores, wineries, and shops. Most companies will give them away for free because they don’t need them and it lessens their clutter. Reusing cardboard boxes rather than buying new ones helps to reduce the environmental impact of your move.   It also helps smoothen the moving process significantly.

Wrapping Up

Moving house is among the most non-eco-friendly tasks as it requires use of cardboard boxes, plastic packing materials and moving vehicles that produce carbon emissions. Additionally, if you aren’t careful, your belongings end in landfill and chemicals leech via waterways. Therefore, besides hiring professional removalists Sunshine Coast, you must adopt the above-mentioned eco-friendly practices for a sustainable move.