9 Noteworthy Tips For Moving House With Cats And Dogs

9 Noteworthy Tips For Moving House With Cats And Dogs

Apr 25, 2022 The relocation process is difficult for everyone, but it becomes more complicated and stressful when you have pets, particularly cats and dogs. On the one hand, you have to perform moving-related tasks, while on the other hand, you need to ensure your pet’s safety. There are some laws for pet owners in Queensland, and ensuring their safety is one of the most significant ones. As owners, you need to understand that relocation is not only stressful for you but also for your dogs and cats. So, figure out some ways that can help you to relocate smoothly and keep your pets happy and relaxed. Mostly, pet owners prefer to hire removalists. They take care of time-consuming and stressful tasks like packing and loading of the belongings. As a result, you get more time to focus on your pets and experience stress-free removals in Sunshine Coast. Apart from hiring experts, you need to follow some other smart tactics that can make the relocation much easier for pet owners. Here are nine noteworthy tips for moving house with cats and dogs.

1. Plan Everything Properly

When you are moving with your pet, you should always plan ahead of time. It will help you to concentrate on every minute detail of the procedure. If you are covering a lot of distance, look for overnight accommodations that will allow you to keep your pet. Also, if you are flying, you will need to engage a reputable pet-transporting company. In both cases, a lot of planning is required. And if you want to hire professionals to get complete service, know what a full-service moving company provide to its clients.

2. Meet the Veterinarian

You should take your pet, especially dogs, for a general check-up before moving to a new location. Ensure that your pet is appropriately treated for fleas and ticks and receive all the pending vaccinations. Also, consult your veterinarian if your pet has issues like motion sickness. They can share useful tips to ensure the pet remains relaxed during the relocation. Don’t forget to collect all of your pet’s medical documentation.

3. Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

Keeping the pet safe is one of the most difficult tasks people confront on moving days. The presence of dogs in the room when the professional Sunshine Coast removalists are packing belongings can delay the process, and your pet can also get seriously injured. As a result, you must keep them safe. Look for a reputable and nearby pet care facility that can help you on the day of your relocation.

4. Hire a Removals Company

Moving is always stressful as it involves so many tasks, and adding a pet to the mix will only make things more hectic. If you want to keep things simple for yourself, contact professional removals company in Sunshine Coast. It is one of the best ways to make your house move less stressful. The experts can help to pack and load your belongings, so you get more time for your pet.

5. Pack Essentials of Pets

Pack everything your dog or cat might need during relocation and immediately after moving. Such items include food, bowls, water, medicines, a carrier/leash. You and your pet are likely to have many problems if you don’t keep these things handy. Place these items in a bag and move them in your car.

6. Get a Pet Travel Crate

To properly transport your dog or cat, it is recommended that you use a pet travel crate. If you are relocating with your pet by air, make sure the crate is approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Get the crate a few weeks ago and train your dog or cat to play and rest inside the crate. It will help them to remain calm during the travelling.

7. Visit Your New Place

If your new home is only a few hours away, you should take your dog to see it before relocating. Take your dog for a walk around your new neighbourhood and hunt for a spot like Dog Park in Sunshine Coast. The more they explore, the more comfortable they will become with the area, which will help in their seamless transition after the move.

8. Ensure the Drive is Comfortable for Pet

Even if you select a reputable moving company in Sunshine Coast, the specialists will not transport your pet in the truck. So, you must relocate them in your vehicle and ensure that the journey is pleasant. Keep pets in the back seat and use the seatbelt to protect them. Also, give them food and water at a regular interval, and take many breaks if you are driving a long distance.

9. Help Your Pet to Settle Down In New Home

Once you have reached your new home, you should first unload your pet’s stuff and set up an area where they can freely eat, drink, and relax. Also, inspect the house thoroughly and look for loose electric wire, sharp items, or hazardous chemicals on the floor.

The Bottom Line

Moving house with cats and dogs is one of the biggest challenges for most people. However, you can make things easier by making a detailed plan and following the tips mentioned above. The tactics will help you to keep an eye on your pets and keep them safe throughout the process. To ensure smooth removalists Sunshine Coast services, hire the best professionals.