7 Tips to Avoid Moving Day Chaos
A couple is stressed about their house moving

7 Tips to Avoid Moving Day Chaos

Nov 14, 2019 Moving can be a lot of things – expensive, stressful, overwhelming, backbreaking and emotionally challenging. You have the responsibility of completing numerous tasks before the final day arrives. Despite giving it your best shot, people often experience a chaotic moving day which leaves them exasperated. This happens when people fail to execute things as per planning. Luckily, there are few ways to avoid moving day chaos and accomplish removals in Sunshine Coast without any problem. Research and planning are the most important parts of moving, so you should not compromise on these two things. Here are some useful tips that will help you to plan and execute your move perfectly. Let’s have a look!

1. Start Your Preparations Early

If you want to avoid the moving day chaos, the most important thing you need to do is to start your preparation as early as possible. Moving is a complicated process that involves hundreds of tasks. If you want to finish them efficiently, you need time. From utility transfer to getting rid of unnecessary items and packing your stuff to cleaning the house, every chore requires 100% commitment. This is the reason why the moment you finalise the moving date, start your preparation. Make a checklist of all the tasks you need to perform and then finish them one by one. According to the experts, it is always good to start the packing process at least 8 week prior to your move. This means you can prepare a complete checklist and work according to the priority of that task. If you want to sort out unnecessary household items, you need time. You can categorise everything and donate or sell the unnecessary items before packing your belongings. Apart from this also calculate your moving expenses. Creating a rough budget will give you an idea about your home relocation and will help you spend money accordingly. Try to keep your budget realistic if you want to get the most out of your planning an preparation.

2. Hire the Right Professionals

It is also essential that you hire the right professionals. So, do your research properly and contact a reputed company that performs removals in Sunshine Coast with a professional attitude. Talk to your close friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, etc. and see if they can recommend any name. Also, visit the official website of the company and read the reviews of previous customers. Always look for experienced professionals as they have enough knowledge about dealing with the most complicated moving situations. They help you to avoid the moving day chaos. They pack all your belongings in an organised manner and load them into the truck without causing any damage to your items.

3. Prepare an Inventory List

Another great way to stay away from any confusion on your moving day is to prepare an inventory list. This list can be a life-saver on your moving day. With hundreds and thousands of items in all the boxes, it is impossible to identify a particular item. Thus, you need this list. Moreover, it will also help you to load all the boxes systematically. In the absence of an inventory list, it would be tough to identify the items inside a box. Such a list will save your precious time during loading, unloading as well as unpacking. Do not forget to put labels on each of the boxes using difficult colours.

4. Keep Your Valuables with You

People often allow the removalists to pack everything, including essential documents. This is a huge mistake that you should avoid at any cost. You need to understand that hiring professionals can make removals in Sunshine Coast easy, but allowing them to handle everything can make things extremely confusing on the moving day. For instance, the loading is complete, and you are all set to move. But suddenly, you realise that you need some documents that are somewhere in the pile of boxes. This kind of situation can be extremely stressful. So, always take care of your essential things like bank documents, insurance papers, important receipts, jewellery, cash, medical reports, etc.

5. Pack Your Personal Moving Kit

Many people overlook the significance of having a separate moving kit. This kit can be beneficial on your moving day, that day will be full of stress. This is because you never know what you may require. Thus, you should have a kit with all the essential items. This kit will also help you during the first few days in your new house. Keep things like a knife, scissors, tape, medicines, toiletries, paper towels, shaving kit, a couple of extra clothes, towels, etc in it.  Pack it yourself and always keep the moving kit with you throughout the entire procedure. This step will keep away the stress and chaos on your big day.

6. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Bad weather can change your otherwise planned and organised moving process into a complete disaster. So, you cannot overlook the weather factor. Closely watch the weather report and see if they are expecting any rain. You might not change the weather but can postpone the move. And if it is not possible to change the date, ask the removals company to come with appropriate packing materials. This will minimise the chances of any chaos. Every reputed company performing removals in Sunshine Coast has proper tools and is capable of providing the best service, even in the worst weather conditions.

7. Transfer Utilities on Time

Delaying the transfer of utilities can also be responsible for your moving day chaos. If you fail to forward your request at the right time, you might need to pay some additional amount at the current place. Moreover, you might also have to wait for a few days at your new place. Do not forget that your new locality is unfamiliar to you and imagine you are spending your days without basic utilities like water, power, gas, cable, phone, etc. It can be extremely stressful. So, do not neglect this important task while moving.

What Else you can do?

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also do the following things to ensure a hassle-free move. Thoroughly Research the Route Map If you are not hiring any professionals for removals in Sunshine Coast, you must know the exact route to reach your new house. If possible, drive and see the entire route properly before the moving date. This step may appear needless, but it can actually save your time. Wear the Right Clothes Every minute detail can make a huge difference in your moving process. You must wear the right clothes, as per the season. It will keep you comfortable throughout the process and protect you from extreme weather conditions and maintain your body temperature. Keep Your Kids and Pets Away From Home You kids and pets can be a massive distraction on your moving day. If you want to avoid the chaos, make arrangements for them. Ask your friends or family members to babysit for the day, so that you can focus on the moving process. For the pet, you can contact a nearby pet day care and book the specific date.


The moving day is one of the most stressful phases of your life that includes excitement, worry, frustration and chaos. While it is impossible to remove all these things completely, the tips mentioned here will help you to accomplish your move in a better way. Hiring professionals who perform Sunshine Coast removals can make things easy, but it is your planning and effort that will make the ultimate difference.