Change Of Address Checklist: Who To Notify When Moving?
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Change Of Address Checklist: Who To Notify When Moving?

Nov 23, 2018 Relocating a house is undoubtedly one of the stressful processes. From finding a new house to planning an entire moving process, arranging packing boxes and supplies to hiring professional and cheap removalists in Sunshine Coast, there are lots of things to do and remember when moving. While these are some of the moving basics that can’t be ignored, you will also need to ensure that you are informing the right people about your new address. Preparing for a change of address is one of those tasks that can’t be skipped or overlooked while moving. It is good to notify about the new address earlier rather than later – this could save you from problems like missed utility bills, service lapses, etc. If you are not sure when you inform about the change of address, have a look at this blog post. Here is the change of address checklist that will help you know when to start and who to notify while moving a house or an office.

1. The Post Office

Whether you are moving next to the street within Sunshine Coast or a new city, the Post Office should be at the top of your checklist when it comes to notifying a new address. You can set up a new forwarding address online for a specific start date so that mail will be delivered to your new place. It is better to do this a week before your final move. Since this is a tricky process, ensure that you avoid any backlogs of your emails.

2. Inform your gas and electric service provider

Gas and electric are those services that are needed from the very first day in a new residence. So, make sure you notify as soon as you get to know about your new address and the date that you will be relocating. While transferring your electricity service in Sunshine Coast, ensure that you discontinue your service at your current place at the end of your moving day. Also, ask them to re-start the service at the new place either in the morning of your move in or before getting dark in the evening.

3. Tax Companies

It is important to notify your state tax agency and the federal revenue agency about the change of your address. There will be an online form provided by the IRS where you can update your new address. If you want to notify your state tax agency, then you need to visit the state’s government website (for example if it you are in Sunshine Coast, you need to go to the Queensland’s government site) and look for directions. The process is time-saving and straightforward as you can do this online.

4. Internet and Phone

There is no denying the fact that the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. That’s the reason why it is imperative to set up the internet and phone services before moving to a new house. You can do this by calling your phone and internet service providers and notify them about the new address of your house. As early as you inform, as soon as you get your internet and phone service.

5. Home or Renter’s Insurance Provider

Don’t forget to inform about the change of your address to your home or renters’ insurance company. There are many landlords, renter’s insurance companies and management agencies who will ask for proof of transfer before your moving day. So, take care of this in the early stages and notify about your new address to both your home and renter’ insurance agency. Make sure you ask your policy provider about the belongings that are covered during the transition process. If not, you may need to buy moving insurance from a reliable company. A quality removalist in Sunshine Coast will make it easy for you to concentrate on these crucial tasks while he takes charge of all your packing, unpacking and other moving duties.

6. Your Bank and Credit Card Agency

This is also an important task. Call your bank and credit card companies and inform them about the change of your address. You can also look for the same online. Also, remember about your credit cards and loyalty programs that you may have with particular stores.

7. Newspapers and Magazines Services

If you have signed up for any newspaper or magazine subscription services, then change your address as soon as possible. Mail them or call to their customer service centre about the new address.

8. Insurance Companies (Health, Life, Car etc)

Inform the companies that offer you insurance services related to health, car, life, dental, etc. You can do this prior to your moving day.


Changing the address during a move is an imperative task. It is important for you to update your billing address so that you will get all the services in your new residence without hassles. Notify your bank, electricity, water, and internet service providers as soon as you hire experienced Sunshine Coast Removalists for your move.