Eco-Friendly Moving: Tips For A Sustainable Relocation

Eco-Friendly Moving: Tips For A Sustainable Relocation

Apr 05, 2024

Moving house not only puts immense stress on you but also leaves a negative impact on the environment. Whether it is carbon emissions from the moving vehicle or numerous packing supplies, including the boxes that are discarded into the landfills each year, moving house generate a lot of waste.

During the process, most people collect a lot of trash while wasting many materials. It is understandable that moving is quite stressful, and that is why it is difficult to keep the environment in mind during the procedure.

However, it is not that difficult to reduce waste, particularly if you embrace eco-friendly techniques. You just need to start planning early. So, once you are done with hiring budget removalists Sunshine Coast, your primary focus should be to utilise eco-friendly methods.

Here are the tips you can use to make your move sustainable. They will help you ensure your move does not have a negative impact on the environment.

1. Declutter Before Packing

The biggest advantage of decluttering and eliminating unwanted items is that they will decrease the number of boxes you will need to move. The fewer packing supplies you use, the better it will be for the environment. Also, decluttering will save you a lot of effort when it is time to pack or unpack. However, there is no need to get rid of your treasured items.

Rather, you should look to eliminate the stuff you do not use anymore. For instance, you can evaluate your closet and keep the items you have not worn in the last few months aside. As a general rule, if you have not used an item for some time, it is better to get rid of it and preparing for an eco-friendly move is the ideal time for it.

2. Wrap Delicate Stuff With Clothes

To reduce environmental impact, it is important to reduce plastic waste by using fewer packing materials. Rather than using packing peanuts and bubble wrap, which you will throw away inevitably, it is better to use blankets, bath towels, or clothes to wrap all the delicate items. Not only is this an eco-friendly practice, but it will also save you money. On the other hand, plastics are known to end up in landfills.

As they decompose, they will pollute the soil and water supply. Moreover, using clothes will offer sufficient protection to your items such as dishes, picture frames, etc. They will be protected when your preferred company that provides best removals Sunshine Coast will be moving them.

3. Ask a Local Store for Extra Boxes

young man packing up a cardboard box

When it is time to get moving boxes, it would be better to ask your local store for extras instead of purchasing new ones. There are plenty of stores, particularly the grocery ones, that are trying to get rid of several cardboard boxes. It is more than likely that they will give you the boxes at low cost or even free rather than disposing of them. You can by asking your local supermarket. They might have wine or fruit crates, which are strong enough for keeping heavy items.

4. Hiring Eco-Friendly Removalists

If you are considering hiring a company that provides cheap removals Sunshine Coast, search for one that utilises eco-friendly practices. There are many companies that practice sustainable habits. This includes reducing the number of trips required, recycling the moving containers, and using biodegradable materials for packing.

Also, look for companies that use biodiesel to fuel their moving trucks. This is because it is a biodegradable substance, which makes it a much friendlier choice than the standard gasoline. It is considered that by using biodiesel rather than petroleum, you will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 80%.

5. Make Use of Storage Items You Have

It is best recommended to use fewer cardboard boxes by making use of the storage items you already have. For instance, you have the option of leaving your clothing items in the dresser. It will facilitate easier unpacking. You can pack things like books and documents in the desk drawers.

To store delicate stuff such as dishes, you can use containers you already have. You can even use a trash bin as a moving container to store things like garden tools and cleaning supplies. Using such hacks is great for making your move eco-friendly.

6. Pack the Kitchen Items Last

It is a fact that the kitchen is one of the toughest rooms to pack, and that is why many people look to pack it first. However, it is worth noting that after you have packed all the flatware and dishes, you will need to rely on single-use cups and plates, which is not ideal if you want to make your move eco-friendly. Instead, it is better to leave out a few kitchen items. This way, you can use them until the moving day before your preferred expert removalists Sunshine Coast help you move these items to the new home.

Steps to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

guide for making your move more sustainable

Wrapping Up

Moving house can have a significant impact on the environment, particularly if you are not aware of how the relocation procedure causes harm to the planet. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce this impact. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to make your move eco-friendly.