Best Tips For Having A Successful Garage Sale

Best Tips For Having A Successful Garage Sale

Dec 07, 2021 Garage sales are among the best ways to get rid of unwanted and unused things in your house. Conducting one before moving house is suitable because you can reduce the moving and packing load for your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast. Additionally, it helps you take things you really want in your new home, which is important to prevent clutter. Hosting a garage sale takes planning since it is easier said than done. You have to choose whether to conduct it online or traditionally by keeping household items in the yard. Thus, here is a complete guide outlining the best tips for having a successful garage sale. Have a look.

Sort Your Property Contents

Go on a decluttering spree at least two months before the moving day to sort your property contents into four categories – pack for new home, donate, discard and sell. For the yard sale, you need items that are in good condition, whether they are used or new. Sometimes parting with property contents is difficult and confusing, but you should give away items you haven’t used for six months or don’t use at least once a year.

Decide The Garage Sale Method

A traditional garage sale is held in the yard, ensuring everything is on display for visitors to see and analyse before buying. Alternatively, you can now host a sale online via popular platforms wherein you input pictures and details of things for sale. For people with no time or energy to hold a physical yard sale, conducting one online is the most practical solution. But, make sure the platform is reliable, and you can live stream, create a social media feed, post stories and advertise on it freely.

Price Everything Reasonably

Every item during your garage sale should be priced reasonably to attract more buyers and get the right value for them. Various factors determine the value of owned property content, such as current condition, depreciation value, demand, relevance etc. Don’t expect anyone to buy your things at the original price because you are selling without any guarantee or a warranty. The general rule while assessing items for a yard sale is to price them at 10-20% of their MRP (Maximum Retail Price). For example, if the retail price of an item is $60, you can sell it at $6 or $12, depending on its usage and condition. However, this rule is not applicable for collectibles, antiques and special items. Get their actual market value assessed by a professional or after thorough research. You can also get bids and sell them to the person willing to pay the most for such items.

Do Your Research

Since online garage sales are easier to attend and conduct, you will find more competition while hosting them. Even during a physical sale, you should expect competition when you do it during peak moving season. Therefore, you need to do proper research to price your things lucratively and understand the strategies other have employed to highlight their yard sale. You must attend sales in your neighbourhood or browse through online ones, especially if you are planning to host a yard sale for the first time.

Choose The Right Time and Day(s)

Time is of the essence when hosting garage sales. You need to host it on a day and time when most people can attend. Therefore, it is common for them to be on weekends rather than weekdays when people have work or fulfil other commitments. Additionally, it helps if the sale is during the day as visibility is high. • Never host a garage sale on public holidays or festivals, as footfall is low during these days. • Don’t conduct it a few days before your hired removalists in Sunshine Coast are scheduled to arrive. • It is best to sell your things early to generate funds for expected expenses such as a rental bond, utility set up charges, change of address fee, booking a good removal company in Sunshine Coast etc.

Put Price Tags On Everything & Clearly

Not every visitor is comfortable with asking the price of things and might walk off without buying anything. Therefore, get pre-made labels or use DIY ones to mention the price of each item on display. Put similar items like books, pens, shirts, etc., in a box and label them as ‘All books $2’ or ‘All t-shirts $5’. Avoid putting negotiable prices to save time and energy of buyers and yourself. Be as straightforward as possible because it reduces the need for haggling. If you have the time and patience to negotiate the price, do it by mentioning the item’s starting price without disclosing the bottom-line price.


Whether online or offline, Garage sales are excellent for selling owned items that you don’t want to take to your new home. These events help generate funds for your move and reduce the packing and moving load for your hired removal experts in Sunshine Coast too. Thus, if you plan to relocate, use the tips mentioned above to host a successful garage sale.