COVID-19 Outbreak – How to Move Locally or Interstate Safely
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COVID-19 Outbreak – How to Move Locally or Interstate Safely

Apr 03, 2020 The COVID-19 outbreak is a serious issue that Australia is battling and it has affected the Sunshine Coast as well. At present, the confirmed number of cases is 79, and they are expected to rise since testing is pending with results awaited. These are difficult times for everyone, especially for people at the end of their tenancy and have to move locally or interstate. The process can seem daunting with travel & border restrictions and appeals for social distancing, but you can overcome the challenges. Here is your complete guide by expert removalists in Sunshine Coast on how to move locally or interstate safely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Postpone the Move

The government is encouraging landlords and renters to make short term agreements. Therefore, if you are at the end of your tenancy, discuss with the property owner and see if an extension of your lease contract can be managed. Everyone is aware of these dire times, and many landlords have provided extensions due to the problems their tenants may face on moving out. Putting your relocation plans on hold is wise because COVID-19 is a contagious disease and you should take measures to avoid contracting it and being a carrier of the virus.

Learn About Gathering Exemptions and Seek Permission To Move Locally Or Interstate

For people who have to make a move locally, it is manageable as the national cabinet has agreed to gathering of people from the same household or a family unit. Besides these exemptions gatherings of only two-persons is allowed. These exemptions are only allowed for people who are residents of Queensland. For interstate moves to and from Queensland, you have to be aware of the state border restrictions and seek permissions. At present to move to another state, an entry pass is required, and you should fill it to know if your relocation can be managed.

Hire Reliable and Reputed Removalists

If you are planning to move at this crucial time, then make sure you hire a reputed removals company in Sunshine Coast. Search online and ask for reference offline to shortlist a few removalists to contact and ask if they are still managing moves. Ask them what are their refund and rescheduling policies during the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, inquire about their sanitation and safe movement practices to ensure the move can be managed most securely and hygienically. Make sure they use new packing supplies and disinfect their tools, vehicles, and supplies. Also, ensure your hired professionals for safe removals in Sunshine Coast wear protective gear and don’t come in contact with anyone in your family and you. It is wise to inquire if your moving company has official permits to transport belongings interstate safely. Getting this confirmation is necessary, especially for those who plan to move out or to the Sunshine Coast. At present, transportation of goods & freight is not restricted but guaranteeing your things can be moved without a hitch is essential.

Maintain Personal Hygiene and Encourage Others Too When Moving

When moving, it is essential to maintain personal hygiene and encourage family members to maintain theirs as well. Ensure to wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds each time. Prefer soap and water to sanitisers as according to experts, the best way to rid your hands of bacteria and viruses is to wash them. What’s more, upon arrival of your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast, make sure they wash their hands and have disinfectant handy. Ask them to wear their safety gear and cover hands with gloves. Also, ask what measures they take to manage the move safely. Keep a distance of 1-2 metres at all times and wear masks. Apart from this, make sure you keep your house clean and disinfected using the best cleaning product that has at least 70 per cent alcohol concentration level. Alcohol-based disinfectants and other cleaning products can kill bacteria and germs quite effectively. Do not forget to disinfect high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets, mobile phones, cabinet handles and other common areas where you have packed boxes. It is important to keep the germs at bay, especially if you are moving your house. It is also good to disinfect all the household belongings before putting them into moving boxes. These small precautions can make a huge difference and keep your family safe even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impose Self-Isolation and Take Precautions after the Move

Those who have managed to move into their new home are advised to let their belongings remain untouched for at least 2-3 days as the survival of any bacteria or virus after this time will be minimal. Another precautionary method you can take is to prepare a disinfecting solution with TGA-approved products and spray the boxes and other items to kill germs. Besides this, for people who have moved within Sunshine Coast or interstate from an area affected by COVID-19 the wise step would be to self-isolate for 14 days after the move. Expert removalists in Sunshine Coast say self-isolation is mandatory for people who have relocated from another state that is affected by the outbreak as per the Queensland Government’s orders.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new home during a pandemic outbreak is challenging and should be postponed if possible. However, the insights shared above by expert removalists in Sunshine Coast will guide people who need to move safely and securely for necessary reasons within Queensland or from another state.