Where to Donate Your Stuff Before Moving?
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Where to Donate Your Stuff Before Moving?

Dec 12, 2019 Moving is the perfect opportunity to start anew with the belongings you want. Everyone tends to hoard. We buy items we don’t need due to persuasive advertisements and salespersons. Sometimes, we think we need the article, but upon valuation, it is not required. When you move house, it becomes necessary to evaluate all your belongings, create an inventory, and declutter. The more contents you have, the more your hired removals in Sunshine Coast will charge because they will utilise resources accordingly. In addition to this, before moving to a new house especially a smaller one, decluttering and downsizing becomes even more vital. You have to part with things that you cannot take to your new property due to lack of space. According to reputed removals in Sunshine Coast, in any relocation scenario, getting rid of things you don’t require or won’t have space for becomes inevitable. Therefore, you must focus on removing all the clutter and unwanted items from your property and donate things that are in good condition.

Where To Donate?

Many people have the intention of donating but are unaware of the organisations or government bodies that can help them give and provide the items to those in need. Here is a list of places you can donate.


GIVIT Listed Ltd is a no-profit organisation involved in assisting impoverished and underprivileged people of Australia. It is a platform for people to give freely and the giving items and money are used for the betterment of people who need them. The Queensland government is in official partnership with GIVIT for management of donated goods and services during natural disasters.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, also called Salvos, is an international movement that has picked pace in the whole of Australia, Queensland, and Sunshine Coast. Through their online platform and offline stores, you can donate a variety of items for the betterment of society. They help people of all walks of life and reach out to families and individuals in need of aid.

Australian Red Cross

The Red Cross is known to help people across the world, and the Australian Red Cross is no different. The organisation is dedicated to providing relief during natural disasters and recovery. They are among the biggest humanitarian aid providers, and they help millions of people.

St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies)

With over 60 thousand members and volunteers, Vinnies is a great organisation to send you belongings which are in good condition. Through this organisation, you can provide goods to people in need across the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and Australia. This organisation is a Deductible Gift Recipient advertised by the Australian Taxation Office.

Uniting Care

Uniting care is an organisation dedicated to the betterment of the community. They help people from all walks of life. You can donate furniture, clothing, books, and Bric-a-brac. Their services include rendering healthcare support, crisis response, elderly care, and disability support.

Australian War Memorial

If you have valuable contents that can be preserved by the Memorial, then you can donate them. You can fill out the ‘make a donation’ form available on the website, and after a review, their team will request you send the item for inspections. Most of the items selected for the Memorial are of historical and cultural significance.

State Library of Queensland

If you have a lot of books and other written content, you can submit it to the state library of Queensland. On the website, they have listed their catalogue, see if the books, monographs, reports, etc., you have can be a part of the John Oxley Library collection. These are a few of the reliable and reputed charity organisations and government bodies that can help you donate. For more information, you can research about local Sunshine Coast charities on the website of Australian Charities and non profits Commission, or contact the Sunshine Coast Council to know more about donating. Also, many Sunshine Coast removals companies conduct donation camps during peak moving seasons like summer and spring as well.

What Can You Donate?

Broadly, you can donate goods and money. The goods can include furniture, clothes, books, kitchenware, appliances, antiques, bequests, dried or canned food, sanitary products, and much more. Ensure whatever items you donate are in good condition and usable. Some charities don’t take physical goods, so you can hold a garage sale of the items. If you want to donate something and don’t know what to select and what to leave, then consider these quick tips:
  • Do not donate expired items or anything you have not used in the last six months if you are donating skincare products.
  • Donate any clothes that are outdated or old to create a less mess in the moving truck.
  • Many moving companies refuse to move candles. If you have scented candles, then donating them would be a good idea before final relocation.
  • Old or stained towel or bed linens can also be donated if they are in usable condition.
  • You can also donate old outdoor furniture, hoses, garden equipment and other stuff that you won’t be using in the new house.
This takes a lot of time so sort out items at least 6 weeks prior your final moving day and focus on completing the job as quickly as possible to avoid last minute chaos.

Why Should You Donate?

Donating things is a Nobel way of parting with belongings that are in good condition and may be required by someone in need of them than you.

It’s Economical For Everyone

When you donate your items, you have fewer items to pack and move. Hence, your hired removals in Sunshine Coast charge you less. Also, the donations you make helps you save on taxes. So, keep the donated items receipts with you. Getting donated items is economical for people receiving them, as they don’t have to pay for them. It is especially excellent for people with little income and resources.

You Help The Community

As a member of the Sunshine Coast community, it is your prerogative to help and provide for it. By donating, you support the less privileged people of the community. Donating is a generous act, as you may not require something or have duplicates, but some people don’t have the income or means to buy them.

You will Have More Space in New Property

When you declutter and donate the items you don’t need, you have more space in your new property. Decluttering is holistic, and it helps you remove things from your life which may be required by others but not you. Most removals advice to declutter before moving and bond clean after personal contents are moved.

Your Belongings Don’t Need Storage

When moving, many people pay extra to removals for storage units because their house contents cannot be moved in one day. However, when you declutter and donate excess stuff, you may not require a storage unit. It saves you and your hired removals the time and energy to go to the storage unit with your belongings to load them.

You Feel Good

Donating is fulfilling. Knowing that someone in need will get your belongings, and it will make them happy is an excellent feeling. The things you donate can help a couple, a family, a child, a teenager, or an adult.

You Can Stage You Better

When all the clutter is gone, and you only have select items, staging your home becomes easy. Potential buyers or renters can see more space and a clean house. Even real estate agents advise property owners to declutter and donate things before putting their properties on the market for sale or rent.


Donating your stuff before moving is a good step. You lessen the burden of your removals in Sunshine Coast by reducing the number of things to move. It is economical. Plus, you do a good deed by helping people in need. Therefore, whenever you move in Sunshine Coast, make sure to declutter/ downsize and donate things that are in good conditions, unused, unnecessary, or unused for over six months.