An Age-By-Age Guide To Moving With Kids

An Age-By-Age Guide To Moving With Kids

Aug 03, 2022 Do you have to relocate homes soon and wonder how your kids will react? Moving homes is tricky, and it becomes even more of a challenge when kids are involved. No matter what age group they may be from, it is a significant change that affects them at some level. That is why it is important to spend as much time as possible with your kids during this process and let professional removalists on Sunshine Coast move all your belongings. If you want some help in understanding how to make this move fun for your kids, you should follow this age-by-age guide below:

Moving With Infants

The main thing to remember with infants is that they are affected by your mood. They will notice and get worried if you are stressed about the move. You must not show them your stress and anxiety and stay calm in front of them, and you can always get a family member or babysitter to help you out. Yu must also keep your routine when you spend time with them and play with their favourite toys and things. It would be best if you also kept these favourites in an essentials bag for the first few days of the move. And you can hire an expert removalists in Sunshine Coast to pack your things while you spend time with your infant.

Moving With Toddlers

If you are moving homes with toddlers, it gets a little more complex as they can understand things.
  • It is best, in this case, to try to make sense of the moving process with visuals.
  • You can draw a map of where you are going and show them.
  • You can also make it more exciting by creating a countdown to mark the days on the calendar till your moving day.
  • If your new home is close by, you can take your kid for a drive there, so they get used to the environment.
  • Remember to pack a bag of their favourite toys when moving and let them arrange it in their new room.
  • Do not make any significant changes before moving to maintain a regular pattern. Please stick to your daily routines and have family and friends help, so they never feel neglected during the move.

Moving With School Kids

You might have to spend a lot of time explaining your move to your school kids as they have gotten attached to your home by this age and would have also made many friends. This is probably the most challenging part for them, and you will have to reassure them that they will make new friends in their new neighbourhood. To help school kids with this process of moving, you can take the following steps:
  • It would be best if you started by explaining the move to them. Tell them why you are moving and where you will be going.
  • Next, let them ask you questions about the move and listen patiently.
  • You must give them your attention and be there for them if they are upset.
  • You should try and make this move less stressful for your kids by telling them about the good things about your new home and neighbourhood.
  • Maybe tell them how big their new room is or how many games centres their new town has.
  • You can even take them for a drive there and show them fun spots in their new town.
  • While quality removalists on Sunshine Coast pack and move all your belongings, you can enrol your kids in extracurricular activities to make new friends in their new town as soon as possible.
  • It would be best if you also reassured them that they would be in touch with their old friends by creating an address book for them with their friends’ numbers and addresses.
  • Let them have a pizza party for their friends on the last day so they can spend time with them.
  • Lastly, let them design their room so that they can be more excited about the move.

Moving With Teenagers

Your teenager will probably be the most hit when you move house in Australia. This is because they have made deep connections and have lived there for a long time. This will be a very emotional move for them, and you must be patient with them. You must start by telling them about the move and why it was necessary. If they get angry, you must remain calm, hear them out, and be there for them. Give them a few days to get used to the idea and keep telling them about the good things about the move. You should also let them spend as much time as they want with their friends, and you should even call family to help make the situation more manageable. You can also make them more involved by assigning them tasks during the move so they feel more responsible and a part of it. Let them unpack and decorate their room when you move to your new place and allow them space to explore the new town and people. They will eventually come around and enjoy this new move.


The above age-to-age guide for moving with kids will help you relocate homes with kids of any age in a stress-free and peaceful manner.