7 Time Management Tips For A Stress-Free Move

7 Time Management Tips For A Stress-Free Move

Oct 21, 2020 Managing your time when planning a move is crucial to get everything done on time and prevent unnecessary delays. However, it is easier said than done as you have to complete a variety of tasks simultaneously, which is overwhelming and challenging. Time management is a necessity when moving, and you should learn it. Hiring removals experts in Sunshine Coast is a practical solution to save time and have the availability to tend to other matters. Furthermore, here is your ultimate guide outlining seven time-management tips for a stress-free move. Have a look.

1. Create a Time Table for Moving-related Tasks

Use an application or MS Excel (whichever is preferred) to create a time table for all the moving-related tasks you need to complete. After listing the tasks, assign ownership to them and set deadlines. Making a timetable will streamline the task completion process as the concerned people will know what tasks they have to perform and by what time. In addition, it will bridge any communication gap between you and other household members regarding the tasks. Professional removalists in Sunshine Coast also follow a checklist to streamline the process.

2. Prioritise Tasks

Listing all the tasks creates clarity, but you have to prioritise them to avoid delays or inconvenience on the moving day. For example, when the end date of the lease agreement is 8 to 6 weeks away, you need to find another residence, sign the contract, and give notice to your landlord. These tasks have to be performed in this order due to importance and priority. Similarly, you have to categorise tasks according to importance and urgency.

3. Set Reminders

You can set reminders to help keep you on track and prevent delays in the completion of tasks. Here are some ways to set reminders.
  • Create them on your phone using applications like Todoist, Life Reminders, Google Keep Notes, TickTick, and many more.
  • Write down tasks on a whiteboard placed where it is visible and will help you to remember
  • Use sticky notes to remind you of tasks

4. Start Decluttering Early

As the moving day draws closer, you are left with little bandwidth to perform time-consuming activities like decluttering. Therefore, start decluttering your property contents weeks before you start packing. Make boxes of things that should be discarded, donated, or resold. You will be left with things you really need to pack and move to the new house making your moving load lighter. In addition, decluttering early will give you the flexibility to donate items and host a garage sale without hurry. These activities can be time-consuming, which is why planning is crucial to avoid getting behind schedule.

5. Don’t Pack Alone

Packing is a tedious and time-consuming process that can take forever if done without assistance. You can hire removals experts in Sunshine Coast to perform the activity, or you could do it with the help of family members or friends. Analyse your situation and the amount of time you have to determine which course of action would be the best. Pro Tip: Due to any reason, if you have to plan a short notice move, you can save a lot of time and reduce the stress of packing by renting a storage unit. Many removalists in Sunshine Coast offer the storage service. You can move your belongings there and once the move is complete, manage the transportation of things you need in the new house as per convenience.

6. Hire Professionals to Move Furniture

Professionals who perform furniture removals in Sunshine Coast have modern equipment and years of experience. They can move bulky furniture with expertise which helps save a lot of time. Trying to move furniture yourself not only takes time, but it is also risky, as you can sustain severe injuries and accidents. Professionals will dismantle, pack and label heavy furniture efficiently, which will help move the items faster and smoothly. What’s more, while your hired removals experts in Sunshine Coast take care of the furniture, you can complete other moving-related tasks or provide support to your family during this stressful time.

7. Reduce Distractions

While performing tasks, you need to have as little distractions as possible. Thus, if you have children or pets try to send them away for a few days in the care of a family member or trusted friend. Alternatively, while your hired removals experts in Sunshine Coast pack and move your belongings, you can spend time with your children or pets to take proper care of them. This way, you can prevent distractions for the experts, making it easier and quicker for them to handle your belongings.

Wrapping Up

During a move, it is common to run behind the schedule due to lack of planning and poor time management. The delays cause inconvenience and add to your moving costs. Hence, follow these time management tips by experts for a stress-free move. These tips are useful whether you have moved before or are doing it for the first time.