What Is The Best Age To Move With Children?
couple with their child packing up their belongings into boxes

What Is The Best Age To Move With Children?

Dec 02, 2019 Moving is a common occurrence and people have to make a move two or three or more times in their lifetimes. Families have to relocate due to various reasons, and they often don’t have control over the timing or circumstances of their move. The entire moving process is a difficult task but when you have kids, get ready to take the extra pressure. Some will argue moving can become a lot easier if you hire experienced professionals who perform removals in Sunshine Coast. They take entire responsibility and safely move all your belongings. However, the real challenge is to move with children because different age groups have different set of problems. Ideally, children in elementary age are least likely to cause any problem or oppose the idea of moving, but if they have any problem, you should know how to solve it. Moving is not comfortable for any age group but you need to make efforts and handle the situation in the best possible manner. Here are some problems that you can face with the kids and what is the best age to move with children? Let’s have a look!

Moving With Preschool Kids (Under 5 Years)

Kids below five years are too small to understand the moving process. Whether it is a newborn, infant, toddler, or pre-school kid, they totally depend on their family. The neighbours, the relatives, the house or the surroundings don’t matter that much. The family members are all that they know, so it doesn’t matter to them where they are going as far as they have their family members with them. That is why people believe that this is the right age to move. This is because they are too young to show any signs of anger, frustration, and disappointment. They are malleable and thus do not have any difficulty to adjust with a new place, surrounding, people, etc. Many families in Sunshine Coast prefer to move before their kids go to kindergarten so that they do not develop any emotional attachment with the place they will leave soon. Challenges It might sound effortless to move with kids under five years, but you should not overlook the two biggest challenges. If you are moving to a new place, you are most likely to change the pediatrician, and that can be a problem. Your regular paediatrician knows your kid very well because you are in constant touch with them since the day your baby was born. So, your paediatrician knows what medicines suit your baby and what the limitation is. This knowledge makes things easy to treat a child. If you are moving to a new place, finding a reliable paediatrician will be the first challenge. Then you need to start again from scratch. When your kids are too small, you need to be more careful! You might not face any difficulty in moving if you hire professionals who perform removals in Sunshine Coast. However, if you are moving on a budget and need to do all the packing and loading on your own, things can be very challenging with an infant, toddler or a pre-school kid. The best thing you can do is to search for the five best removals company in your area. You can shortlist at least 4- 5 companies and compare their quotes. You can do thorough research about their quality of work and other aspects before making the final decision. This will allow you to choose the most suitable removalists within your estimated budget. With their assistance, you can focus on your toddlers and spend quality time with them without the stress of home relocation. If you are moving across the city, then provide all the necessary information related to the new home, state and city to your hired moving partners.

Moving With Elementary Age Children (Between 5 To 8 Years)

Experts believe that this is the right age to move with your kids. This is because they are slightly older than the pre-school kids, so they can understand what is going on. If you make efforts, you can explain the entire process to them, the reason behind the moving and also expect precise feedback, which will help you to make them adjust in a better way. Kids of this age look up to their parents, so it will be easier for you to set a positive tone about the moving process. Moreover, if your kids are too small, you face difficulty in packing your belongings and taking care of the baby. But the good thing with this age group is that they can also make some contribution to the moving, like packing up their toys, colours, etc. This will keep them busy during the moving process. You can contact a reputed company that performs removals in Sunshine Coast, so you can spend time with your kids. Challenges During this age, you can expect that the kids are already going to school where they have many friends. Initially, kids don’t like the school, but gradually, they develop a relationship and may genuinely enjoy going to school. So, the idea of a new school at a new place and starting over everything can be challenging. Moving is not easy with any age group, but kids of this age are more manageable.

Moving With Children in Their Tween Years (Between 8 To 12 Years)

Children of this age group are not known for accepting things easily. By this time, children get settled in their school life, made good friends, get used to their surroundings, their room and many other things. So, the idea of changing the house, school and area can be tough for them. This is the time when they identify things, discover, get involved and face challenges. So, if you are planning to move during this time, it is important to sit with them and explain the requirement of relocation. Some middle schoolers can be happy to have an opportunity to start afresh. They can get tempted if the new school or place offers more extracurricular activities that they like. Spend time with your kids during the moving day and hire professionals who perform removals in Sunshine Coast.

Moving With Teenagers (Between 13 To 19 Years)

This is perhaps the most challenging age group to convince. So, the choice of relocation can be a massive challenge. By this time, children get involved in their lives and develop their own world. So, they become adamant to any changes. If you are planning to move to a new place, discuss with them first before making a decision. The experience of moving with this age group largely depends on the individual. So, have a conversation with them and discuss the problems you are facing. Talk to them why the relocation is essential for the entire family and give them a chance to express their views. To make things a little easy, take them with you when you are looking for a new house. Show them the area where you want to move, and they might find it appropriate. For teenagers, hobbies and extracurricular activities are of profound importance. So, try to find a place where your children can easily connect themselves and continue with the same activities.


No matter which age group your kid belongs to, the moving is always a difficult task. Thus, you need to make efforts, have a better understanding with your kids and put your best foot forward. The information mentioned here will help you to understand the problems of different age groups and conclude the best age to move with children.