7 Ways To Make Moving Easier On Kids And Family
couple with their daughter inside of a new house

7 Ways To Make Moving Easier On Kids And Family

Aug 05, 2019 Are you moving to a new place along with your kids? Of course, relocating a house is one of the stressful experiences, but it is even tougher on your children. The thought of leaving their friends, neighbourhood, school and favourite places behind could make them feel unhappy. They could feel powerless when you suddenly break the news of home relocation because they don’t have any input in the decision. Being parents, it is your responsibility to make the entire move easier on your kids and family. Don’t forget to hire trained and fully-insured professionals for safe Sunshine Coast Removals and let them take care of your precious belongings throughout the transportation journey. They can reduce the stress out of your move while allowing you to focus on your kids and family. Apart from taking professional assistance, you should also take care of your kid’s emotions and their specific needs to make them feel comfortable and stress-free. Here, in this post, we have got seven brilliant ways that will turn your home relocation into a fun adventure for your entire family. Let’s Get Started!

1. Prepare your Kids for Move

Whether you are shifting within Sunshine Coast or moving across the new city, make sure you prepare your children for the big moving day. If you have toddlers at home, then try to break the news about a month in advance. This gives enough time to accept the most significant change in their life. You can involve them in your packing and relocation process as well. Also, create a curiosity about the new home and encourage them to react positively on the changes ahead. Tip: Inform your kids about the move in a very decent way because they are emotionally attached to the current place. Break the news at the right time to reduce the stress out of their move and help them settle in new neighborhood easily.

2. Create a Family Wish-List

This is a fun-loving activity for the whole family. You can prepare a wishlist of things you all want from your new abode. It could be anything – a separate room for kids, a basement playroom, or a spacious backyard. Whether it is a double-storey house or a luxurious apartment in the hotspot of Sunshine Coast, make sure you customise your beautiful space the way you always wanted. Involve your kids in the process. Take their inputs, react to their feedbacks and pack your household belongings accordingly.

3. Let your children map out their own room

Moving to a new place could bring emotional stress on your children. If you want to make them feel happy with the move, then allow them to participate in mapping out their new room. Bring home paint swatches to let them choose their favourite colour for walls. Convert this task into an art project and let them paste snapshots of their bed, furniture, toys onto a construction paper.

4. Involve them in Packing Process

Packing valuable household belongings can be overwhelming, especially when you are moving with kids. The entire process of arranging packing materials, wrapping fragile items, and labelling packed boxes could make you feel exhausted. But then, this is an excellent opportunity for you to involve your children in the packing process and keep them occupied. You can do the following things to let them enjoy the packing:

Prepare a hunt packing List

List the items and tell your children to find things so that you can pack them quickly and easily. Toddlers would love this, and you will notice that your kid will spend more time hunting than packing, and you will get enough time to finish your important work related to packing and moving.

Let them sort and pack their own stuff

Give your kids extra importance by asking them to sort and pack their own items for the big move. Help them in preparing the list of things they want to carry to the new place. This trick will help you because your toddlers will automatically feel important, and they will happily participate in the moving process.

Allow them to decorate the packed boxes

Once you are done with the packing and labelling work, let your kids paint and decorate the packed boxes with colourful markers, stickers and crayons. For heavy and fragile items, consider hiring professional Sunshine Coast Removalists who can pack and move your precious belongings with extreme care and responsibility.

5. Stick to the Same Routine

Make moving easier on your kids by maintaining your old routines, especially related to your kids. Try to stick with the same schedule, such as eating meals together or playing games at night. This can create a sense of consistency during the process of packing and transporting household belongings. Try to spend quality time with your family before shifting to the new home.

6. Tour their favourite places

If you are moving across the state, then don’t forget to visit special neighbourhood places and communities in Sunshine Coast one last time with your kids and family. Take your kids to their favourite restaurants, playground, picnic spots and other old haunts to let them spend time and say goodbye to these places.

7. Throw a Goodbye Party

Leaving friendship and close relationship behind is not an easy thing for a school-going kid. It could be tougher for them to say goodbye to their best friends. In order to make them happy, you can throw a goodbye party and invite his/her friends. Prepare their favourite food, play games with them and let them enjoy to the fullest.


There is no denying the fact that kids tend to think negative aspects when a family moves. There is the loss of close friendships, loss of a sense of belongings, neighbourhood and their favourite places. Apart from this, adjusting to the new community is not an easy thing, especially for school-going children. They may feel anxious and emotionally-weak. If you really want to make the moving easier on kids and family, then follow the tips carefully mentioned-above in this blog post. Also, consider hiring trained and dedicated removalists for removals in Sunshine Coast, who take the stress out of your complicated and time-consuming move.