7 Expert Solutions For Your Toughest Moving Problems

7 Expert Solutions For Your Toughest Moving Problems

Apr 18, 2022 Nothing can be more stressful than moving to a new place. It can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. Finding a suitable home, packing household belongings, arranging good removalists on Sunshine Coast, tracking ongoing expenses, etc- all need proper planning and management. It is good to create a proper plan at least 8 weeks prior to your move and consider all the potential factors affecting your moving experience. However, most people face problems in the middle of the process and lose their precious possessions. If you want to ensure pain-free and smooth removals in Sunshine Coast, have a look at 7 expert solutions for your toughest moving problems. Let’s get started!

1. Last Minute Packing

The most common problem is that people leave the packing to the last minute. Picture frames are still hanging on the walls; clothes are not in the boxes, and much more. Most of the time, precious possessions get damaged or misplaced when you don’t pack everything before the final moving day. Expert Solution: According to removalists, it is good to start packing as soon as you decide to relocate. Arrange necessary packing supplies, such as packing paper, bubble wraps, boxes, packing tape, etc. After that, pack the items you use less frequently or don’t need on a regular basis. Do not forget to label each box, especially while packing fragile items.

2. Not Booking a Moving Company in Advance

This is also a common moving problem, or you can say a mistake that can ruin the entire experience. Waiting too long to book Sunshine Coast removalists won’t help you get the desired company or services. Many companies even charge a hefty amount for the last-minute booking. If you want the utmost safety of your precious possessions, make sure you avoid doing this blunder while moving to a new place. Expert Solution: Begin your research as soon as you decide the moving date. To find the best company, ask for referrals or recommendations from your friends and relatives who have recently hired removalists. You can search online and read reviews before making the final decision. You can finalise the deal after getting the estimated quote. Choose a company that can give you quality services at the most reasonable price.

3. Fragile Items Require Special Packaging

Most people forget that some of their breakable items need special packing. Items like mirrors, TVs, computer monitors, wall art, lamps, and dishes are extremely delicate. Poor packaging can cause damage during the lifting and transiting process. Expert Solution: Look for supplies that can give extra coverage to your delicate items. Make sure you invest in sturdy boxes, bubble wraps, blankets, towels, and other items that can protect your belongings from getting damaged. It is good to hire a good moving company on Sunshine Coast that can give you quality packing service for special belongings and furniture. You can pack kitchen using right tricks while moving home. Take extra care of your delicate dishes and crockery.

4. You Didn’t De-clutter Before Packing

Most people often forget to purge unnecessary items and end up packing everything. This can inevitably increase your moving expenses and waste a lot of time packing unwanted stuff, complicating the entire moving process. Expert Solution: Whether moving within Sunshine Coast or across the new state, make sure you de-clutter your entire home. Check all cupboards and wardrobes to get rid of unnecessary items. You can make a list of items you no longer need and donate or sell them if they are in good condition. Toss the broken or empty household items before starting the packing process. This will save you time and money.

5. Not Packing Essential Kit

If you are skipping this, you may face real problems in the middle of the journey or when you reach a new abode—the stress doubles when you are moving with your kids and pets. Expert Solution: Make sure you pack your moving-day essential kit ahead of time. This includes a first aid box, snacks, water bottles, toiletries, toys for kids, hand sanitisers, phone chargers, food and toys for your pet, blankets, extra clothes, bed sheets, etc. Keep this bag along with you in your vehicle.

6. Your Furniture Won’t Fit in Your New Home

If your large couch or dining table doesn’t fit in elevators or entryways, you may face many problems.  Some can even bring the items to the dump unless you can find something else out. Expert Solution: It is good to prepare a floor plan for the new home and map out the entryway, elevators and stains. Measure your furniture and make sure you keep the square footage of your new home in mind. This will make your job easier. You can consider step-by-step guide when moving heavy furniture to prevent injuries.

7. Disorganised Post Packing Process

This is one of the serious issues people face after moving to a new home. Don’t let movers put boxes just anywhere in the home. If this happens, you will end up in chaos, and everything will be scattered everywhere. Expert Solution: Take some precious time out of your schedule and decide where all of your boxes and furniture should go. Pack accordingly and label your boxes. For example, write ‘ Kitchen belongings’ on your boxes if you have packed kitchen items. Colour coding for different rooms also organises the post moving process.


Keep these expert solutions in your mind for your next move to avoid such problems and personal injuries. You can also hire good Sunshine Coast Removalists for a safe and sound experience.