7 Steps to a Safe and Well-Insured Move
A couple is doing the moving chores

7 Steps to a Safe and Well-Insured Move

Oct 31, 2019 Moving from one location to another, especially with precious household belongings is itself a stressful task. You need to take extreme care of your valuable items and ensure a safe removal regardless of the distance. Whether you are moving across the street within Sunshine Coast or to the new city, planning things ahead of time is crucial. For a safe and secure moving experience, you can also consider hiring trained and experienced Sunshine Coast Removalists. They know how to ease down the stress of the relocation and transport your belonging without any damage. From lifting heavy items to packing delicate stuff, a hired removals team will do everything to make things better for you. If you are also one of those who don’t have any prior experience of shifting home from one place to another, then have a look at this guide. We’ve covered seven brilliant steps to help you reach your new residence safely and securely.

1. Check your Existing Policy Covers and get additional ones (if required)

Usually, homeowner’s insurance policies cover your items when they are in your home, while some policies also provide coverage against accidents that happen during the relocation process. So, it would be good to cross-check your current insurance policy and see what type of coverage your plan provides. Ask your insurance agent to provide each and every detail about your insurance policy plan. Will you be able to claim the coverage against the theft or broken items during the moving process? You can also buy additional coverage for the protection of your valuable belongings. This may increase your overall moving budget, but you will ultimately get a sense of protection as well as relief throughout the journey.

2. Avoid Last Minute Packing Chores

Many people end up with chaos when they leave packing for the last week. If you really care about your valuable belongings, then you should start packing them at least three weeks before the final moving day. It is easy to damage fragile stuff or lose track of belongings when you get into the process in a hurry. The key is to prepare everything in advance. First of all, prepare a list of items that need to be packed carefully. It could be anything such as antiques, breakable items, art piece, etc. About four weeks before your moving day, go room to room with three boxes- one for those stuff that you no longer needed but are in good condition (you can donate them to the charity), second for those you want to take along with you to your new place, and the third will the trash box. This is how you can organise your packing process without any mistake. Apart from this, also arrange high-quality packing supplies including packing tape, paper, bubble wrap, boxes, etc. to give extra protection of shield to your belongings. Tip: If you want quality packing for your household belongings or you don’t have enough time for this, then you can also hire the best removalists in Sunshine Coast which can offer you the highest quality of packing service.

3. Don’t Overpack your Boxes

Just because you can put a ton of items in a medium-sized box doesn’t mean that you should. Instead of over-stuffing your moving boxes, try to put limited items to avoid strain or injury on your knees or back. You can buy different sizes of boxes to pack your household belongings accordingly. This will save your items from damages and also give you a stress-free experience when you move them from one place to another.

4. Follow Right Lifting Protocols

To ensure a safe and sound relocation, you will need to follow the protocols of heavy lifting, especially when you are doing it without any professional assistance. Carefully follow the fundamentals, such as keeping the alignment of the spinal cord as neutral as possible while lifting any heavy item. When picking heavy furniture from the ground, bend at your knees instead of waist. Try to carry the heavy boxes close to your body- this will help you maintain the balance. Apart from this, don’t twist body while carrying anything heavy.

5. Use Lifting Appliances

Whenever it comes to lifting heavy furniture like a pool table or a dining table, make sure you have the right appliance for them. A dolly can make the entire lifting process super easy for you. It helps in transporting bulky items from one current home to the moving truck without giving you a hint of mental stress or burden. Tip: You can rent a dolly from your local hardware store in Sunshine Coast if you don’t have one in your home.

6. Clear the Pathway

Whether you are preparing your belongings for a move or transporting anything, you must leave a clear pathway so that you can walk through without any hurdles. Trips and falls can be dangerous, so be careful, especially with the packed boxes. To avoid injury or damage of your household belongings during the moving process, make sure you maintain a clear pathway- inside and outside of your current home.

7. Hire Professional Removalists

Yes, you have the potential to move your belongings from one place to another. But if you have got a tough job ahead of you, then you should consider hiring professional Sunshine Coast Removalists. They can pack, lift and move your household items with extreme care because they have tons of experience and skills. From moving heavy items to lifting a heavy pool table, professionals can do everything for you to give you a stress-free moving experience. Hiring a moving company is especially important when you are relocating across the city or new state. It is better to opt for a fully-insured and licensed company that can protect your belongings throughout the journey.


Ensure a safe, insured and damage-free relocation with these great steps mentioned above in this article. When moving your home, make sure you plan everything ahead of time and take care of your belongings throughout the process- from the start to the end.