9 Clever Methods To Save Money On House Move

9 Clever Methods To Save Money On House Move

Jul 07, 2023 There is less possibility of saving money when relocating home. There are certain fixed costs related to hiring professional removalists t, purchasing quality packing supplies or renting a moving truck. Other expenses include storage fees, additional services fees, utility disconnections and reconnections, and much more. The number of household belongings and the distance of the move are two major factors determining the overall relocation expenses. If you are running low on budget and want to move cost-effectively, focus on the clever methods shared below and save your hard-earned money. However, this doesn’t mean you compromise the safety of your precious belongings. Do proper research and compare quotes for quality yet safe removals in Sunshine Coast. Here are 9 clever ways to save money on house removals:

1. Create an Estimated Budget

The average house removals cost in Queensland may range between $300 and $9,000 depending on the distance of the move, location and number of belongings. Therefore, creating a rough budget for your house move is good. This will help you track your potential expenses throughout the journey and save you extra bucks. Check your current spending, and review your monthly household spending and credit card statement in the past few months. It will help you create a budget based on your spending, and you can save money each month. Keep a close eye on your spending and maintain a proper financial record for your peace of mind.

2. De-clutter Your Home

Whether moving locally or across a new state, this is the best opportunity to eliminate household items you no longer need. Reducing stuff is one of the most effective ways to save money. Do a thorough inspection of your rooms, storage units, cupboards, cabinets, etc and pack the items you need at your new abode. You can donate unwanted items that are in good condition. The fewer household belongings you have to move, the less you will pay for packing materials and moving services. Tip: Take time and start the de-cluttering process at least 8 weeks prior to the moving date.

3. Host a Garage Sale

This one method can help you make money. You can sell pre-loved or unwanted household items by organising a garage sale before your move. It can be anything, old furniture, books, gym equipment, clothing, etc. Make sure they are in working or good condition.

4. Look for Free Boxes

Instead of spending money on new corrugated boxes, look for free boxes to pack your glassware, dishes, books, clothing, kitchenware and other items. Save money by getting re—usable boxes from:
  • A liquor store
  • Grocery Shops
  • Bookstores
  • Recycling Centres, etc.
Here are more tips to get moving boxes for free without any stress.

5. Use Old Towels and Blankets for Extra Cushioning

Fragile household items, such as antiques, plasma TV, glassware, lamps and mirrors, are prone to damage. If you want to save money on buying expensive packing or cushioning supplies, use old blankets, towels, bed sheets, etc. These provide great protection and keep your delicate stuff intact throughout the process.

6. Obtain Multiple Moving Quotes

This is one of the crucial aspects when planning to hire professionals for home removals in Sunshine Coast. It is good to shortlist at least 4 to 5 companies in your local area that can offer you desired service. Check comments and compare quotes from 3 companies. Ask them to give you a breakdown of the quotation, and you can pick the most affordable one. You can calculate the cost of affordable removals in Sunshine Coast and book them for the safety of your possessions. Check online customer reviews, certifications and other key aspects to make a well-informed decision.

7. Pack Belongings Yourself

If you don’t want to take a toll on your pocket, pack your belongings yourself. You can take help from your friends and family to make the process more comfortable. However, you need to start the process early and arrange necessary moving equipment, such as moving dolly, furniture straps, etc. Hiring professionals can be expensive, but they will wrap your stuff properly and save you time and money.

8. Notify Utility Service Providers in Advance

Many people end up paying utility bills for two places at one time after relocation. It is good to cancel your current utility services and notify them in advance so that they will schedule disconnection at your old house and connections at your new abode on time. You can also contact the local council to find the water service provider in your new area if moving within Queensland.

9. Relocate During an Off-Peak Season

If there is room for flexibility, you can reduce the overall moving cost by scheduling your move for an off-peak season. Plan your home relocation in the mid of the month and choose a weekday because the demand for professional removalists Sunshine Coast is higher during weekends. Make sure you have a proper plan when moving house in bad weather. It is good to check the weather forecast and make decisions accordingly.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best hacks or tricks to save money on your house move. Make sure you carefully plan, create a proper budget and reduce expenses on packing materials, moving boxes, etc.