Do You Need Moving Insurance?

Do You Need Moving Insurance?

Nov 29, 2021 Contrary to popular belief, removal companies don’t cover your belongings completely while moving them. Most reputed removal companies in Sunshine Coast have personal insurance through which they provide a basic cover to property contents they pack, handle and move. If your belongings get damaged or lost during relocation, the removalists may offer you a small reimbursement which usually is insignificant. Therefore, hiring quality removalists in Sunshine Coast is not the only thing you need to do to ensure your belongings are safe. You need moving insurance, and here is a complete guide outlining everything you must know about it.

Understanding Moving Insurance

Before getting any policy for personal protection or your belongings, understanding the insurance is crucial. People often things moving insurance is a part of the contents or home insurance, but it is not. Moving insurance is the assurance that costs of damage or loss of items will be covered partially or entirely while you move house. Since handling and transportation during relocation put property contents at risk, you can have a policy to get reimbursement. Depending on your income, property contents and other factors, you can choose to have a basic, advanced or customised policy in addition to hiring professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to ensure your belongings are moved safely.

Types Of Moving Insurance

Broadly, moving insurance is categorised into the following three types. Each has a different premium, valuation and coverage, which is why you should explore all your options before getting a policy. 1. Basic Carrier Liability: This insurance is the cheapest option and provides the lowest coverage. Most reputed removalists include this coverage’s fee in their service charges. It is usually not enough to cover the cost of damaged or lost things. This type of insurance is also called released value protection. 2. Declared Value Protection: When you get this moving insurance, the valuation of your belongings is according to their depreciating value. It gives the insurer an idea of the overall cost of your belongings, to which they also add an additional charge of your shipment’s weight. You pay more for this type of policy, but your belongings are better protected. 3. Full Value Protection: This is the costliest and comprehensive moving insurance you can get out of the three types. Via this cover, you can claim the entire cost of the lost or damaged goods. You should get this insurance when you have multiple expensive and valuable items. But keep in mind, extraordinary value items which cost more than a hundred dollars per pound are covered differently, and you should move them yourself rather than letting removalists transport them. Removalists in Queensland cannot sell moving insurance, but they can arrange it via a third party agency. Therefore, always ask about insurance while availing packing and moving services from a removal company in Sunshine Coast. If they don’t provide it, you can contact specialised moving insurers or content insurance providers.

Tips For Choosing Moving Insurance

Not getting insurance is not worth the risk, especially when you are moving long distance, interstate or overseas. Having a reliable policy will help you feel less stressed and get peace of mind while completing various moving-related tasks. Here are some things you should know while choosing insurance. • Explore your options. Ask questions to learn about different types of policies. • Budget your move to know how much you can pay for the insurance. • Get quotes from multiple insurers and compare them to make an informed decision. • Always check the insurance covers loss and damage of items. • Get a copy of your policy and read it thoroughly before your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast arrive to move your belongings. • Inquire if there is an excess. • Determine the cost of all your belongings before exploring moving insurance options. • While full value protection offers maximum coverage, it’s best to get it when you have expensive items like a big screen TV, furniture etc. • Always ask about limitations when your belongings are in transit. Often insurers don’t extend the coverage while property contents are in the moving truck and in transit. • For an interstate move, make sure our moving insurance is viable across state lines.

The Bottom Line

Moving house is a challenging and stressful process because you have to complete a host of tasks within a stipulated time. To ease the pressure and burden of moving, you should hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to manage some or all aspects of your move. Additionally, having moving insurance helps reduce the stress and anxiety that your things are covered in case of loss or damage. Thus, use this guide to learn everything you must know about moving insurance and choose the best one before you relocate.