9 Tips For Hiring Quality Removalists Sunshine Coast

9 Tips For Hiring Quality Removalists Sunshine Coast

Jul 22, 2021 During a house move, it is common to have a lot on your plate since you have to complete various tasks simultaneously. Managing every aspect of your relocation is challenging, which is why you should hire professional removalists in Sunshine Coast for packing and moving. However, it is easier said than done, as mushroom removal companies saturate the industry and boast of cheap services. Finding quality removalists in Sunshine Coast from the swarm of average or bad ones is stressful. But, you can do it by following these nine expert tips for hiring good removalists and complete your move without any hassle. Have a look.

1. Don’t Consider Removalists Without An ASIC Registration

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is a government regulatory body, and its registered members are obligated to: • Have a registered office, business place and directors • Maintain a business name and financial records • Give updates of significant changes to the ASIC Unregistered or deregistered removal companies don’t have to meet these legal requirements and easily scam customers. Therefore, to choose reliable removalists in Sunshine Coast, ensure they are a member of the commission.

2. Ask For References

Inquire about the experience of friends, family members, colleagues or anyone else who moved recently with the assistance of removal experts. If they relocated smoothly and give a good review of the professionals, you can contact them for managing your move too. Most reputed removal companies in Sunshine Coast appreciate clients who come through references and give special discounts.

3. Prefer Companies With AFRA Affiliation

When inexperienced and untrained people manage your move, valuable property contents such as furniture, electronics and home decor items can sustain irreparable damage and cost you lots of money. To avoid this situation, prefer removal companies in Sunshine Coast affiliated with the Australian Furniture Removers Association. It is an authoritative body that regulates the removals industry. Removalists associated with AFRA abide by its rules and regulations, making them trustworthy.

4. Ensure The Removalists Have Insurance

Reliable removal companies in Sunshine Coast usually have public liability insurance to reimburse costs of lost or damaged items during a move. They provide a basic cover, but you can seek their assistance for better insurance. Most good removalists can help you secure removals insurance through a third party agency.

5. Inquire About Pre-move Survey & Free Quotations

Usually, reputed removal companies help estimate the cost of a move by arranging a pre-move survey. During the survey, the removalists: • Visit your home • Create an inventory of property contents • Make note what packing supplies would be required • Answer any questions you have regarding the move In addition to pre-survey, inquire about free quotation, which is a tentative cost estimation of the services that you want to avail. You can get free quotes from removalists with or without the survey, as many companies provide them over call or email.

6. Read Reviews & Get Client Feedbacks

Before hiring a removal company, always read the reviews to learn about its market reputation and the views of people who interacted with the removalists. Plus, ask companies to share at least three client references to get interactive feedback. Most reputed removalists in Sunshine Coast have a substantial amount of positive comments and many satisfied clients, which is why they readily share the references.

7. Never Believe Rates Too Good To Be True

Avoid getting scammed by fraud companies that boast of providing packing and moving services at dirt cheap rates. Such companies impose hidden charges or demand more money on the job date when you have no other option but to comply. Therefore, find removalists that offer their services at competitive prices and provide share upfront costs. Note: Check if the company offering removal services at extremely cheap rates recently changed its business name. If yes, it indicates that the company may have scammed innocent customers before and adopted a new name due to bad reviews and reputation in the industry.

8. Don’t Rush The Process

It is crucial to find the right professionals to manage your move to avoid delays and give you the bandwidth to complete other responsibilities. Be prepared to invest time in looking for reliable removalists in Sunshine Coast. When you rush the process, the risk of getting scammed is more, and you can make a decision that you regret later.

9. Book Removalists Early

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the week before the moving day to book removal experts, especially during peak moving seasons. Good removal companies offer early booking options, and some even give discounts.

The Bottom Line

Taking the assistance of professional removalists in Sunshine Coast is a practical solution. But, choosing removalists can get confusing because many removal companies promise to provide excellent services. Thus, follow the nine tips shared above to make an informed decision and hire quality removalists to help manage your move smoothly.