DIY Tips To Move A Piano Safely

DIY Tips To Move A Piano Safely

May 06, 2024

Packing and relocating a piano is an uphill battle due to its awkward shape, bulky size, and delicate parts. It may weigh between 300 and 1,000 pounds, making it more difficult to lift it safely.

Poor lifting techniques often result in back injuries, sprains, and strains, or even potential property damages. Thus, it is recommended to hire professionals for expert Removals Sunshine Coast. They can dismantle, pack, lift, and load upright and grand pianos while preventing injury-prone scenarios.

However, if you are running low on budget, follow simple DIY tips to safely and efficiently move your much-loved piano. From clearing the passage to using appropriate packing techniques, this guide includes everything for beginners. Also, ask your friends and family to assist you in the back-breaking process and ensure a seamless relocation experience.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Measure your Piano, Doorways, Hallways and Staircases

Planning is crucial when preparing for a DIY move, especially when moving a bulky piano. Start by measuring the dimensions of your piano and jot it down on the paper. Next, measure the doorways, hallways and staircases of your home. This will ensure the smooth passage of your heavy musical instrument to prevent scratches and serious damage.

2. Clear the obstructions from the Passage

After taking the measurement, clear the potential obstructions from the passage. If you have narrow doorways, you can even remove the hinges. Also, keep the floors clean and free from clutter, like books, boxes, water spills, and other obstacles. This will protect you from slips, trips and falls.

3. Arrange Necessary Moving Supplies For the Utmost Protection

piano inside of a house

The safety of delicate household furniture like a piano requires quality packing materials and moving tools. So, here is the list of supplies you’ll need to prevent injuries, dents and scuff marks on walls, and other serious damage:

  • Moving Blankets: Use these eco-friendly packing material to protect your piano from getting damaged or scratched during lifting and transportation.
  • Packing Tape: Sturdy tape can help you secure towels and blankets in place
  • Moving Dolly: Rent a moving dolly to easily cradle upright pianos.
  • Lifting Traps: Carry furniture pieces with ease.
  • Bubble wrap: To protect your piano parts while in transit.

4. Enlist Helpers for Heavy Lifting

Stocking up on necessary supplies is not enough. Make sure you create a strong team who can help you in physically challenging tasks like dismantling, packing large pieces, lifting and loading onto the truck.

Ask your friends, family and neighbours who have experience lifting heavy objects. Take their necessary inputs and schedule the date as per their availability. You can also reach out professionals by hiring hour moving labour to save your time and money. They will help load and unload your piano with ease.

For the utmost safety of your piano, hire full-service professional Removalists Sunshine Coast. They can handle large pieces and delicate items with precision. Before that, do a complete cost-benefit analysis and make a well-informed decision.

5. Carefully Dismantle the Grand Piano

Dismantling is required when moving a grand piano. This ensures utmost safety and keeps your much-loved instrument intact throughout the process. Have a look at the following tips:

  • Dismantle the music rack to pack it securely.
  • Remove the lid and pack it in moving blankets. Make sure you cover the lid using multiple layers of tape.
  • Remove the legs using a screwdriver. Ask your friends to tilt on its side slightly.
  • Cover the moving blanket or sheet around the body of your piano, and use double layers of tape for utmost protection.
  • Pack loose parts, such as legs, bench and other parts, in a bubble wrap and blanket.
  • Put all screws and nuts in a Ziploc bag and label them. Secure this bag with the legs.

6. Pack and Protect the Upright Piano

This is crucial to prevent potential damage during a DIY moving process. The upright pianos are easy to relocate compared to grand ones. However, they weigh between 300 to 500 pounds, depending on their size. So, it becomes imperative to follow these tips and protect it for a safe move:

  • Carefully cover the keys and pedals using bubble wrap
  • Close your piano lid and cover it with a blanket or old towel. Secure it with a tape.
  • Completely drape the piano in a moving blanket and secure it with tape. Make sure you cover the back, front and sides.
  • Use ratchet straps for further protection.

Tip: It is good to follow a comprehensive guide to packing and moving household belongings to avoid critical scenarios.

7. Prepare a Dolly and Move Your Piano

For upright pianos, ask your team to lift the instrument from both ends. Make sure the third person is available to slide the moving dolly underneath. Slowly guide the piano to navigate the house and pass through doors in a breeze.

For a baby grand piano, you will need a piano board, which is a piece of hardwood with slots on each side for straps to provide grip when you lift.

Ask your friends to gently tilt the piano back and slip the board underneath it. Then, position the piano on the board and secure it with straps.

When loading the bulky piano onto the truck, have at least two people on both sides and one at the back. Use a ramp to slide on the truck easily.

Tip: Avoid bending your knees as you lift the piano.

8. Carefully Unload and Reassemble the Parts

You must be extra careful when unloading your bulky piano from the vehicle. It is good to position helpers on all four corners and an extra person in the front. Hold all sides properly when it is rolling down the ramp.

Remember that pianos need special attention post-relocation. So, check all the parts and reassemble your grand piano. Arrange it in your new home with the help of your friends and family.

However, it is recommended to hire professionals for hassle-free Removals Sunshine Coast. They can move large pieces and delicate furniture with perfection.

Simple DIY Tips to Pack and Move Piano Safely:

tips to move a piano

Wrapping Up

These key tips and tricks will help you relocate upright and baby grand pianos without any potential risk. Follow the right lifting techniques, enlist helpers, and carefully pack and lift your piano for a safe and stress-free moving experience.