A Complete Checklist for Moving to Another State
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A Complete Checklist for Moving to Another State

Oct 18, 2018 Moving interstate could be stressful. A moving checklist is indispensable in keeping the process of interstate removal stress-free and more rewarding. Working on a well-defined checklist will allow you to move systematically and ensure that you don’t get stuck in the last minute. It is imperative to hire the most reliable removalists on Sunshine Coast who will apprise you of the tricks and tips for a successful interstate transfer and make sure you don’t miss a thing. They come with a foolproof plan on how to make the relocation process more straightforward for you and tailor a package as per your requirements. The following comprehensive list of tasks will work wonders in achieving an interstate transfer conveniently.

One month before moving

1. Choose the right removalist company

Browse through the websites of the most prominent removalists on Sunshine Coast. This will give you a fair idea about the pricing trends prevalent on the market. Request for free quotes, compare them and choose a quality moving company for your move. Having an estimate of the moving budget is paramount in moving without breaking the bank. Additionally, ask for the list of services that they render like insurance, loading, packing and unpacking services and so on. You are going to trust their staff with your valuables, so it is advised to do a complete background check on them and know what their previous clients say about their services. A good removal company will come equipped with the best packaging material, proven techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and trained and courteous workforce. Once you’re sure about the company you are going to place your trust in, get your package customised according to your preferences. Make a note of the precious or fragile items to be transferred and familiarise the removalists in advance. In case you are planning to move on your own, arrange the appropriate boxes, packing material (PVC tape, bubble wrap, markers, packing paper etc.) ahead of time.

2. Release the surplus

Get rid of the stuff you no longer need. Skim through the neglected zones of your house and spot the things you have not been using for a long time. Most likely, you won’t put them to use in the future as well. De-clutter and purge the unnecessary. Arrange a garage sale, a donation drive or a gifting scheme. Tossing off the excess will save you time and effort invested in packing, transporting and unpacking. Moving with a minimum will also warrant that your necessary items are packed accurately, and there is no damage during transit.

3. Settle the outstanding bills and inform the utility providers

Before leaving your present location, it is imperative to notify the current utility providers in Sunshine Coast about how long you will be utilising their services. Pay the outstanding bills or else consider an auto-pay as you may need the utilities to run on the removal day as well.

4. Plan a visit to the new area

If departing with family and kids, visit the new city and explore the places to visit in Sunshine Coast, education and work options for you and the spouse in the city. Also, get acquainted with the new neighbourhood – the hospitals, supermarkets, gas station etc. Notify the new Electoral Office; update the new address on your driving license and car registration.

Two weeks before moving

Stick to the moving checklist religiously as the day of travel approaches.

1. Purge the pantry

Plan to consume the existing pantry items within the remaining time. Begin by utilising all the food stocked in the freezer. Watch for any inflammable liquids like paint chemicals, thinners, bleach or aerosols and dispose of them safely.

2. Arrange the documents

Plan to carry important papers, documents, reports and jewellery securely. Consider returning the borrowed items, pause the house services like gardeners, house cleaners and hire a babysitter for the moving day, in case you have an infant or a toddler. Contact a reliable off-shore storage facility if you are unable to migrate all the belongings at once and need to store them for some time.

3. Prepare a bag of essentials

A survival kit is paramount in keeping you organised through the removal – containing basic snacks, tea, coffee, medications, a first aid kit, spare light globes, personal items, scissors, essential documents, keys, etc.

A day before the removal

1. Keep the removalists informed

Familiarise the removalists with the floor plan and the other moving instructions along with details of the new destination. Keep connected by sharing your contact number.

2. Un-cord the appliances

Take pictures of the wirework and the electrical apparatus to facilitate reassembly. Tie up the appliance cords and keep them at one place. Similarly, keep the screws and nuts in one bag so that you don’t have to struggle to look for them during reinstallation. Back up the computers and secure the files. Charge your mobile phones and laptops in advance.

3. Relax and unwind and prepare yourself for the next day

Keeping composed goes a long way in maintaining order during the move. So, take time to sit back and energise yourself for the challenging day ahead.

On the day of removal

Arrange the boxes in order of priority. Set the essential cartons like the kitchen boxes on top.Examine the items as they load in the vehicle. Once you are done with the loading, perform a final tour around the house and read the meters, turn off the power switches, lock the doors and windows, check the house keys and car keys. Review the garage, attic, storage one last time.


Once the relocation is accomplished, the next step is to settle in the new situation. Provide clear instructions to your removalist in Sunshine Coast about the placement plan of your belongings and furniture. Check the stuff and notify within time if anything is found damaged or missing. With their vast experience in rendering removal services, Better Removalist Sunshine Coast offers high-quality and efficient packing and removing solutions. They care for the sentiments associated with your possessions and make the moving process a piece of cake for you.