Best Suburbs To Live In Sunshine Coast For A Working Professional

Best Suburbs To Live In Sunshine Coast For A Working Professional

May 23, 2022 Many working professionals prefer to move to Sunshine Coast as it offers enough job opportunities, a relaxed lifestyle and a great climate. The place is also not that far from Brisbane, so many people prefer commute from the Sunshine Coast to the capital city of Queensland. Like others, you can also travel in your car or opt for a train to commute. So, if you are a working professional, then moving to Sunshine Coast is not a bad idea. And you always have a chance to find your dream job within this place. However, before moving to this place, know about the best and most affordable suburbs where you can live and commute to the workplace without any hassles. After finalising the place, you can hire professionals to experience smooth removals in Sunshine Coast. Take your time and research about the professionals before moving house, so do face any problems during the relocation. As a working professional, you should look for the most affordable suburbs so that you can save as much money as possible. Here are the best suburbs to live in Sunshine Coast for a working professional.


Nambour is a gateway to the Sunshine Coast’s extensive hinterland and gives you a nostalgic charm. It is located around 104 kilometres north of Brisbane and is the Sunshine Coast’s 14th best suburb. As a result, many working professionals have chosen this location to settle down because the workplace is easily accessible. The young adults are drawn to the prospering rural town because of its stylish cafes and lively beer bars. Nambour is not a beach town, and people believe this is what contributes to its charm and individuality. Even though it lacks its own beaches, the town has plenty to offer residents and visitors, with the heritage-listed The Big Pineapple being the most popular tourist destination. Moonlight Markets and the annual Big Pineapple Music Festival are also held in Nambour. The median house price in Nambour is $405,694.


Many professionals like to live in this suburb, which is 139 kilometres away from northern side of Brisbane and the western part is located with the Conondale National Park. Kenilworth is a peaceful and charming village nestled amid lush greenery. The village has kept its 1920s charm while also providing all of the modern facilities that modern families expect. The famed Kenilworth Country Food and Cheese Factory, where you can stock up on dairy products, the Living History Museum, two art galleries, and elegant cafes and coffee shops are just a few of the town’s delights. Working professionals typically have a busy schedule, so this location can provide you with a much-needed weekend getaway. In the nearby countryside, you may go hiking, bushwalking, horseback riding, and camping. You can also go fishing or take a plunge in the pristine waterholes. Apart from the working professionals, families, nature lovers, and retirees also prefer to move to Kenilworth. Here a median house price of $394,969.


Burnside, located just over 100 kilometres from Brisbane, is ideal for those seeking a laid-back lifestyle with convenient access to an industrial centre. This Sunshine Coast suburb is described by residents as a calm location with a welcoming community that is near to everything. Beaches and the freeway are only a few minutes away. With more businesses moving here and new high-quality homes being created, this area is gaining in popularity. The median house price in Burnside is $449,783, which indicates that there are more inexpensive options available. To relocate to this suburb properly, it is important that you research properly and gather all the information about the place. Follow the complete moving house checklist to make sure you do not face any problems at the last moment.


Landsborough is located roughly 80 kilometres north of Brisbane, making it an ideal location for professionals. It has maintained its old-world beauty by being quiet and largely unchanged. Landsborough, located at the southern end of the Blackall Ranges and just north of the Glass House Mountains, is growing in popularity among professionals with families due to its proximity to attractions such as the Australian Zoo. If you are planning to move here with kids, then they are going to enjoy it a lot. However, you need to make sure that you relocate without any hassles and for that, you should hire certified removalists Sunshine Coast. The Landsborough Museum and businesses such as the Landsborough Hotel provide an authentic look into the town’s history. The median house price in Landsborough is $466,596.


Beerwah is the ideal jumping-off place for exploring the Sunshine Coast hinterland, located just an hour north of Brisbane and a short drive from the Sunshine Coast. Beerwah, despite its tiny size, is one of the largest towns in the Glass House Mountains region, and it offers a beautiful blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. Working professionals who choose to live here benefit from the best of both worlds setting as well as the larger-than-average blocks available. There’s another reason why working professionals, particularly those who work with children, should reside here. The Australian Zoo and Mount Beerwah, the largest of the Glass House Mountains, are located near the town, which is roughly a 30-minute drive from beaches. The median house price in Beerwah is $466,116.

Coes Creek

The beach and the popular Maroochydore district are only 15 minutes away from this suburb. Working professionals appreciate this location since it includes a modest shopping centre with all of your essential necessities, as well as a few eateries. Nambour is approximately a 5-minute drive away if you require any further services. Residents enjoy visiting the local pineapple plantation, where you can purchase a pineapple at a very low price. Coes Creek is a safe and quiet neighbourhood that is close to everything. If you want to relocate here without any stress or hassles, contact a professional removals company in Sunshine Coast. Moving to a new place is always scary, but the professionals can help you to overcome the fear of moving house, so you can stay excited throughout the process and even after moving. The median home price in the area is $480,760.

Glass House Mountains

Glass House Mountains is a picturesque suburb in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands named after the majestic mountains that tower over it. Beaches, renowned retail malls, and other attractions are all close by. The town is quite popular with professionals who are fitness fanatics and want to be close to nature, which is not surprising. Hiking and walking paths, mountain biking, abseiling, and fishing are just a few of the outdoor activities available. It’s a lovely place to live, with easy access to everything you would need and plenty of large lots to choose from. The area’s property values are rising, with a median of $490,876 and a lower quartile price of $448,925.


Young adults and working professionals move to Baringa, a relatively new Sunshine Coast neighbourhood. It was built to meet the needs of the growing residential population in the Caloundra South Priority Development Area. Baringa is part of a $5 billion master-planned city that began selling residential land in 2016. The region is anticipated to accommodate 50,000 people in 3 decades. The median house price in this suburb is $486,095.

The Bottom Line

Sunshine Coast is an ideal place for all kinds of people, including working professionals. So, if you are planning to relocate to this part of Queensland, consider the suburbs mentioned above. As choosing the right suburb is a time-consuming and stressful task, opt for professionals. They will minimise your stress and let you focus on important aspects. As a result, you will be able to accomplish stress-free removals in Sunshine Coast.