Common Moving Mistakes To Avoid When Relocating
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Common Moving Mistakes To Avoid When Relocating

Apr 21, 2020 Nothing can be annoying than preparing for a home relocation. From preparing heavy furniture to packing precious possessions, organising an entire moving process to hiring trained removalists in Sunshine Coast, you have to manage everything without any chaos. Moving a house from one location to another takes a lot of elbow grease, money, and time. The process can be very stressful for those who are doing it for the first time. It is easy to commit silly mistakes while wrapping your stuff or lifting heavy objects into the truck. If you don’t want to lose your valuable items during a local or interstate move, then have a look at this article. Here are some common moving mistakes that you should avoid throughout the relocation journey:

1. Hiring A Removals Company Without Any Research

Many people hire a moving company without thorough research, and then end-up losing their household belongings. It doesn’t matter how near or far you are shifting, make sure you do proper research about the company you are planning to hire for safe and sound relocation of your belongings. Check whether the State’s Department of Transportation licenses them. Also, examine their record by contacting previous customers. Call at least five companies, compare their quotes, ask about their pricing policy and make the final decision after clearing all your doubts.

2. Buying Unnecessary Packing Supplies

There is no denying the fact that packing is one of the vital steps to protect valuable and delicate household belongings from scratches or damages. However, spending too much on unnecessary packing materials has come up as one of the common moving mistakes. Instead of spending money on unwanted supplies, you should focus on preparing a list of things you will need while wrapping your stuff. Since moving boxes and protective blankets are simple to come by, and often available at a free of cost, you don’t need to spend money on it. You can buy packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, etc. Tip: You can also buy the highest quality of packaging materials for a reliable moving company in Sunshine Coast at the most reasonable price.

3. Not Measuring the Clearance Area

This is one of the most common moving mistakes that you need to avoid while shifting large furniture like a pool table or a dining table. Of course, you have to manage your entire packing and moving process, but don’t forget to measure entry areas in your new house. For the smooth and damage-free transition of your furniture, you need to measure the clearance area in your new place before the final moving day. This will help your expensive furniture to get through the front door without any scratches.

4. Using Large Boxes for Heavy Belongings

Packing heavy household items in extra-large boxes is considered as one of the silliest mistakes while moving your home. This could break your items during the lifting and transiting process, especially your delicate items. So, always pack your heaviest items in small boxes- this will make your lifting job a bit easier. When you pack heavy items in small moving boxes, it will make it easy for you to lift heavy items without the cause of any damage. If you are moving for the first time, then you should know the different types of moving boxes that can help you store different sizes of household belongings with ease. For example: Corrugated carton boxes are great for fragile items because they are sturdy. You can use them to pack dishes, glassware, crystal and other breakable items. Similarly, large boxes are ideal for pans, pots, toys, small appliances and non-perishable food. On the other hand, extra large boxes are perfect for bulky items such as towels, linens and lampshades. So, make sure you choose the right box while packing your household stuff, and avoid use small box for heavier and breakable items to prevent damages during the lifting and loading process.

5. Packing Corrosive items

There is always a restriction when it comes to moving household items from one place to another. You will violate the law if you are taking something explosive or flammable. This will put you as well as your removalists in danger. The best thing you can do is to take assistance from your hired removals company and make a list of things you can legally move. The corrosive items including laundry stain removers, automotive lead-acid batteries, pesticides, car batteries, fireworks, lamp oil, liquid bleach, motor oil, gasoline, etc are not allowed to pack when it comes to moving a house.

6. Not Protecting Fragile Items

Fragile or delicate items need proper packing if you want to protect them from damages. The items such as plates, mirrors, vases, lamps, and other glassware should be packed in bubble wrap or cushioning rolls. It is important to add a protective layer of bubble wrap on your fragile items before putting them into the moving boxes. Also, don’t forget to secure them with tape.

7. Not Labelling the Boxes

Organising a move is one of the important steps as it can save you time and effort. After wrapping your delicate items using bubble wrap and packing all your belongings in boxes, make sure you label all the boxes. However, most people forget to take inventory of their items and then end-up missing your precious possessions when you reach your new residence. So, make sure you label all your packed boxes with relevant names and organise your unpacking process as well.


Home relocation is one of the daunting events, especially without professional assistance. If you are planning your next relocation, then avoid these common mistakes and ensure a stress-free move. Also, do thorough research and find the most reliable company to experience hassle-free and safe removals in Sunshine Coast throughout the process- from the start to end.