All-In-One Guide To Packing Your Kitchen For A House Move

All-In-One Guide To Packing Your Kitchen For A House Move

Mar 25, 2022 The kitchen is among the hardest rooms to pack because it has multiple equipment, tools and delicate items. You need corrugated boxes, sturdy packing tape, and several other materials to securely wrap and box its contents. Packing the kitchen is time-consuming, tiring and stressfully, which is why you must start the process of kitchen packing soon after the moving date is finalised. If you are hiring professional removalists in Sunshine Coast, decide to let them pack your belongings early to reduce stress and avoid delays on the moving day. However, here is your all-in-one guide to packing your kitchen like a pro when you plan to do it yourself.

Declutter Before Packing

Your kitchen has food supplies, pots, pans, gadgets, tools, cutlery, and more to pack. Packing everything in the room is neither practical nor possible. Therefore, you must reduce the packing and moving load of the kitchen for yourself and the hired removalists in Sunshine Coast by decluttering. Get rid of everything you don’t need at the new home, shouldn’t transport or cannot store. To declutter the kitchen: • Discard expired edibles & drinks responsibly. These are among the first things you should toss before moving. • Donate unwanted kitchen gadgets, tools & appliances in good condition to a local organisation registered with the Australian Charities And Not-For-Profit Commission. • Downsize by removing duplicates of kitchenware.

Create An Inventory

After removing things that don’t serve any purpose and you won’t want, create an inventory of everything you must pack before the moving day. Write down important details such as type, location in the kitchen, measurement/weight (appliances) etc. Using the inventory, you pack kitchen items that are occasionally used first and the most used last to avoid inconvenience. Note: If you hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast for packing, they will create the inventory and get the necessary packing supplies.

Get The Right Packing Supplies

Avoid getting too many large or XL boxes for packing kitchen items. Instead, get small and medium corrugated boxes for keeping crockery, cooking tools, pots, pans, and other items. Additionally, buy the following packing supplies in surplus. • Plastic bags of different sizes • Bubble and foam wraps • Plastic wraps • Packing tape, scissors, labels and markers • Newspaper, packing peanuts, cell dividers and Styrofoam moulds Before getting supplies, look for original packing materials of appliances, gadgets, tools and other kitchen items. Check their structural integrity and use the ones in a good state to pack things snugly for moving.

Clean Everything Before Wrapping & Boxes

Dust, grime, food bits or moisture on your kitchen items can reduce their functionality, cause mould and threaten structural integrity. Therefore, before wrapping and boxing anything: • Wipe appliances and kitchen tools with a microfiber cloth and ensure they are clean. • Wash and dry dishes, utensils, cookware and glassware • Descale and sanitise kettles, coffee maker, pots, pans etc. • Make sure rubber lids and seals of kitchen items are clean and dry before packing as they can gather odour-causing bacteria and mould.

Use The Correct Packing Techniques

Professional removalists in Sunshine Coast can pack kitchen items securely and move them safely because they wrap and box everything carefully. If you plan to pack your kitchen yourself, here is what you need to do. • While packing appliances, remove parts and secure them with plastic wraps or bags before putting them in boxes. Tape the user manual to the appliance to find it easily for reassembly or wiring. • Always wrap glassware, dinnerware and other items made with fragile materials like ceramic, porcelain, bone china etc., with newspaper or paper wraps before securing with bubble or foam wraps. • Place bulky and large items at the bottom of boxes and stack them with smaller items. • Fill empty spaces between boxes and items with newspaper or packing peanuts. • Avoid overcrowding boxes with small items. • Tape the bottom of boxes before placing things inside them. Also, tape every closing point tightly to prevent contents from spilling during handling or transit. • Label every box carefully to let your hired removalists Sunshine Coast the contents inside and handle them accordingly. For example, label delicate items as fragile to prevent rough handling and damage.

Seek Professional Assistance

Packing the kitchen is intimidating for most people since there is so much to wrap and box. The responsibility of ensuring everything is secure and safe for handling and transit can give you sleepless nights. Hence, if you lack the confidence, time or energy to manage the task, let professionals do it. You can hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast to pack and move your kitchen contents and other belongings. Since experienced removalists have the expertise and necessary supplies, they can easily pack your kitchen items for local moves, storage and interstate relocations.


Packing the kitchen is challenging since there is so much to sort, wrap, box and label while managing other moving-related tasks. Therefore, many people delegate this task to professional removalists in Sunshine Coast and move without stress. However, if you are up to the task, follow the tips shared above to pack your kitchen like a pro and ensure everything remain damage-free during your house move.