Dealing With Bad Removalists And Wonky Quotes?
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Dealing With Bad Removalists And Wonky Quotes?

Mar 20, 2018 The recent surveys in Australia have shown the growing number of bad removalists in the industry. Such unreliable and deceitful removalists are increasing day by day. Moving house is already a very stressful time in one’s life and on top of it getting scammed by a removalist is a growing concern for many people who are moving. Hence investing in a reliable and professional removal company and saving you from this avertable stress is crucial. Out of plenty of moving companies in Australia, some appalling removalists wouldn’t hesitate in ripping you off by stating wonky quotes for your move. But this is not the case with all removalists; there are experienced and trustworthy companies whom you can rely upon. Better Removalists Sunshine Coast is the most reliable company in the business. These professional Sunshine Coast Removalists don’t have any hidden costs, and they ensure full safety of your goods in all situations. Employing a removal company and trusting them entirely with your belongings is a significant concern. The whole process of moving can be quite gruelling. Hence it’s important to make sure you don’t get cheated by the removal company in the process. Consider the all-important below points to help you deal with bad removalists and their wonky quotes

1. Do your Research properly

Learn about the general standards of the removal industry and compare your options with these standards. It will help you in identifying a potentially problematic removalist. Don’t take a hasty decision, look into the insights of the companies and then make your choice. Search for the right companies if you don’t want to get caught with a bad removalist. Go to the independent websites of removal companies and look for its customer reviews. Ask your friends and relatives to give suggestions. You can ask for references of some removalists whom they had hired in the past and had a good experience. This will help in getting some useful options.

2. Compare Quotes from different Removalists

Once you have shortlisted few removal companies, get quotes from them and compare them. When you get quotes from a company make sure that you get details about each service provided by them for example packing, loading, insurance, storage etc. Considering these details will help you in ignoring the wonky quotes. Also, don’t get lured with very cheap quotes. A cheap company is mostly hiding extra costs that they will spring on you after the move. Such companies in the name of being cheap, give terrible services and the move gets intricate. Same goes for highly priced companies. Moving is already very expensive, and by hiring costly removalist, your budget will get out of balance. Therefore look for an affordable and well-priced company.

3. Experience

A removalist having a good amount of experience is always better than someone who is just starting out. A removalist with little or no experience doesn’t have well-trained workers, and they are mostly experimenting with their techniques. A bad removalist always lacks in experience, and it can serve as a backdrop to your move, whereas a well-experienced company is highly stable and reliable. Therefore it’s wise to select a removalist with minimum ten years of experience.

4. Authorised by AFRA

It’s essential to check that AFRA- Australian Furniture Removers Association ascribes the removalist you are hiring. AFRA has its own certain standards aimed at protecting customers, employees training, premises and quality of equipment. Hence you will never have to deal with a bad removalist if your removalist is certified by AFRA and you will have some degree of assurance that it is a good and reliable company.

5. Ask the right questions to your Removalist.

Once you have decided on a removalist, you should ask as many questions as you feel necessary so that there is no confusion left about your removalist and you know whom you are hiring. Some good questions that you must ask to find a quality removalist for your move:
  • What will be the total cost of the move?
  • Is it the flat rate or charges will be imposed hourly?
  • What does the cost will cover? Is it packing, packing materials, transportation, offloading?
  • Are there any additional costs that need to be considered?
  • What is their policy concerning delays and storage?
One thing to keep in mind here is to make sure that your removalist gives clear answers and do not try to play around by giving any vague and hazy answers. If he is hesitant in giving clear answers and rolling around with the quotes and other terms, it is a red flag for you!

6. Get the Final quote.

Any reputable moving company will be happy to explain their quote to you in detail. Persist for a final written quote after having all the necessary information about your move. In fact, one firm quotation you receive will indicate the total conclusive costs of your removals. Be aware of the hidden costs if any. Some removalist companies will provide wonky quotes and in the name of giving numerous services will try to get out every penny from your pocket. Such removalists also avoid informing about the added costs so that they can extract that out later from you after everything is done. Hence, make sure there are no hidden costs applied and ask your removalist about the extra charges such as delay costs, callout fees or the cost of travelling etc. If you feel sceptic about any such charges- do ask your removalist and make it clear right at the time of accepting the final quote. Also try to avoid the removalists who charge on an hourly basis, because they are more likely to engage poorly trained workers.

7. Get a clear contract

Make sure the contract you are signing includes all the relevant details such as dates and time of the move, pick up and delivery address, detailed information of service provided, a list of all the household items to be moved, details of the insurance provided for any damage or loss etc.

8. Confirm Insurance

It’s important to ensure the safety of your goods during the whole process of the move, and for this reason, it’s important that you safeguard your belongings with insurance. Don’t forget to make it clear that the insurance being provided is part of the quote or not. Find out in detail about the insurance covers in Sunshine Coast. It’s important especially if your move includes expensive and breakable items. Many removal insurances provided by bad removalists do not cover accidental damage during the move, which is unpredictable. Some offer cover during the transit but no cover at home. Some other insurance has time limits during which they will cover your belongings in your new place as well as in the old one. You can never predict what can happen on a moving day even if you have taken extra care for your goods as unexpected circumstances like collisions or extreme weather situations can occur anytime. A good removal insurance policy covers damage caused by unexpected events like collisions, floods etc. Check thoroughly the insurance policy of your removalists to see what they cover and what not. In case they don’t have one, they shouldn’t be trusted.

9. Dealing with the Removalist in case of a Dispute

In case you find yourself dealing with a terrible removalist, there are two options you can choose from:
  • First, try to talk to your removalist and solve the dispute.
  • If the issue is not getting resolved, then you can terminate the contract as per the Australian Consumer Law. You can go ahead and complain to the Department of Fair Trading.
Fair Trading receives thousands of complaints a year from customers who have had bad experiences with removalists. These complaints are mostly about unreasonable charges or hidden costs, lost or damaged property, failure to deliver on time, failure to provide the requirements etc.


Moving and relocating from one place to another is a common trend in Australia for a wide variety of reasons. And this is why the services of professional removalists will always be in demand. If you are ready to relocate and searching for a good and reliable removalist, then go for Better removalists Sunshine Coast as they are the most professional in the city. They will ensure to safeguard your goods, your money and anything that might be at risk during your move.