7 Ways To Reduce Stress During A Move
worried woman sitting on the floor with packed boxes kept on side

7 Ways To Reduce Stress During A Move

Apr 25, 2019 Moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events as it involves both physical and mental strain. It is the process where you prepare yourself for the new start in an unfamiliar place– you are saying goodbye to the old friends and neighbour. On the other side, you have the responsibility to pack and gather all the belongings and moving boxes for a hassle-free move. Apart from this, you also have to look for reliable Sunshine Coast Removalists who can make your moving process a bit easier. With so many tasks to perform, it becomes quite challenging to cope with the stress of moving household belongings to the new place. Though it is easy to organise an entire event, make sure you have the right strategies to cope with the stress and anxiety involved in the packing and moving process. Here are some useful ways to reduce moving stress that will help you whenever you relocate your house or office.

1. Take out enough time for preparation

The stress of relocating a house can be reduced when you take out enough time for preparation. More specifically, a hassle-free move involves a great planning, well-organised tasks and calm & composed approach. When you are sure to allot time to getting everything done before the final day, it will automatically make the entire process easy for you. It is good to make a schedule of your packing process so that you can easily manage everything without any mess. For example, if you have one bedroom apartment, you will need 2-3 days to pack up the belongings. Similarly, keep four days for a two bedroom home and seven days for a three bedroom apartment. Make sure you research  and use a professional removals company in Sunshine Coast three to two weeks prior to your final moving day. The more you leave to the last moment, the more you get into the baffling situation.

2. De-cluttering

No matter how well you prepared yourself for a move, clutter is something that will give you stress. Instead of losing patience, it is good to purge out the junk that is clogging your home. This will provide you with a sense of relief and makes it super easy to pack your belongings for a move. It is good to clear the clutter by categorising things you no longer need into three piles: Sell, Throw and Donate. You can also organise a garage sale to convert those items you no longer need into cash. If something is worth donating, then find a local charity near your society and donate them. It could be anything, your old clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. Ensure you declutter your house two weeks prior to your move. This will stabilise the things for you in a better way.

3. Hold a positive approach

Believe it or not! Your mindset is directly related to your emotions. That’s the reason why we find moving one of the burdensome experiences. Of course, there are multiple tasks to perform, but you can manage it if you prepare everything with a calm and composed approach. Instead of looking at the negative aspects, embrace the positive mindset to ensure you have stress-free relocation experience. Moving is an opportunity to begin a new life in a new place. It is the best time to purge old and unnecessary items. It is a chance to declutter your house and sell useless stuff to earn those extra dollars. When you change your approach, you can see a complete transformation in your moving process. You will feel lighter, happier and stress-free!

4. Arrange packing supplies and moving boxes

Nothing can be better than arranging high-quality packing supplies and moving boxes for the safe packing of your valuable belongings. You can search the local market of Sunshine Coast to find the best quality of packing materials including packing tape, bubble wrap, heavy-duty plastic bags, and mattress cover to engage in a safe and secure packing process. This will reduce a lot of stress out of your shoulders. For packing boxes, you can ask your friends for extra boxes from their previous relocation. You can also visit the local grocery store and retail outlets to accumulate a stack of used boxes that are in good condition.

5. Planning can be helpful

You must have a strategic plan before starting a packing process. It is good to move from room-to-room while packing your household belongings. This will not only release pressure from your head but also save your precious time. You can pack everything in high-quality boxes and make sure you protect your expensive and fragile items from damages during the packing and moving process. Also, pack a bag to store the items that you will need to immediately access including first aid box, snacks, toothbrush and toothpaste, water, toiletries, etc. Make sure you label all the boxes with relevant names so that you can unload and unpack the boxes with ease into your new house. If you don’t have enough time for packing or you want quality packing materials, then look for trusted removalists in Sunshine Coast who can give you the best packing experience.

6. Stick to the Schedules and deadlines

What makes you more anxious and stressed while moving a house? It is crossing the deadlines. If you have planned something, then stick to the schedule. If you cross your deadline, you would have to end up paying double rent or mortgages for no reason, and this will increase your stress level. That’s why it is recommended to create mini-deadlines so that you can complete the assigned task before time. Commit yourself and work according to the moving checklist. This will save you from lingering in a stressful situation during the relocation.

7. Hire trained removalists

Hiring professional and trained Sunshine Coast removalists is one of the best ways to relieve the moving stress. Hand over your packing and relocation tasks to a professional removal company who can give you safe and sound moving experience with peace of mind. Choose a company which specialise in the local and interstate move. Professional removalists always ensure that you will get the safest and most affordable service within a given timeframe.


Moving can be a very stressful process, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you really want to cope with moving stress, then follow the tips mentioned above in this blog post. For better outcomes, hire highly-trained and experienced removals company in Sunshine Coast. They will take care of your belongings until you reach the final destination.