8 Tips to Make a Quick Move-in Sunshine Coast
women inside of a new house with a some boxes

8 Tips to Make a Quick Move-in Sunshine Coast

Jan 24, 2018 Relocating your life takes much more than just wrapping and packing your stuff in cardboard boxes and bubble wraps. Moving is such tiring task that it makes everyone wearisome. You don’t want to go through multiple duties which are never-ending. There can never be enough hands to help and enough time while moving to a new place. Even if you get help, the process takes a lot of time. Moving can be a real struggle if you don’t know how to do it and don’t have much experience with it. Once you go through it, you will get to know how many hassles are involved in relocating. But fortunately, you can escape all the problems, by hiring the professional Sunshine Coast removalists. They will make your move so quick and simple that you will not feel the burden of relocating. Doing it all by yourself will leave you very much tired. It can drain out all your energy. Hence the best advice is hiring a company like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast, who have the best team of experts, well-experienced in relocating people from one place to other, local or interstate. However, you still must try to take care of few things to make it easier and faster. Here are some tips to make a quick move: Here are some tips to make a quick move

1. Start early

Start as early as possible, by a minimum of four weeks. You may think that it will not take much time, but it will take a lot of time no matter how fast you do it. You can start with packing items you need the least for daily life. Finish packing before at least four days of the final moving day so that you get time to recheck everything and not forget anything. It will help to avoid last minute hurdles. Pay all your outstanding bills to avoid doing it at the last minute.

2. Make a strategy

Don’t start from anywhere. Make a proper strategy before starting the moving process. Inform all your utility suppliers so that you may not face inconvenience at your new home. Inform your local doctor about your relocation so that he can suggest you the best alternative in your new location. Send information to your kids’ school a week before. Collect all your important documents before one week so that you may not forget them.

3. Hire a Removalist

Don’t assume that you will manage everything by yourself or just by taking help of a few friends. It’s much more difficult than that. Lack of experience can make your move turn into a disaster. It’s better to hire a removal company. Do your research and hire the best removalist in Sunshine Coast. And hire them at least four weeks before so that they can visit your home and plan everything accordingly.

4. Start Decluttering

Start decluttering your house as soon as you can. Don’t pack each and everything. You can donate things that are useless for you now. You can also hold a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items. All of us have a lot of things at our homes that we either no longer use or don’t need them. Hence, make it clear what you need in your new home and what not. Pack only those things that you need. Throw the unnecessary stuff or donate it. But don’t take the extra baggage with you as it will take more time.

5. Packing Process

Make a room just for packing in your current home. It will make things less cluttered. All the stuff will not be thrown here and there and it will also be safe if kept in one room where you are doing all the packing. Do not pack heavy items in one box. There will be a problem in carrying those heavy boxes, and you will end up breaking them. You will have to pack items again, and this will slow down your process of moving. Label all the boxes-Once everything is unloaded, the last thing you would want to do is open every other box to check what is in there and where to put them. It will make unpacking very exhausting and will waste a lot of your time. Hence, label all the boxes. Also, make the boxes with different symbols so that it becomes easy for you to figure out when in a hurry.

6. Make an inventory list

This is a critical point to be noted. It will help you remember what you have packed and what not. You can avoid the fear of losing things at your place by checking this inventory list. As soon as you complete one task, mark it on the inventory list.

7. One week before- final arrangement

Check your inventory list again and again. Keep it handy. Make sure you have packed everything. Make sure you have informed all the important acquaintances and local people about your move. Double check all your boxes. Pack an essential bag for first initial days at your new home.

8. The move Day

Start early in the morning. Check every corner of your home. Search all rooms. Check all wardrobes and drawers. This will help you avoid unnecessary back trips to your older place in case you forget something. This can add extra stress. So try not to forget anything and be calm about the move. Work according to your plan and you will pass through it easily.


On the moving day, be patient and just keep the above tips in mind. These tips will make your move much faster than you would have imagined. You can take help of Better Removalists Sunshine Coast anytime. They offer all the moving and relocating services and full packing service including full household, garage and outdoor area pack. Their experienced and well-trained team will help and make your relocation fun and enjoyable that you won’t be able to thank them enough.