What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Move?
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What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Move?

Dec 09, 2019 Timing your move is vital, as relocating is a big event. It requires planning, decluttering, packing/unpacking, cleaning, and transportation. Moving is a hassle, and besides hiring a reputed removals company, it is essential to move at the right time. The weather of Sunshine Coast is usually pleasant all year round. Plus, better lifestyle, work opportunities, and facilities in the city is the reason why the migration sources of Sunshine Coast are 37% from Queensland, 52 % from other states, and 11% from overseas. Furthermore, the availability of opportunities for buying, renting, or selling properties is a significant factor. Considering these points when relocating, it is essential to know ‘what is the best time of the year to move to or in Sunshine Coast’.


The general weather of the city is sunny with streaks of rain and mild winters. The average temperatures of different seasons are:
  • Summer (December – February): 20°C – 31°C (approx)
  • Autumn (March – May): 13°C – 29°C (approx)
  • Winter (June – August): 10°C – 23°C (approx)
  • Spring (September – November): 14°C – 28°C (approx)
Summer and autumn are the favoured seasons to move for most people. In sunshine Coast, the summer heat never reaches extreme temperatures, and usually, the days are bright and clear. At the start of summer in December, business is slow, and it is the holiday season until late January. Autumn months have pleasant days, and the weather only changes slightly. The temperature is cooler than in summers. The advantages of moving in summer are good weather and more time. People generally move in January – March, after the hassle of the holiday season is over. The disadvantages of moving at the end of summer and start of autumn are all reputed removals in Sunshine Coast get booked in advance. However, if you plan correctly, these months can help make your move smooth.


From the start of December to the end of the holiday season, it is hard to buy, sell, or rent property in Sunshine Coast. However, the market picks up after the holidays, and you see more people rent or lease properties through January to February. In addition, June – August witnesses the most renting or leasing of properties. During these two times of the year, most tenants move from one place to another, and it is hard to book a reputed removals company at short notice. If you are someone looking to get or provide a 12 month lease, the start of the year is the best time. June – August are the best months for people who have enrolled in colleges or are at their 6-months lease end. For buying property, the best time of the year is when there is less competition, so you should avoid buying property in summer. The best time to buy a house is in winter or spring from August to November. You can purchase and move into your new homes in the off-seasons as well. You will be able to book removals in Sunshine Coast easily, and the moving expenses will be less. For selling your property in Sunshine Coast, the most popular time is during spring, which is before the holidays and New Year. Another popular time is autumn when people are looking for homes before winter.


If you have children, it is best to move at the start of the year. The school terms start from January end, and it is easier to manage the move when your children have holidays, and they can start the new term in the new school. Also, the start of the year is an excellent time to move, if you are moving to Sunshine Coast from another state or overseas. You can get a 12-month lease and find a job, as property leasing and hiring opportunities increase after the holiday season. If you’re a student or renter with a 6-months lease, it is best to move at the start or middle of the year. Thorough planning is always better to avoid last-minute chaos when it comes to moving a house from one location to another, especially with kids. You should focus on all the key factors that can affect your moving decision. It is good to choose the most suitable day of the week and appropriate month of the year that can help you move without any trouble. This will also help you find the most suitable removals company in Sunshine Coast at the competitive rates. You can ask them to provide you a complete moving checklist and transit belongings accordingly. This will help you reduce the overall moving stress and also save you a lot of money.


The best time to move is when you are ready. Everyone’s reasons for moving are different. You may require moving due to a job, end of lease, need for a bigger space, better connectivity, education etc. So, you must plan your move accordingly. However, if you are making a moving schedule with little scope, the best time to move to or in Sunshine Coast is from mid of January – March. The reasons are listed as follows:
  • The weather is favourable
  • The holiday season gets over, and so does the hustle-bustle
  • It is easier to find a property, as most property owners put out ads for vacant properties
  • If you have children, you can move before their new term starts
  • Job opportunities arise during these months
However, if your moving schedule is flexible, you can move houses in spring and winter as well. These seasons witness less house moving activities, which make them ideal for finding vacant properties and getting reasonable quotes from removals in Sunshine Coast. Also, you can skip the hustle and bustle of peak times.


Whichever time of the year you choose to move, it is essential to plan and follow a moving checklist to make relocation easy. Here is one to help you make the move smoothly. 30 days before you move, book a trusted and affordable removals company in Sunshine Coast. If you are moving interstate or internationally, book removals, who can safely transport and deliver your personal property to Sunshine Coast.
  • Start decluttering your house and create an inventory of items you wish to take to the new house.
  • Start the processes of changing addresses by notifying authorities, terminating your utility services, ending or updating your subscriptions, getting migration certifications from schools etc.
  • Consume food items and only keep a limited stock for the moving day.
  • If you are DIY packing, start as early as possible and pack an essentials bag.
  • Arrange for someone to take care of your children or pets on the moving day to make the move less hectic.
  • On the moving day, assist the removals in making the process of packing and loading easy. Once all the contents are off the property, get the house cleaned.
  • Book an end of lease cleaning company in Sunshine Coast and host a garage sale for things you wish to resell.
  • If possible, plan the moving day to be a weekend to get more time to settle in the new house.


Moving is a hectic process. It is mentally and physically tiring. Ensure, you move when you are prepared and have planned everything. Take the assistance of friends, family members, and affordable removals in Sunshine Coast, to make moving houses easy. Plan your move according to future aims and ensure the move is beneficial in the long run.