How to Create Your Own Floor Plan for Your New Home before You Move?
woman inside of a house and some boxes on the floor

How to Create Your Own Floor Plan for Your New Home before You Move?

Feb 20, 2020 Moving to a new house is one of the most challenging events, especially when you are doing it for the first time. The home relocation allows you to create your dream of a house by unleashing your creativity. The living space may not be as spacious as you have fantasised it would be, but you can make it look beautiful with your customised floor plan. No matter how big or small is your new home, make sure you arrange it in a manner that reflects your style, personality and ensures maximum comfort. To add the elegance and charm to your home decor, it is imperative to plan things before the final move out. Strategic planning is crucial that can help you convert your idea/imagination into reality. For that, you need to prepare things ahead of time. The best thing you can do is to pack your belongings and search for the experts who can assist you in removals in Sunshine Coast so that you can create a floor plan for your new home. With little strategic planning and innovative ideas, you can easily customise your new abode without any mental stress. So, here is a complete guide that will help you understand the process of a floor plan before you move. Let’s get started!

1. Discover What Swiftly Fits

The chances are high that you could end up with a mess when you are moving to a new house with a floor plan. Nothing can be depressing than discovering that your favourite furniture doesn’t fit when you arrive at your new place. For a safe and sound relocation experience, it is important to organise everything at least a month before your final move out. Whether you want to know that your heavy furniture will fit in the elevator or the room it is destined for, a custom-made floor plan has the potential to solve all your queries. Measuring the size of your lobby and rooms is one of the crucial steps that can help you accustom your bulky belongings without any damage. Taking dimensions of your nee house, including the ceiling height and length of the walls, make your work easier. Make sure you write down the measurements and the places of in-built items that will be included in the plan such as doors, counters, windows, etc.  It is good to create a rough floor plan using photos. Tip: Don’t forget to evaluate where household items will go and visualise the design of your new living space.

2. Buy New Furniture

The floor plan will not only help you know which of existing furniture can go along with you, but also help you with buying new items that you might need. After evaluating the size of your home, doors, elevators, you can order new furniture such as upholstery, beds or storage units. Always keep in mind that furnishing a new home requires a little creativity. So, before investing in new furniture, make sure you assess your current inventory, rank purchases depending on its requirement. If your budget is not allowing you to buy new furniture, you can create individual pieces of furniture using some creative tips. For tutorials, you can search for the best interior design websites and make a piece of customised furniture set. Tip: Keep these things in mind before buying new furniture for your new abode and unleash your creative side while making a DIY furniture set.

3. Measure your Existing Furniture and other Big Items

Don’t forget to take the dimensions of your large household items such as dining table, upholstery, refrigerator, Television, etc while creating your floor plan. Taking measurements of exiting items and major pieces of furniture can save you from scratches, damages and physical injuries. This will help you map out your new house before the final arrival with your large household belongings. You can also purge out or sell the items that won’t fit in your new living space.

4. Wisely Pack your Belongings

Once you discover where items will go, you have your custom-made floor plan layout. You can organise your packing process with the help of this map. It is good to start the process by grouping all the possessions you want to take with you. Pack them with high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing tape, blankets and boxes. Make sure you label each of your boxes according to their destined places. This will also organise your unpacking process and save you a lot of time. Tip: You can take assistance from professional removalists in Sunshine Coast who can pack your belongings with the utmost care.

5. Use the Floor Plan Software

Instead of creating a floor layout by hand, it is good to use the floor plan software that will save your time while moving. The internet is flooded with a variety of online programs that will help you design your new floor plan without any overlapping. It lets you enter the room dimensions so that it can help you create virtual doors, windows, walls of your new home. Above all, you can add graphic designs for text labels and important notes. You can also tweak the details as per your requirement in a matter of a few clicks.

6. Sketch A Layout

While creating your floor plan, make sure that it defines your personality and personal preferences. The best thing you can do is to emphasise on creating it more comfortable and customised. It should make you feel relaxed, and you can design your new house accordingly. For instance: If you are moving to a studio apartment, then design your floor plan in such a matter that adds more space in the living area. Use minimal furniture and unleash your creative skills to make your house look spacious.

7. Discover Where Each Belonging Will Fit Best

It is important to know where each household item will fit in your new house. When you are preparing your floor plan, make sure you take the exact sizes and shapes of your furniture and large items.  This will help you know the open spaces within your premises and allows you to easily fit it that looks perfect. To get a unique and stylish look of your home, make sure you thoroughly check your floor plan and make amendments accordingly.


Relocating to a new house can be overwhelming for many people. If you want to make your new living space look beautiful and more spacious, then create your floor plan. The tips mentioned above in the article will help you shift and accustom furniture and large items without any scratches and injuries. For smooth and safe removals in Sunshine Coast, make sure you hire a trained and experienced company who can take care of your precious belongings from start to end- throughout the relocation process.