DIY Guide: How To Protect A Vacant Home After You Relocate?

DIY Guide: How To Protect A Vacant Home After You Relocate?

Mar 11, 2022 Finding the new owner or tenant for your home is quite tricky when relocating. Since you are busy with different moving chores, getting time to sell or rent the property becomes challenging, especially if you are moving for the first time. It is good to plan and create a complete moving checklist to streamline your process. You can also ask your friends and relatives to find you seasoned Sunshine Coast Removalists. They will take care of your tasks and transit your precious possessions safely to the new abode in Queensland. When you leave an old house, you need to protect it from burglars and vandalism. However, the real task emerges after your relocation. To avoid unfortunate mishaps, follow this DIY guide and protect your vacate home without any hassle.

1. Properly Lock Windows and Doors

This is one of the basic things you can do to safeguard your old or vacant home when you are gone. Make sure you lock all doors and windows in your home before moving. Do not forget to check all the locks whether they are working fine or not. Repair the broken windows or doors to prevent your home from robbery. These are essential things to remember when stepping out of your old home. This becomes crucial when moving to a new city or state.

2. Don’t Cut or Discontinue Utility Services

Most people discontinue utility services after moving to a new home. Of course,  you don’t need internet and gas services, but you want electricity until to sell your old home to the new buyer. If you plan to rent your old property, you may need utility services running for a tenant. The appliance allows you to control the temperature in your vacate property remotely. You can also install a programmable thermostat to prevent heat blasting. You can turn the heat up on colder days and keep it low on sunny days while sitting at your new abode. While planning your home relocation, you can follow a complete moving house checklist and prevent mistakes.

3. Give Your Reliable Friend or Neighbour an Extra Key

Are you moving to a new city or state? If yes, give your house keys to your trusted friend or neighbour who lives nearby. This will give you peace of mind if any repair work is required in an emergency. So, prepare an extra key for your vacant home on Sunshine Coast and give it to your friend or family living in the same locality.

4. Automate the Lighting System

Taking care of a vacant home doesn’t mean increasing your monthly expenses. You can simply set your lights to a timer switch. Of course, you need lights in the dark, but you can’t keep the switch on all the time. It will turn your lights on automatically at a pre-set time and turn them off if not needed. You can install or automate the lights in some of your key rooms, such as a living area, patio area and outdoor area. This will prevent burglary because lighting in rooms conveys that someone is inside the abode. You can also install motion detector lights outside your home. These lights will automatically turn on if someone walks close to your property. It is good to have these lights over the front door, garage doors, windows, backyard, and sides of your home.

5. Secure your Main Door

If you plan to cancel your existing security systems before moving to a new home, you are simply inviting thieves for burglary. To protect your vacant property, keep running the alarm system contract. A security system will act as a deterrent most of the time, sending off potential criminals who don’t want to take the risk. So, plan things before moving to a new home. For a stress-free experience, hire a full-service moving company and know what they offer at the best price.

6. Don’t Keep Any Valuable Item

Never leave your expensive and precious household items in your vacant property. Whether it is your television or an artwork, relocate everything with you. If your new abode is not that spacious, you can ask the removals company in Sunshine Coast to arrange a storage unit for such items. Donating and selling are also the best ways to get rid of unnecessary items and electronics. But, don’t leave anything precious in your old home.

7. Yard Maintenance is Important

Are you still finding potential buyers for your home? Don’t allow the yard to ruin the deal. Dead grass, fallen tree limbs and dying plants can reduce the value of your abode. It is good to maintain your yard area by hiring professionals regularly. You can also buy an automatic sprinkler system to water your plants after your move. You can ask your friends or neighbours to check your yard every week.

8. Make use of Dummy Cameras

Try this hack and hang up a couple of dummy cameras outside your vacant home if you are running low on budget. Installing fake cameras will keep the unwanted elements away from your abode. These will give the illusion that you have a secure security system outside the abode.

9. Check Your Home Insurance Policy

Don’t forget to check the homeowner’s insurance policies because some won’t protect the property after more than 2 months of vacancy. So, read the provisions and decide what level of coverage you will have when you leave the property. You can also ask for Vandalism and Theft Coverage that can help you cover losses on your home when you leave home on Sunshine Coast.


Having a vacant home is a big responsibility until you sell or rent it. Make sure you follow these tips to protect your property after relocation. Taking necessary precautions help strengthen the security of your premises. If you are moving across the state, look for Sunshine Coast Removalists that can offer you interstate removals service at the best price.