7 Questions To Ask From A Moving Company Before Hiring Them
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7 Questions To Ask From A Moving Company Before Hiring Them

Jun 04, 2020 Moving is a backbreaking and challenging process which should ideally be done with the assistance of professional removalists. Hiring the experts is practical because they are experienced, have the tools to manage the moves smoothly, and can help free your band witch to complete other moving-related tasks. However, the most important reason why professionals offering removals services in Sunshine Coast should be booked is they can handle and transport property contents safely without causing harm to themselves or the belongings. In many instances, people performing DIY removals end up having sprains, fractures, and injuries. If you are planning to move to a new home, it is better to seek the help of reliable professionals. But, it can be confusing to select the right removalists because there are numerous removals companies in Sunshine Coast. To clearly know which organisation to go with here are seven questions to ask from a moving company before hiring them.

Is the Company Licenced and Registered?

There is mushrooming of a lot of removals agencies in Sunshine Coast, and not all of them are licenced and registered. Only companies that are in the business for years and have the proper paperwork should be considered for hiring, which is why asking this question is imperative. Please don’t make the mistake of booking an unregistered company by being swayed by their cheap service quotes and false promises. If a company is licenced, its employees and contractual workers will ensure the state guidelines are followed during the move and service charges are quoted truthfully.

Does it have Trained & Experienced Removalists with Required Moving Tools?

Every reputed removal company only associates with experts to provide removals services in Sunshine Coast when they have years of experience, training, and skills to manage moves professionally. Also, the companies ensure their representatives have the right moving tools like dollies, straps & ropes, personal protective equipment, moving vehicle, etc. By inquiring about these things, you can ensure the removalists will be able to manage the move within the stipulated time and smoothly.

What is the Company’s Moving Insurance Policies?

It is not uncommon for belongings to get damaged during the handling and transportation process, which is why it is essential to hire a company that provides moving insurance. Most reputed removals organisations in Sunshine Coast provide limited liability coverage free of charge. But, they can also arrange for full value protection and declared value protection policies via a third party. If a company doesn’t offer any coverage in case any property content is lost or damaged; it is not worth hiring or reliable.

Can the Company Provide a Free Quote and are its rates competitive?

When booking removalists, it is crucial to hire ones that are willing to provide their services within your budget. To ensure you hire reliable and affordable professionals, asking a removals company in Sunshine Coast for a free quote is standard practice. By getting quotes, it becomes easier to know which Company can provide their services at prices which agree with your budget. In addition, it helps with negotiations because if a company is willing to compete with its rivals, it will offer discounted prices.

What are the Company’s Refund, Cancellation, and Rescheduling Policies?

This question is crucial to ask because you want to hire a company that has flexible and customer-friendly policies. Good removal companies in sunshine Coast provide a detailed and Upfront quote to its customers for hassle-free removals in Sunshine Coast. Besides, they have the resources to offer multiple available dates for the removalists to perform the move. Hence rescheduling is usually not a problem in case you have to shift the moving time. Asking this about a company’s policies for refund, cancellation, and rescheduling will help you know if it is reliable.

What Services Does the Company Offer?

Depending on a company’s resources and operations, it may provide the one or all of the following services.
  • Packing solutions
  • Local and interstate moving services
  • International shipping services
  • Storage units for rent
  • Contact-less moving services
There, before booking an organisation, it is essential to know they provide the solutions you are looking for and can offer customised services as well.

What are the Forms of Payments Viable for the Company?

In today’s world paying in cash is not the only way you can make payments which is why before booking a removals company in Sunshine Coast, it would be practical to ask about payment options. If the Company accepts payment in a method you are most comfortable in then you can book it. Furthermore, knowing a company takes amount via other options besides cash like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc., can help make the payment easily online.


Moving a house is a hectic and stressful activity that cannot be performed along, which is why hiring professionals offering removals services in Sunshine Coast is wise. However, being aware of the questions mentioned above to ask before booking a company is crucial and will help you get help from experts who are affordable, reliable and experienced. Thus your move will be managed smoothly and without much hassle.