Best Way To Pack Clothes For Moving

Best Way To Pack Clothes For Moving

Feb 20, 2023 Did you know Australians buy over 15 kilograms of clothes or 56 new items yearly? This huge collection of clothing becomes a problem when you have to sort through and pack them when moving homes on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Packing clothes is one of the most dreaded tasks as it is time-consuming and takes a lot of patience and energy. But you can always hire full-service removals Sunshine Coast who will pack your clothes and transport them to your new home. However, you can reduce your moving costs by packing your own clothes, efficiently and quickly, to keep them secure. Here are some steps below to help you pack your clothes when relocating.

Before You Start Packing For The Move

Decide On The Clothes You Really Need

It is best to sort through your closet first and see if you need all the clothing items. Some ways you can sort through your clothing and keep only the items you need are:
  • Separate items you haven’t used in a year.
  • If you have two similar items, you should give one away.
  • Give away clothing that is damaged or small.
  • Sentimental items should be placed in a storage unit.

Donate Your Clothing To Lighten Your Packing Load

Around 6,000 kilograms of discarded clothing end up in landfills every ten minutes in Australia. Therefore, instead of sending your discarded clothing to these landfills, you can donate these to a charity and get a tax deduction. If your clothing items are in good condition, you can host a garage sale and get money for your moving costs.

Sort Your Clothes According To The Seasons

Now that you have decluttered your items, removalists Sunshine Coast recommend that sort your clothes in the following ways:
  • Sort your clothes according to the seasons.
  • Keep sets together like pants with pants, to make unpacking easier.
  • Sort your clothing according to materials like silk, wool and more.
  • Lastly, create separate piles for your family members so each person can pack and label their own boxes.
It is good to manage an inventory of these items to keep track of your stuff when moving homes.

Arrange Your Packing Supplies In Advance

Once you know the number of items you are taking, you can start the following packing supplies for your move to Queensland:
  • Wardrobe boxes: These are around three feet long and two feet wide and come with special built-in bars. These boxes can cost anywhere between 20$ and 50 $, and are perfect for packing your hanging clothes as they will not get wrinkled.
  • Cardboard boxes: Cardboard boxes are perfect for your folded clothes and you can get free boxes from your grocery stores, and recycling centres.
  • Vacuum bags: These are sealed bags for heavier items like jackets and jeans and are a good space-saving purchase.
  • Garment bags: You can find these at your local dry cleaners to pack your delicates.
  • Packing paper: Will help line boxes to protect your clothing.
You can plan your packing budget to arrange for these items using the following tips.

How To Start Packing Your Clothing

Once you have organised your clothing, you should start packing them in the following ways:

Choose A Folding Method For Your Clothes

There are two different ways you can fold your clothing, and you can choose the one that suits you best:
  • Flat folding: This is the most common folding method for packing your clothes. In this method, you first fold both sleeves inwards and then fold from the bottom to the top and smooth the wrinkles out.
  • Military method: Removalists Sunshine Coast recommend using the military method to save space when packing your clothing. In this method, you first fold the bottom of the shirt and turn it inside out. Next, fold the sleeves and the shirt from the bottom to the top. Now, you should start rolling from top to bottom, and when you reach the end pouches, fold this over the entire shirt.

Pack Your Folded Clothes In Cardboard Boxes

Once you have folded your clothing using one of the above methods, you should start placing them in cardboard boxes using the following tips:
  • Line the inner corners of your boxes with packing paper.
  • Start layering heavier items like jackets at the bottom.
  • Keep your non-seasonal items at the bottom.
  • Next, place lighter clothing like blouses on top.
  • Keep your essential clothing on top.
  • Do not overstuff your boxes or they will be difficult to carry.

Keep Folded Clothes In Your Dressers

Another good way to pack your folded items is by leaving them in the dressers of your cupboards and using plastic wrap to secure the entire cupboard. Your removalists Sunshine Coast can then load the cupboard onto the rental truck. If these are too heavy to carry, you can take the drawers out and wrap them separately.

Use Wardrobe Boxes For Packing Your Hanging Items

You can keep delicate clothes on their hangers and place them in wardrobe boxes. If you do not want to buy wardrobe boxes, poke a hole in a trash bag and place it over your hangers. Next, secure the end with a rubber band to protect your clothes from wrinkling. Here are tips on how to choose the right packing boxes for your move. Some Additional Tips
  • Keep an essentials bag with your pyjamas, and underwear for the first few days.
  • You should always wash your clothes before packing them, so they do not attract mould.
  • Use plastic bins to pack seasonal items.
  • Use suitcases to pack folded clothing and shoes.
  • Remember to label the boxes so they are easier to unpack.

Wrapping Up

While packing your clothes, it is important not to overstuff your boxes with clothing and use more medium-sized boxes to make them easier to carry. If there are too many items or if you do not have time to pack, you can hire a professional removalist Sunshine Coast to help you out.